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And some refreshment appointments (search symbol "*") 

3D Storm, distributor of NewTek and LiveXpert products will showcase the complete line of LiveXpert tools for live video and sports productions in Hall 7 Stand K21.

Live Media Server, the latest addition to the LiveXpert range of tools, is a multiformat player and recorder, the systems supports a wide range of audio and video codec and delivers great performances when capturing signals, both in Standard and High Definition.
LiveCG Election is the first intuitive and affordable 3D graphic tool to create and display customized animated graphics for election results. The turnkey graphics solutions dedicated to turning complex data into a dynamic television show, gives the ability to deliver high-end 3D graphics and augmented reality.

DELTA-stat IP is a complete turnkey solution, manufactured by DELTACAST, dedicated to generate and display graphics for multisport live productions such as pre-game animations and presentations, clocks, animated scores, statistics management, actions, referee decisionsFeatured in a 1U rack system, DELTA-Stat IP is easy to integrate in stadiums and sports arenas control rooms. DELTA-Stat IP supports NewTek AirSend™ protocol, connecting to TriCaster and 3Play with an Ethernet cable, without using video inputs.

LiveCG Football is a professional statistics and scoring management application for NewTek TriCaster and 3Play, dedicated to Football games productions, for live broadcasting and displaying figures and graphics in real-time on large screens in football stadiums.
LiveCG Tennis is a complete solution to generate and display graphics such as animations, players' presentations, animated scoring, timers and statistics management, during tennis live productions.
FingerWorks is an intuitive telestration tool, based on a touchscreen user interface, for TriCaster and 3Play users, for real-time news and sports programs.

LiveCG Broadcast is a stand-alone 1RU device giving the ability to display all graphics needed for a high-end professional television production, including fixed and animated titles and logos, crawled or rolled tickers, clocks, countdown, dynamic datas and bitmap sequences.
In addition to receiving posts and messages from Facebook®, Twitter®, Flickr®, or WhatsApp®, the Social Hub software module of LiveCG Broadcast also supports pictures from Instagram, videos from Facebook and even SMS. Connected to social networks account, the incoming messages can be filtered on a dedicated workstation and sent into live production in real time.

LiveMixer is an exclusive add-on that provides the ability to deport TriCaster audio mixer on a dedicated workstation either on a Berhinger BCF2000 or a Yamaha 01V96i or on a remote PC. The Exclusive "DB Switch" function gives the ability to automate multi-camera productions by triggering actions on the TriCaster based on audio levels and rules.
LiveTally is the simplest Tally lights solution you could imagine for fitting Tally lights to your cameras. LiveTally Air, the wireless solution are automatically detected by the transmitter connected to the video mixer, once installed on the cameras. LiveTally Remote is a Tally lights solution using Ethernet cable for TriCaster and other video mixers. LiveTally Converter is a small interface to plug into the Tally connector of TriCaster to provide close contacts instead of 5v power, to be used with cameras with built-in tally light and CCU.
LiveControl Box is an interface for TriCaster dedicated to sending and receiving GPI (General Purpose Interface) to and from any kind of devices supporting GPI.
NewsCaster is a Newsroom Automation product that integrates Broadcast Newsroom Computer Systems with the TriCaster product line. The TriCaster operator no longer needs to manually set up the show and drop what they are doing to make adjustments while on-air.
Visit 3D Storm Stand in Hall 7, Stand K21, to have a demo of LiveXpert Solutions.

Happy Hour every day from 5 pm to 6 pm
Share a moment with 3D Storm team during Happy Hour. Collect your Ticket for free drinks on 3D Storm Stand (Except Tuesday).

For more information on LiveXpert products visit, or contact 3D Storm sales office by phone +33 (0)5 57 262 262 or by email

ABOX42 announces new Broadcom based UHD/4K HEVC SmartSTBs for OTT/IPTV and Hybrid-DVB
Karlsruhe, 01.09.2015   ABOX42 GmbH (, a leading supplier of OTT, IPTV and Hybrid-DVB Set-Top-Box platforms, unveils at IBC 2015 in Amsterdam its new Smart STB platform M40, developed for advanced operator projects worldwide. The M40-Series SmartSTB is based on Broadcom’s latest Ultra High Definition high performance 10,000 DMIPS system-on-a-chip BCM7251S. The M40 platform combines unprecedented processing power and speed for decoding of HEVC up to 4K video with up to 60 frames per second and for unbeatable UI performance.
The M40 STB platform also includes fast WIFI as an option, up to 802.11ac, 1 GBit/s Ethernet and USB 3.0 interface. M40 supports built-in Bluetooth 4.0 and RF for hybrid remote controls and support of home control systems via Zigbee / Thread standard. Multichannel video recording is possible via fast external USB 3.0 hard disks or via built-in hard disk of up to 2 TeraByte capacity.
On the software side the M40 STB platform includes ABOX42 SmartSDK middleware and development environment. Due to ABOX42’s unique approach in software compatibility, M40 SmartSTBs can be integrated into existing operator’s environments since its software stack is compatible with all other current ABOX42 M-series STB platforms.
The SmartSDK supports an ultra-fast HTML5 browser based user interface and application environments including HbbTV. All major streaming formats for OTT, IPTV and DVB are supported. On the DRM/Software-CAS side the M40 is ready for Verimatrix VCAS, Marlin, Playready, SecureMedia and WideVine. The M40 SmartSDK is upgraded to support HEVC on both 4K and on Full-HD in all combinations and with all Streaming formats like HLS and DVB-T2.
The M40 Smart STB-series is available in various configurations to support different network environments. The OTT/IPTV version is available for pure IP operators. M40 Hybrid-DVB versions are available for DVB-C, DVB-T/T2 and DVB-S/S2 networks to support all traditional Pay-TV environments in combination with Hybrid-DVB and OTT/IPTV.
“The M40-series is the most powerful SmartSTB we ever built and it  can be quickly integrated into existing environments.” says Matthias Greve, CEO of ABOX42. “For the first time it is possible for an operator to mix different hardware models and generations in one service offering due to the compatibility of the device, which we provide via our unique SmartSDK. So an operator can have a clear upgrade path to 4K/UHD in his exiting network, based on a fully compatible software stack.”
“We are happy that ABOX42 decided to integrate our latest high performance Ultra HD solution BCM7251S”, said Stuart Thomson, Broadcom Senior Director of Marketing, Broadband Communications Group. “As consumer interest in Ultra HD continues to grow, the BCM7251S offers a unique feature set UltraHD to power the next generation of Set Top Boxes for the operator market”.
Besides the SmartSDK, the M40-series runs ABOX42 OPX TV user interface. OPX TV offers an HTML5 user interface for the essential TV services. OPX supports both IPTV/OTT and all traditional DVB use cases like live TV, PVR
(local and network), EPG, and VOD. OPX TV can be customized to the operator’s brand image and can be easily integrated into exiting middleware and back end systems.
In addition to the complete software solution on the SmartSTB, ABOX42 offers an extensive line of SaaS and cloud TV services to manage the deployment, installation and operation of the M40 in the field, like managing the software life cycle and collecting reporting data from the costumers. With the additional OPX Cloud TV services, ABOX42 offers a full range of SaaS services for a complete first screen TV solution like channel management, EPG Data, Tariff- and price models, user management and provisioning which can be quickly integrated into existing Billing, Provisioning- and CRM infrastructures of the operator.
The M40 will be demonstrated on the ABOX42 booth J13 in Hall 14 during IBC.

First deployment of ADB's popular U.S. Business TV solution in European Hotel
Poland's Hotel Ruben provides premium TV experience to its guests with ADB's integrated solution New ADB Business TV solution brings its popular US CVS software to global hospitality and corporate markets
Geneva, Switzerland: ADB today announced that Hotel Ruben in Zielona Góra, Poland, has chosen ADB's Business TV solution to enhance the TV and entertainment packages that it provides to its guests.
The move sees the Polish hotel become the first European deployment for ADB's popular CVS software. The system is already deployed throughout tens of thousands of hotel rooms in the US, and is fast being adopted by many operators and commercial customers around the world. It makes the provision of high quality entertainment in hotel bedrooms easy to manage and provides property owners with new guest revenue streams.
Miroslaw Wojciechowski, Hotel Director at Hotel Ruben said, "We are excited to launch the ADB Business TV Solution, which allows us to offer our guests a rich video channel line-up, an intuitive user interface, local advertisement and many convenient applications, such as concierge services.  Our establishment strives to provide a premium guest experience, and this choice instantiates this vision." 
CVS sits at the heart of the ADB Business TV solution, an end-to-end platform designed to deliver linear TV, IPTV, VOD, and OTT content for commercial environments. ADB's Business TV solution offers a proven and easy-to-implement delivery platform while using a network transport agnostic solution.  ADB CVS is used in conjunction with a client application that displays a simple and appealing user interface from either a set-back box or through integration within Smart TV sets.
"It is great to see the first European deployment of our Business TV solution in the Polish home of ADB. The completion of the Hotel Ruben roll-out once again proves the flexibility and power of CVS, which has been designed focusing on the ease of use by operators, hotels and hotel guests,” said Peter Balchin, CEO of ADB.
ADB will be debuting its Business TV solution at this year’s IBC show. Visitors to the show will be able to see demonstrations of Business TV, along with all the new ADB Connected Solutions, on its stand #4.B52.

Agama Launches SERIES 5, a New Generation Offering for Video Operations
(Linköping) - Agama Technologies, the specialist in video service quality and customer experience, today announced that it will be launching Agama SERIES 5, the next generation of its industry-leading solution for monitoring, assurance and analytics of service quality and customer experience at IBC2015.
The aim of Agama SERIES 5 is to help operators streamline their processes by enabling informed decisions in everything from daily technical service operations and prioritisation, all the way through to how to package and market services. Agama
SERIES 5 enables a data-driven approach across the video operators' organisation and will be a vital cornerstone for operational efficiency and profitability.
The SERIES 5 evolves Agama's offering into a broader support solution for video operators. It has several innovative key characteristics that enable operators to work in a data-driven way across departments and workflows:
·      It offers a platform-based architecture enabling multiple applications across the operators' organisation to share enriched monitoring data. This architecture includes an application framework that adds the ability to deploy tailored, process specific, logic and visualisation applications, on top of the solution foundation. This allows for a broader and more process supporting usage for both traditional and new categories of users, such as operations, technical development, product management, customer care and analytics teams.
·         It provides massive performance scalability in terms of data collection, number of users of the solution and handled data volumes. This scalable and compartmentalised architecture can support even the largest video operators with hundreds of simultaneous users, massive report generation and data mining; and, handling of many millions of consumer viewing devices in real-time.
·         It further enhances the ability to efficiently integrate and co-exist with neighbouring systems in the operators solution stack. This includes importing third-party monitoring data, integrating with other OSS and BSS solutions; and, exporting enriched monitoring data for use by external applications.
"With Agama SERIES 5, in combination with our extensive domain experience, we can support larger parts of an operator's organisation," says Mikael Dahlgren, CEO at Agama Technologies. "By making information that was previously confined to specific teams available to other users, in volume and adapted to their needs, we can enable great improvements in quality, efficiency and customer understanding across the video operator."
Johan Görsjö, Director of Product Management at Agama Technologies, adds: "We're proud to launch Agama SERIES 5, which will add a solid foundation for continued development and expansion, modularity and openness to meet the needs of operators who want to implement an efficient and a data-driven way of working in their video operations both today and in the future. With the release of Version 5.0, we've implemented a platform and application model to allow for massive scalability and data processing, added a new Media Usage application and also reworked the user interface for improved usability and interaction."
Attendees of the industry trade show IBC2015 in Amsterdam (September 11-15) can learn more and experience Agama SERIES 5 at the Agama stand #4.A75. Contact to book a meeting and get priority timing with onsite specialists.

Akamai at IBC 2015 to Show Advances in Over-the-Top Delivery of Broadcast-Quality Video
Innovations in workflow and delivery solutions underscore Akamai's commitment to advancing OTT video quality and viewer experiences

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.-- At IBC 2015, Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM), the global leader in content delivery network (CDN) services, will demonstrate how its solutions can help broadcasters deliver broadcast-quality video over the Internet to growing audiences who are demanding flawless experiences across devices. Akamai will exhibit on IBC stand 6.A15, Sept. 11-15, at the RAI Exhibition and Conference Center in Amsterdam.
Akamai Technologies logo.
Akamai's solutions are intended to help content providers and aggregators evolve their over-the-top (OTT) strategies by streamlining and scaling end-to-end workflows for the expanding range of streaming video business models. Whether transactional or advertising supported, content providers can benefit from Akamai's purpose-built solutions, including live and on-demand workflow services, best-in-class CDN and server-side monetization capabilities layered with in-depth analytics.
Members of Akamai's executive team, subject matter experts and select digital media ecosystem partners will be present to show how video quality and service scalability, cloud-based workflows and technology advancements can help content providers more efficiently address consumer adoption of and demand for broadcast-quality online video content and services.  
Akamai demonstrations at IBC 2015 will center upon:
    Live Workflow Services: Akamai's new live video feed contribution over IP technology is designed to dramatically reduce costs compared to legacy satellite or fiber solutions at comparable quality and reliability. Akamai will demonstrate how its new accelerated ingest capability enables broadcast-quality video streams, including 4K, to be delivered reliably across the Internet, and how its cloud-based workflow services such as content packaging can mitigate the challenges of managing disparate technologies while ensuring high-quality OTT viewing experiences.
    On-Demand Workflow Services: Reducing cost and simplifying the process of preparing, securing, storing and publishing online video, Akamai's On-Demand Workflow Services are pre-integrated with leading workflow management tools such as Aspera Orchestrator, allowing content to be quickly uploaded, transcoded and packaged into prominent formats for broadcast-quality delivery.
    Media Delivery Services: Working in conjunction with Akamai Adaptive Media Delivery, Akamai's new acceleration technology extends Akamai's Intelligent Edge onto connected devices and into homes, employing hybrid HTTP/UDP protocols to improve quality and reliability for live and on-demand delivery of HLS, RTMP, MPEG-TS and other online video formats.
    Advertising Services: Through its new Ad Scaler advertising services, Akamai has partnered with Adobe Primetime to dynamically insert advertisements directly into video streams at the server level, mitigating the need for complex client technologies, improving operational visibility and reliability, and improving overall viewer experiences and advertising engagement.
    Mobile Delivery: Akamai's mobile solutions are designed to support consistent, high-quality mobile video experiences. Predictive Content Delivery intelligently pre-positions high bitrate content onto devices for instant start-up with no re-buffering. Network-aware Bandwidth Guidance is intended to provide instant throughput availability from the cell tower for accurate bitrate adaptation to avoid re-buffering.
    Media Analytics: Akamai's comprehensive and customizable suite of analytics tools monitor and measure quality of service, track engagement and capture viewer-level diagnostics. Akamai Media Analytics help provide a complete picture of content performance and end user experience.
In addition to its exhibit floor presence, Akamai Vice President of Marketing, EMEA, John Dillon, is speaking at the IBC IABM breakfast event, "Where's the Money in Broadcast and Media?" taking place on Friday, Sept. 11, from 7:30-9:30, in RAI theater E102. The panel is intended to help provide an understanding of the changing dynamics of the broadcast and media technology industries, the disrupters and objective business data.
Akamai's Executive Vice President and General Manager of Media, Bill Wheaton, is speaking at "The Business of 4K Live Streaming," on Sunday, Sept. 13 at 12:30 p.m. in the Elicium Room D203, Hall 12. The panel will review recent progress and early opportunities in live streaming 4K video and, in particular, live sports content delivered over-the-top.
For More information about Akamai's activities at the 2015 IBC Conference or to schedule a meeting please visit the Akamai IBC site:

Amimon will be showing their unique zero-latency, wireless HD transmission product, CONNEX

AMWA Launches Networked Media Incubator Project
New AMWA project to work with a range of media companies and their suppliers to deliver practical interoperability across IP based infrastructures.
AMWA’s Networked Media Incubator (NMI) is a project to deliver a framework for IP based media systems using interoperable and open specifications for end-to-end identity, media transport, timing, discovery & registration, connection management and control.  The project will also examine methods to expose and interact with compositions of media assets, such as during an edit or a delivery workflow.
The aim is for the industry to provide IP systems that preserve content identity and metadata from cameras, through production systems, on to audiences and archive.  This will allow media companies to define and maintain relationships between production assets, unlock new workflows and content formats, and deliver richer, customizable content propositions on today’s emerging platforms.
The project will build upon the work of the EBU/VSF/SMPTE Joint Task Force for Networked Media (JT-NM) by taking a practical approach to implement aspects of the JT-NM Reference Architecture model[1] through clearly scoped inter-operation and development workshops, to enable participants to deliver tools suitable for an ‘Internet-first’ media industry.
The launch of the NMI is timely as the industry stands at a crossroads on its journey towards a network-based future. While efforts such as JT-NM have made good progress towards defining the characteristics of a future-looking professional media framework, practical work by manufacturers has mostly focused on IP as a ‘wire-for-wire’ replacement to SDI. The NMI project aims to bring all of these aspects together to take the industry to the next stage.
AMWA will formally announce the project at IBC2015 in the “Technology in Action” Theatre, on Friday 11th September at 17:00 CEST, as an IBC exclusive.
BBC will lead the initial phase of this work, alongside AMWA members including Ericsson, Quantel and Snell, Cinegy, Telestream, Dalet, EVS and Sony. From the wider broadcast industry, arkona technologies, Axon, Barco Silex, InSync Technology, and Lawo have also agreed to participate.
Richard Cartwright, Principal Architect - Software, Quantel and Snell, comments: "Participating in the AMWA's Networked Media Incubator will demonstrate essential cross-vendor interoperability using Internet standards, providing our customers with a choice of best-of-breed products that can flex to meet their needs."
Jan Weigner, CTO at Cinegy, summarizes his reasons: "Preaching the future of software defined television and IP is not enough. We need industry-backed open standards now without painting ourselves into another proprietary corner.”
BBC Research & Development will provide reference implementations for the work through its IP Studio project. This will be presented in the Future Zone – Hall 8, stand 8.G08, and demonstrate how handling content as individual elements through the creation process can enable the next generation of user experiences. Also, as part of the Technical Conference at 08.30 on Sunday 13th September, BBC R&D’s Phil Tudor will explain how this approach can provide new ways of covering live event broadcasting.
Further project details will be made available after IBC on the AMWA website.

Anyware Video strengthens its presence and celebrates new international success!
October 2015 will mark a new milestone for Anyware Video. With over 16 years of investing in our leading-edge R&D and generating a growing interest for our solutions in Africa and Asia, our Marseille-based company has been selected to be part of 11 businesses representing France at the launch of ‘France-Japan year of innovation’.
It is therefore thanks to theses exceedingly favourable conditions that Anyware will be coming to IBC2015, a few days before the launch, to continue the presentation of its constantly evolving product line. We will put forward our capture solutions ClipShuttle® and InGenie®, both associated with the broadcast server DubMaster®; they will be our flagship products in Amsterdam.
In addition, Anyware Video will expose its R&D’s latest 4K versions of “Channel-in a-box® 4K” and “CastGenie® 4K”.
Meet us at IBC2015, from 11 to 15 September 2015 –Hall 8 Stand B36c
Discover why more than hundreds of channels around the world have already trusted Anyware Video
and use its solutions for more than 16 years.
Meet us at IBC2015, from 11 to 15 September 2015 –Hall 8 Stand B36c
Discover why more than hundreds of channels around the world have already trusted Anyware Video
and use its solutions for more than 16 years.

Apantac Launches Hybrid Multiviewer for IP + Multimedia Signals
IBC 2015 - Hall 8, Stand E37 - Portland, Oregon, USA - Apantac, provider of cost-effective multiviewers, video walls, extenders, and signal processing solutions is launching its new TAHOMA-ID Hybrid Multiviewer accepting IP/ASI streams and Multimedia signals. The new Hybrid Multiviewer is part of the award-winning TAHOMA Platform and will be on display at IBC 2015, Hall 8, Stand E37.
The new TAHOMA-ID supports a mix of IP/ASI streams and Multimedia signals and displays them on one or more monitors. The ID multiviewers accept H.264, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4, Multicast and Unicast over UDP or ASI, MP1L2, as well as AAC-LC and HEC-AAC-LC audio formats. Multimedia image support includes HDMI (with or without HDCP), DVI, VGA, YPbPr, CVBS formats. With the new Hybrid Multiviewer, facilities have the ability to mix and match up to 32 IP and Multimedia images/signals on a single display.
TAHOMA-ID offers high resolution HDMI/DVI outputs, and an optional SDI output for pristine visual monitoring. Output resolutions up to 1920x1200P are supported, including 1080P.
Built-in CATx extenders (with optional active receivers) for each output extend the output up to 35 meters (115 feet). If longer distances are needed for the HDMI outputs, Apantac offers HDBaseT extenders for up to 100 meters, or fiber extenders for up to 300 meters.
The Apantac Skin Technology offers easy and advanced visual layout setup and on-screen display (OSD). The fully interactive, immersive and customizable on-screen display set-up via software includes: borders, labels, GPI/O, tally, visual and audio alarms, alarm monitoring, safe area markers, audio meters, analogue and digital clocks as well as room for logos. Video windows on the display include multiple labels, and support for standalone labels is also provided.
Since this new Multiviewer is part of the TAHOMA Platform, control is supported by all existing TAHOMA control accessories, including: the CP-16 control panel, SPP Simple Preset Panel, and a Preset recall keypad.
The new TAHOMA-ID, Hybrid IP + Multimedia Multiviewer will be Apantac's IBC 2015 stand, 8.E37.

Archimedia will be holding our first IBC press conference ever.
If you come, I know you will leave with a great story because most of our event will be an educational (non-product) session on the important changes in IMF complex files, and HDR (high dynamic range).
We will have expert speakers to answer questions, and help you get a great story. Here is why these two topics are so important:
IMF (Interoperable Master Format) complex files are the most important new topic in file-based workflow.  In December 2015 Netflix will ask all program providers to send content to them as IMF Files. Other program distributors are sure to follow. But IMF is more than a file delivery standard. An IMF complex file contains both source material and a play out instruction list. By changing the list it is possible to create dozens, or hundreds, of different playouts from the same IMF file: Different languages, different edit sequences, different story endings, different captions, you name it. Right now, IMF is being used to reduce the number of files created for program distribution, but the technology has the potential to customize the viewer media experience as never before.
HDR is gaining traction because it can deliver a rich visual experience to the home without the bandwidth requirements of 4K.  Already, Netflix is delivering content in HDR, and 20th Century Fox will be soon delivering HDR movies for home viewing.
New products annoucements:
After the educational session, Archimedia will briefly talk about two new applications being added to Iris, Archimedia’s suite of applications that speeds file-based workflow. You guessed it, one for HDR viewing, and one for playing out IMF complex files.

ATEME and Civolution’s NexGuard launch Watermark for Pre-release HDR Content at IBC
The IBC launch of a joint solution enables production and post-production companies to secure HDR content.
Eindhoven (The Netherlands) and Paris, September 1, 2015 – NexGuard, a Civolution Company and the leading provider of forensic watermarking technology and solutions and ATEME, a global leader in HEVC, H264, MPEG2 video compression solutions, will launch a joint solution for the forensic watermarking of pre-release High Dynamic Range (HDR) video content at IBC. The forward-thinking solution is integrated with ATEME’s TITAN Software Transcoder, which will be demonstrated on the ATEME stand 1.D71.
“Leaks of pre-release content can prove disastrous for studios and post-production houses as they significantly decrease the value of high quality content,” said Jean-Philippe Plantevin, SVP Products and Solutions, NexGuard. “Collaborating with a world leader such as ATEME to ensure that HDR content is easily traceable is a tremendous step for us, and we’re proud to see our products helping to keep high value content assets secure while they are in production.”
The solution is based on NexGuard Software Development Kit (SDK), integrated with ATEME TITAN Software Transcoders, to enable customers to identify leaks prior to delivering content to the home over UHD and HDR-ready TVs. The combination complies with the ITU-R Recommendation BT.2020 specifying Ultra High Definition (UHD) and HDR encoding, and will deliver lifelike picture quality to provide consumers with stunning video content. 
The ATEME-NexGuard solution utilizes UHD 12 or 16-bit uncompressed source content to prepare HDR versions of content for Blu-Ray and electronic distribution. The images are watermarked and encoded to 10-bit Perceptual Quantizer (PQ) HDR with 45 Mbit/sec High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), then rendered on an HDR capable UHD TV.
“Studios and post-production houses customers need the piracy threat to be addressed before making significant investments in HDR content and facilities,” said Emmanuel Boureau, VP Sales at ATEME. “Working with NexGuard provides us with a solution tailored for high quality pre-release content, which we can easily integrate directly within our encoders to increase content protection. Deploying NexGuard forensic watermarking for pre-release content ensures that video assets are traceable all the way to the source, and helps to identify the origin of any leaks in short timeframes. This enables us to take an active part in protecting the production industry’s most valuable assets, and opens the door to content and facilities supporting HDR.”
From its specification as an essential part of Digital Cinema security to being the core technology for tracking of pre-release files, disc screeners and eScreeners, forensic watermarking has become an essential tool in the prevention of illicit redistribution of content. The NexGuard forensic watermarking solutions are designed to meet the full array of evolving security challenges facing the Television and Motion Picture industries across Digital Cinema, Pre-Release, PayTV and Online deployments.
NexGuard demonstrations will be held during IBC on stand 2.B41 to help the industry understand how watermarking can help deter piracy by allowing content owners and rights holders to easily identify the source of a leak.

ATX to Highlight VersAtive®Pro Licence-free Transcoding with VMS Management System, & DigiVu®II Micro Cost-effective, Single Channel, Encoding & Transcoding Platform
ATX to Demo VersAtivePro Transcoding with VMS Management System, & Highlight DigiVu II Micro Cost-effective, Single Channel, Encoding & Transcoding Platform

Amsterdam, NL - September 11, 2015: ATX Networks (Content Everywhere, Hall 14, Stand G16) is featuring its VersAtivePro licence-free transcoding platform with VMS Management System, along with its DigiVu II Micro encoding and transcoding platform as parts of its digital video solutions offerings. Five sizes of available hardware platforms enable capacities from a single channel up to more than 100 channels on a single unit.
ATX’s VersAtivePro professional quality transcoding platform, in contrast to other transcoders, is not licence-based, and as a result, eliminates the many hassles involved with those licences. Its licence-free structure provides users with the freedom to transcode what they want, when they want, and how they want, in the most cost-effective manner possible. On top of this game-changing feature, the VersAtivePro platform was designed to be the most budget-friendly solution in the professional quality transcoder market. A software-only version of the VersAtivePro platform is also available to run on off-the-shelf (OTS) hardware for operators preferring to leverage existing servers for their transcoding and encoding requirements.
Apart from providing superb video quality, VersAtivePro devices are manageable by ATX’s Video Management System (VMS) which provides centralized management and control of multiple VersAtivePro units. The VMS optimizes video operations by providing a single user interface (UI) for configuring multiple units. The VMS features advanced monitoring with live previews and enables the operator to implement multiple redundancy schemas.
The DigiVu II Micro broadcast quality, cost-effective encoder is ideal for local insertion and backhaul applications. This encoder provides best-in-class video quality and support for multiple output profiles. The device is simple to configure and use for any encoding application. It offers advanced access security and network segmentation support. Operators can centrally manage and monitor multiple units with the VMS element manager. Inputs include HD-SDI, HDMI™, component, and composite. Outputs include MPEG-2/H.264, SD/HD, and multiple output profile encoding.
ATX Networks designs, manufactures, markets, and delivers a broad range of OTT, IPTV, and CATV digital video solutions to the broadcast and cable TV industries, and PVNs (Private Video Networks). Sectors served include broadcast, cable operators, healthcare, enterprise, government, hospitality, education, stadiums/arenas/casinos, retail, worship, and telcos. Solutions include gateways, multichannel encoding, transcoding, content streaming solutions, RF management, RF filters, transmitters/receivers, headend & MDU amplifiers, node segmentation, node/amp upgrades, monitor/control equipment, pads/EQs, drop amps, digital voice switches, and connectors.
Please visit our web site at for more information on ATX Networks.

AutoPost presents a next generation of tracking and matting post-production tools at IBC2015
Amsterdam.- AutoPost project will present from September 11th to 15th at IBC 2015 (Future Zone, Hall 8. Booth F13), in Amsterdam, its objectives, aims and expected results to improve the efficiency of VFX tasks in established 2D and 3D post-production workflows.
AutoPost “Deformable Surface Tracking and Alpha Matting for the Automation of Postproduction Workflows” aims to improve the efficiency of labour-intensive VFX tasks by integrating state-of-the-art algorithms for natural video matting and deformable surface tracking into plugins for established postproduction platforms.
AutoPost partners (Eurecat, Fraunhofer HHI, imcube Labs, Moto and Digital Graphics) will present its aims and  advantages of expected results compared withcommercially available software tools and will provide a breakdown of visual effects where matting and tracking are commonly used and demonstrate the limitations of existing workflows and tools. AutoPost will also present a new dataset that has been created to evaluate and compare matting and tracking techniques under varying real-world conditions.
The goal of the project is to automate major parts of the daily workload in current post-production and VFX workflows, particularly for small and medium post houses and, with it, make post-production more efficient by reducing time-consuming and costly manual processing.
This objective will be achieved by bridging the existing gap between commercially-available post-production tools and state-of-the-art research in the domain of surface tracking and natural matting, alleviating the operator workload associated with additive and subtractive retouching and related tasks on material that lacks planning with respect to post-production requirements.
One of the key requirements is the applicability to general movie productions filmed without specific constraints (markers, availability of 3D-models, individual object layers, green screens, etc.), since they constitute most of the problematic, labour intensive footage encountered in daily post-production tasks of small and medium post-houses.
AutoPost will follow a user-centered approach. The design and implementation of those plugins will be iteratively specified and evaluated under real working conditions by project partners from creative industries, stakeholders of related post-production tools, post-houses and end-users.
To ensure industry adoption, the tracking and matting algorithms will be integrated into a ready-to-market multi-platform plugin suite targeting 2D and 3D productions, visual effects and 2D/3D conversion. The tracking and matting plugins developed within the AutoPost project can be used in 2D and 3D post-production workflows for a large variety of visual effects including object manipulation, scene extension and appearance modification.
By integrating cutting-edge technologies into plugins for common postproduction software the AutoPost project targets especially small and medium postproduction companies that do not have the resources to develop their own in-house solutions or utilize very specialized and expensive green screen, motion capture or rotomation techniques.
Within the next months the developed algorithms will be refined to meet industry needs and they will be integrated into draft plugins that will be tested and evaluated by the postproduction partners of the project. Their feedback will guide the further extension and refinement of the algorithms and plugins in order to get close to a market-ready solution at the end of the project. After that, the project partners will develop a joint plan for bringing the AutoPost solution to the market.
Autopost is co-funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. It runs from January 1st, 2015 to June 30th, 2016. You can find more information on

World’s first 3-stream uncompressed 4K60 media server: AV Stumpfl Wings Engine Raw
Wallern, Austria: Pushing the limits of what can be achieved in video playback, Austria’s AV Stumpfl introduces the world’s first and only triple-stream 4K uncompressed media server, Wings Engine Raw.
 “With Wings Engine Raw, we’ve delivered on user requests for the smoothest possible uncompressed playback system with full timeline control,” says Horst Damoser, Sales Manager at AV Stumpfl. “Built to support a range of applications requiring a high-quality image sources matched to particular display requirements, user benefits include newer, faster and unrivalled installation functionality.”
Unrivalled design and performance
Using a single custom engineered RAID 10 system, Wings Engine Raw is capable of delivering constant data stream of 3-channels of true 4K (4,096 x 2,304 pixels) uncompressed video content at 60fps plus up to 16 text and picture layers, and up to 24 uncompressed audio streams. The server removes the need to convert content into any intermediate codec format. Content can include native picture sequences such as TGA or TIFF and even instant PNG image format processing.
Wings Engine Raw is capable of processing and delivering video content at the full 4:4:4 color sampling ensuring picture perfect quality and colour accuracy for the most demanding of installation environments.
Failsafe operation
This data system not only features a massive data throughput but also features redundancy. For example, should one of the SSDs fail, the data rate and the system’s functionality in general will not be impaired.
Rugged engineering, operation and functionality
Wings Engine Raw hosts the new WingsRX™ render core engine which has been developed and optimized especially for premium picture quality applications. Its 64bit program architecture and clever usage of SSE CPU instructions ensures unequaled decentralized processing power. The software has been designed for a wide range of applications such as themed attractions, digital signage, trade shows, live events and full dome systems.
Wings Engine Raw is complemented by AV Stumpfl’s proven embedded operating system, Backup-Manager, features a dedicated EDID management as well the award-winning automatic camera based calibration system for soft-edge blending, warp and geometry mapping, all operable by time line control
Wings Engine Raw is based on professional server technology derived from IT data center equipment. Inside the rack mount system is a Xeon CPU, redundant high performance power supply, 2x10 GBit LAN, server chipset, up to 8 3G-SDI live inputs and Displayport 1.2 and DVI-D output connectors.
With an established worldwide support network, AV Stumpfl has begun shipping Wings Engine Raw to projects worldwide including major product launches, cinematic, theme park and visitor attraction sites in Europe and the Middle East.
Wings Engine Raw will be demonstrated at IBC 2015 showing how easy it is to use as a reliable storage system of high-volume raw data directly from camera on location, in studios, outside broadcast and in live broadcast environments.
Wings Engine Raw at a Glance
        3 x 4K raw uncompressed video content at 60fps
        Widest possible colour space thanks to full 4:4:4 color sampling
        Custom engineered RAID 10 system
        Failsafe redundancy of storage and power supply
        Rack mountable design
        New WingsRX™ render core engine
        Built in frame blender
        64-bit architecture
        Embedded operating system and Backup-Manager
        Dedicated EDID management
        Automatic camera based calibration for soft-edge blending, warp and geometry mapping
        Wings Engine Raw comes with Xeon CPU and professional server components
        Various output signal configurations

Aveco Announces ASTRA Studio 3, the Most Advanced Way to Get Newscasts to Air with the Highest Production Values
Prague, August 6, 2015 -- At IBC 2105, Aveco®, the worldwide studio production automation and master control specialist, will demonstrate ASTRA Studio 3, the company’s third-generation news production automation system in Stand 3.B67. ASTRA Studio 3 includes many breaking news features that speed up time to air while also elevating production values to help keep viewers engaged. IBC takes place at the RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre in Amsterdam from September 11-15, 2015.
The only multi-studio news production automation solution
ASTRA Studio 3 uniquely provides multi-studio production automation, an important advantage for larger facilities over “single-studio” automation solutions. With Aveco, studios can easily be combined for major events. When production runs long in one studio, projects can be reassigned with one keystroke to other studios in a facility, with all production switcher settings, graphics, virtual sets, video roll-ins, on-set monitors, camera robotics, audio settings and lighting settings easily available in the alternate studio.
Astra Studio 3 includes a host of new features, including floating shots that provide unique flexibility in handling a director’s breaking news requests outside a planned rundown, with the flexibility to handle events across multiple stories (on-site video, set backgrounds, branding, graphics etc.). Astra Studio 3 MAM integration allows video search results to get to air instantly outside of a rundown during breaking news, and includes the ability to integrate with multiple third-party MAMs (Avid, EVS, Quantel, InStat, Octopus, Vizrt and others) in a facility.
Key to ASTRA Studio 3’s flexibility is a new Template Editor used to develop and modify story templates that specify how a story is presented. Other features include one-button release of CG control during times of breaking news, an advanced mode for news magazine and episodic studio recording, improved video search and additional local/remote preview capabilities.
 “ASTRA Studio 3 incorporates feedback from existing ASTRA Studio 2 customers to make this new system even more capable and powerful,” said Pavel Potuzak, Aveco’s founder and CEO. “ASTRA Studio 3 enables our customers to produce newscasts, magazine shows, and other studio productions easier, with more impressive graphics and effects and with lower operating costs. The ability for ASTRA Studio 3 to control a wide range of broadcast equipment as well as our Redwood Studio-in-a-Box -- with the same operator interface -- makes this an attractive system for both big and small studios, as well as hub-and-spoke networks where regional studios are seamlessly integrated with a central control point.”
Complete Systems in the Cloud, Rack & Box
ASTRA Studio 3 -- like all of Aveco’s automation solutions -- supports all types of playout configurations, including from the cloud, from an integrated device where everything needed is in one box (Aveco’s Redwood Family), from a rack of dedicated devices, or any combination desired. ASTRA Studio 3 is included in Aveco’s ASTRA Suite of Tools, which includes media asset management, workflow automation, master control automation, news/live assist, ingest, hierarchical storage management, and interfaces to NRCS, traffic system, streaming devices, transcoders, and other applications.

Master Control and News Production Automation in One System
Aveco’s ASTRA automation uniquely combines master control and news production in one system running on the same hardware and interfacing to both NRCS and traffic systems. Automated cue exchange avoids the routine small switching errors when going between production control to master control to production control during newscasts. The last frame of a video from a spot break, for example, is followed by the next frame of video from the production switcher implementing effects, camera robotic moves, audio mixer control, and lighting control to make smoother looking transitions. This feature simplifies the broadcast of a news program or live event, elevates production values and saves both CAPEX and OPEX.

Aveco’s Redwood Integrated “In-a-Box” Solutions Support Local or Cloud Playout
While Aveco has the industry’s largest library of interfaces, including most every piece of broadcast equipment in master control rooms, production control rooms, and studios, it also offers Redwood Studio, the industry’s first news studio-in-a-box, and Redwood Play which features the industry’s most advanced branding in integrated playout solutions.
Redwood Studio, under control of ASTRA Studio 3, is a cost-effective and scalable solution for smaller news studios, for handling breaking news when large news studios aren’t staffed, and for regional news production. It offers high-end production capability that’s easy to afford and easy to use. A bidirectional MOS interface is provided with major newsroom systems including ENPS, iNEWS, Octopus, OpenMedia, and others.
Redwood Play, under ASTRA MCR master control room automation control, offers a complete, cost-effective solution with high end branding. It integrates with all major traffic systems, and provides local, remote, or cloud-based operation.
Both Redwood Studio and Redwood Play include a production switcher, multiple DVEs, a four channel HD video player, graphics, audio mixer, two stereo audio players, four mic and four line external audio, 4 TB of internal storage, optional external storage, a multiviewer, integrated media asset management, and, with Redwood Studio, PTZ robotic camera control.

Aveco will be exhibiting at IBC 2015 in Amsterdam in Stand 3.B67.

Together we’re shaping the future of the industry.
The Avid Customer Association (ACA) is the world’s most innovative and influential community of media and entertainment industry professionals. It’s a customer run-and-led organization that gives the people passionate about our industry the opportunity to shape its future. By working together, we amplify our impact.

Join the movement: Become a member of the ACA -

ACA leaders are addressing the industry challenges and opportunities we all face.
The ACA is made up of six Advisory Councils that inform Avid from the perspective of customers and partners. These councils have had a large impact on Avid’s strategic decisions—from the identification of guiding principles for metadata to voicing concerns of platform architecture to the prioritization of camera formats to Avid’s hardware roadmap strategy to greater than HD workflow adoption.
In an upcoming webinar, select members of ACA leadership will share details of their work and the progress they’ve made. They’ll soon invite your direct input to help Avid address strategic priorities.

Register for the ACA Leadership Webinar.
    Get insight into what ACA leaders are working on
    Learn where the ACA needs your input to inform Avid’s future strategy
    Impact the future of Avid
The webinar will be coming to you live from the ACA quarterly meeting, just before IBC on Thursday, September 10.
Register for the webinar:

Live Demonstrations
Avid Everywhere > Video Editing: Create and Collaborate: Hi-res workflows in the box or in the cloud with Media Composer
Avid Everywhere > Broadcast: A day in the life of a news team
Avid Everywhere > Broadcast Sports Production and Beyond
End-to-end workflow from field to studio
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“Protect Once, Deliver Everywhere” with Axinom DRM 6 on Microsoft Azure
Amsterdam, The Netherlands — September 2015 — During IBC Show 2015 in Amsterdam (September 10-15) Axinom is releasing the brand new multi DRM service Axinom DRM 6 running on Microsoft Azure and featuring built-in support for Microsoft PlayReady and Google Widevine DRM. The support for Apple FairPlay DRM will seamlessly follow after the IBC.
The new multi DRM service in Azure enables customers to create premium video solutions with minimal technology integration effort while providing great scalability and maintenance-free operation. Content protected with Axinom DRM 6 can be consumed on the vast majority of consumer devices like PCs and Macs, iPads, iPhones, Android devices, Windows Phones, as well as Smart TVs, set top boxes, and game consoles.
Axinom DRM 6 in the cloud is built from the ground up to target multiple DRM technologies in a uniform manner, enabling customers to target a wide range of platforms. The APIs offered by Axinom’s service are largely DRM-agnostic and designed with future extensibility in mind. This allows customers to select the best approach for each platform without requiring significant new development. Leveraging the Common Encryption specification satisfies the DRM needs of many different software platforms with a single service by simultaneously supporting multiple DRM technologies such as Microsoft PlayReady and Google Widevine DRM. Axinom will extend the service with Apple FairPlay DRM support after the IBC.
For maximum availability, scalability, and performance Axinom DRM 6 supports zero-downtime maintenance and a globally distributed cloud-deployment with Azure.
„For our customers it is important to reach the broadest possible audience with the best possible user experience. The collaboration with Microsoft allows us to embrace the power and global scalability of Azure for our new multi DRM service”, says Johannes Jauch, CTO at Axinom. “Client device platforms like TVs, PCs, tablets and smartphones in many cases work best with the respective platform’s native DRM technology. At the same time, using a non-native DRM system on client platforms often leads to subpar user experience and even may incur additional licensing costs. Axinom DRM 6 as a multi DRM service in the cloud solves this out-of-the-box. The old promise of ‚protect once, deliver everywhereʻ finally holds true.”
"Axinom's release of Axinom DRM 6 compliments Azure Media Services very nicely by providing multi-DRM License delivery services," said Vishal Sood, Principal PM Manager, Microsoft Azure Media Services. “The interoperation of Axinom DRM 6 with Azure Media Services enables media companies to focus more on their brand and core values, with Axinom and Microsoft cloud services taking care of delivering protected, seamless, premium quality content to their audiences.”
At IBC Show 2015 in the hall 14 at the booth H15 and in the hall 13, booth MS1 and MS2, Axinom and Microsoft will showcase end-to-end implementations of Axinom DRM 6 in multi-DRM scenarios based on MPEG-DASH and Common Encryption, both, as native apps for smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android, Windows), embedded devices (Smart TV, Xbox, PlayStation, STB, and more) and as cross-platform HTML5/Javascript web applications (PC, Mac, tablets and smartphones).

Barco Silex releases new patent-free and lightweight VC-2 LD video codec at IBC 2015
Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium 5 -- At IBC 2015 Show in Amsterdam, Barco Silex, the leading provider of video compression IP cores for ASIC and FPGA, announced that the new VC-2 Low Delay codec is now available for licensing to broadcast equipment manufacturers.
The VC-2 Low Delay codec is a patent-free lightweight compression codec ideally suited to encode high-definition video content. VC-2 LD has ultra-low latency and compresses video streams by a compression ratio of 4 times visually lossless.
Originally developed by the BBC Research as Dirac Pro and later standardized as SMPTE 2042, the VC-2 LD codec is patent-free which will facilitate market adoption and interoperability. The SMPTE ST-2047 standard already defines the carriage of high resolution video (up to 1080p60) over HD-SDI using VC-2 LD as a mezzanine compression algorithm. The RTP mapping of the codec is also currently being standardized as an IETF RFC in order to maximize interoperability of the transport over IP networks.
VC-2 Low Delay will enable cost saving associated to the transport of high resolution and high frame rate video content. For example, a 1080p60 stream can be transported over a single 1Gbps Ethernet cable, and up to three 4K/UHD stream at 60 fps can be transported over 10Gbps cable.

“A key distinguishing feature of VC-2 is that it is an open technology designed to avoid patent infringements. So it can be easily included in video production equipment as a hardware or software solution, without the potential costs, uncertainties, and practical difficulties of including other proprietary codecs” says Jean-Marie Cloquet, product manager of the video division at Barco Silex.
Barco Silex will demonstrate the VC2 LD codec on FPGA during IBC show (booth 10.D31a).
Get more information about the VC-2 Low Delay codec at:

Bandwidth is becoming one of the biggest technological battlegrounds, with companies increasingly trying to edge each other out to provide the best possible streaming content to users. On the production end of things, however, this becomes a battle not only of streaming quality and speed, but also of valuable data storage for constantly increasing file sizes.
Beamr will launch Beamr Cloud Service at the IBC September 10-14 in Amsterdam, and we’d like very much to invite you to see it and meet with Beamr’s CTO Mr. Dror Gill.
The Beamr Cloud Service, offered as a fully scalable video optimization service runs on the Amazon AWS infrastructure and will be on display at the Amazon AWS booth #14.N29 in Hall 14 and at Beamr's main booth 3.A29h in Hall Number 3, in the Israeli Pavilion.
Beamr Video produces fully compliant H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC) video streams and is device agnostic, making high quality video accessible from any media player, browser or consumer devices such as smartphones or tablets, without installing additional software.

Booth 7.H20

Blackmagic Design creates the world's highest quality video editing products, digital film cameras, color correctors, video converters, video monitoring, routers, live production switchers, disk recorders, waveform monitors and real time film scanners for the feature film, post production and television broadcast industries. Blackmagic Design's DeckLink capture cards launched a revolution in quality and affordability in post production, while the company's Emmy™ award winning DaVinci color correction products have dominated the television and film industry since 1984. Blackmagic Design continues ground breaking innovations including 6G-SDI and 12G-SDI products and stereoscopic 3D and Ultra HD workflows.

Blind Spot Gear will be present at IBC 2015 and you are kindly invited to the Scottish stand B30a at Hall 9 to explore our products.
For all attending photo journalists and video bloggers, we have few Scorpion Lights available for a test-drive for your IBC coverage. To register your interest, just drop a line at or come directly to our stand.
At 3.30 pm on Saturday 12 September, the Blind Spot Gear developers will hold a short presentation on our new ideas and products, followed by a whisky tasting event hosted by the Scottish stand.
In the meantime, for any enquiries or interview requests please email

Come and visit BLT at the incoming IBC2015.
Check out and "Touch" the latest BLT products as the award winner SportTouch at Booth 8.A48  (NEW LOCATION) and get your free IBC pass using BLT Exhibitor Customer Code  12124  at

NEW at IBC2015:
- ULTRA HDTV ( 3840 x 2160 @ 50P )
- Ultra High Frame rate Camera support
- Extended scalable networking operation
- ready for remote production workflow
- Realtime Audio split editing with time line
- Embedded MULTIVIEWER for increased integration (where size matter)
- Networking for complex live productions
- On-Line Storage management in excess of thousands of hours and million of clips

RUS-TAB :: THE innovative touch screen tablet style control panel, which represents the core of BLT SportTouch system. RUS-TAB provides the replay operator, or the on-air-talent,
live control to video server material with integrated tools like digital zoom and graphics capability.

RUS-Color family :: a full range of advanced remote control panel solutions for BLT video server featuring a wide range of operations sharing a common interface for a user friendly experience.

SMS-4U :: 12 channel full HDTV video Server with simultaneous recording while playback.
SMS-4U records up to 8 independent sources or performs super-slow motion with high-speed cameras up to x8 speed. SMS-4U supports dual stream and features transition effects and time-line based audio editing and embedded multiple-multiviewer.
SMS-4U can be networked for material exchange and export/import with most popular NLE. Equipped with redundant PSU, is available with scalable configurations, up to 8 recording channels and up to 4 simultaneous playback channels.

SMS-2U :: 6 channel full HDTV video server in a compact chassis (rack 2U size), in a modular configuration up to 4 recording and 2 playback, with simultaneous recording while playback.

The highlight in this year’s IBC will again be the ‘GRANITE’ battery series that continues to dominate and increase in popularity among V-lock users worldwide because of its proven robustness, performance and reliability. This UN38.3 and CE certified series is now available in both standard IP54 and also ‘SPLASH’ IP65 ratings. Ever increasing demand for high capacity and draw make the BV160HD and the BV270HD, our best-selling products.
Also on show will be versatile BUBBLEPACK universal power adapter with its wide range of accessories. Beautifully engineered and competitively priced, BUBBLEPACK is the ideal companion for users of medium and smaller camera equipment.
For V-lock battery charging, BLUESHAPE offers a choice of 5 fast chargers from the single channel portable to an 8-channel simultaneous studio wall charger. All but the smallest model, feature computer connectivity via USB to cater for battery communication and fleet monitoring during charge.
Look out for the recently developed metal cast V-plate that offers high precision quality construction together with a variety of power output options and also the remarkable ‘Power Stations’ that are capable of powering any  28V or 14V equipment uninterruptedly at up the 560W continuous power output.

Brainstorm Multimedia at IBC 2015.The revolution in virtual studios and 3D graphic solutions
IBC 2015, booth 7.K31 - Brainstorm Multimedia, leading manufacturer of real-time 3D graphics and virtual studio solutions, is showcasing the latest versions of the entire range of products in keeping up with its tradition of pushing the boundaries of development.
This year Infinity Set 2.0 will be the main attraction enhanced by an 8 square metre green screen theatre where eye-catching presentations will be given every 20 minutes. Top of the list of ‘must see’ features is the TeleTransporter, Brainstorm’s revolutionary ‘virtual traveler’ function giving users the unique ability to perform real-time insertions of live characters in a live event happening at a remote location. Equally impressive is Brainstorm’s patented TrackFree technology, with the capability to detect the exact location of the presenter and ensure the correct positioning of the talent within the 3D scene. In effect TrackFree is a camera tracking independent technology which combines in a single virtual camera the precision and higher quality of the most complex real camera tracking systems with the flexibility, freedom and ease of use of modern trackless systems such as Brainstorm’s Lite version of the Infinity Set. The patented 3D Presenter is unique in its ability to generate a true 3D representation of the live presenter and as such can now cast virtual shadows and reflections over other real and 3D objects within the virtual environment, greatly enhancing the realism of the program content.
Aston 3D, Brainstorm’s cutting-edge real-time 3D graphics creation, CG and playout solution, continues to evolve with the release of version 1.4.2 with its three different configurations: Aston 3D, Aston 3D Lite and Aston 2D. Aston 3D has now evolved into a family of products, covering a wide range of broadcast needs. Celebrating 40 years since the first Astons were launched, the current generation of products represents the most powerful and versatile 2D and 3D graphics solutions available on the market today.
Brainstorm’s family range of products will be completed with the demonstration of BrainNews, a sophisticated MOS-compatible on-air graphics control system that enables News departments to access and integrate Brainstorm’s 3D graphics into their workflow without the need for continuous input from the graphics department.
Continuing with its policy of collaboration and partnership with other leading manufacturers, Brainstorm Multimedia will be hosting NewTek on the booth and showcasing the integration of Brainstorm’s graphics and virtual studio applications within the TriCaster workflow. Also, on the Signum booth 7.D31 Infinity Set will make use of core features such as TeleTransporter to enhance the presentation of Signum’s Super Slow Motion Server, VisionFactory.
“IBC is a great opportunity for us to meet existing Brainstorm users as well as new prospects looking to enhance their broadcast offering. Our flexible and adaptable approach with a personal yet professional relationship with our clients, ensures that they can maximize their use of our latest technology and best-of-breed products and services,” says Brainstorm CEO, Ricardo Montesa.

Bridge Technologies Delivers Monitoring Confidence to Taiwan’s TINP
OSLO, Norway —  Bridge Technologies and Regional Business Partner, Linkwen, today announced that Taiwan Infrastructure Network Provider (TINP) has selected Bridgetech’s video quality and video service monitoring system.
Taiwan Infrastructure Network Provider (TINP), owner of fiber IP backbone and multiple cable networks in Taiwan, is an advanced digital services operator providing subscribers with a variety of services, including broadband access, digital telephony, cable PayTV and OTT video.
To assist TINP to manage the challenges of delivering video services using a distributed headend architecture, Linkwen has supplied a comprehensive video analytics and video service monitoring system developed by Bridge Technologies. Using Bridgetech’s VBC system, service and location specific data is collated in real time data from central and remote monitoring probes, feeding back information and intelligence for fault rectification and system optimization.
"The accuracy and stability of the Bridgetech monitoring systems helps TINP engineers provide our subscribers with the most reliable video services,” explained Ray Chen, Managing Director of  Linkwen Electronics. "Bridgetech’s detailed analysis tools enable TINP to investigate all components of the video service, and the system’s stability and accuracy means that their engineers have confidence that it is reporting correctly.”
"With the increasing number of video services, distribution mechanisms and viewing devices, service operators are looking to video service quality measurement to provide an effective method with which to manage their video service operations,” added James Chance, APAC Regional Manager at Bridge Technologies. “The Bridge Technologies system allows them to understand their performance from their subscriber’s perspective – increasing customer satisfaction and reducing churn.”
Bridge Technologies will demonstrate its range of award-winning advanced monitoring systems for cable, IP and OTT at BIRTV; stand 6037.

BroadStream’s Hybrid SDI/IP Automated Playout Solution enables broadcasters to transition at their own pace
Established playout experts promise the best of both worlds as broadcasters continue to contemplate transition to IP and Cloud-based playout
Atlanta, GA, USA – August 20, 2015 –  Leading automated playout solutions company, BroadStream Solutions, will be highlighting its SDI/IP hybrid playout technology at IBC 2015 (Hall 8, Stand B29), which offers playout providers the flexibility to pick and choose which of its functions and processes to virtualize and which to keep baseband.
“Because there are many varying IP standards out there at present, broadcasters and playout providers are understandably hesitant to invest in an entirely new IP infrastructure”, explains Herbert Brenninkmeijer, CEO, BroadStream Solutions. 
“Whether a customer is working with existing baseband hardware, partly replacing SDI with IP processes or, providing a complete IP solution for future cloud-based playout, we’re offering playout providers choice and flexibility. With our SDI/IP hybrid solution, we will be able to support our customers all the way through their transition to IP at their own pace; before, during and afterwards using the same platform”.
BroadStream’s renowned N+M Redundancy Manager for the OASYS integrated playout platform, which supports hybrid SDI and IP I/O configurations, is one of the solutions that will be demonstrated at IBC for the first time using Multi-Channel Web Client. The intuitive web interface enables users to access playout applications, redundancy and routing from any given machine, using any device; in-facility, on VM (Virtual Machines), local edge-servers, and soon for Cloud-based playout.
Eventually the hybrid functionality will be compatible with all existing applications as well as the entire range of BroadStream’s supporting tools.
The OASYS Hybrid automated playout platform allows each broadcaster to take a measured and thoughtful approach to full IP that allows for planning the transition out over time to control budgeting, training, expansion, future plans and contingencies to maximize resources and opportunity.
To find out more, please visit BroadStream at IBC 2015: Hall 8, Stand B29 or visit

Canare to present 6 channels fiber-optic cable
CANARE ELECTRIC is presenting at coming IBC 2015 (Hall 11, stand A50), a 6 channels fiber-optic cable. This new multi-channel fiber optic cable is intended for mobile use. It uses a robust optical multi-fiber connector to overcome the weakness (in terms of robustness, durability, and mating capability) of conventional optical SC connector and optical LC connector in mobile use.
The product can connect or disconnect six optical signal channels at one time and ensures secure mating. At the same time, it can prevent wrong connections associated with an increase in the number of wiring lines. In addition, a blue colored dust cap distinguishes from a similarly shaped optical camera connector. According to Mr. Jun-Ichiro OHNO, Managing Director of Canare Electric Co. Ltd., along with this new product, its receptacle cable is being introduced simultaneously, and this latter can be used in combination with Canare’s splice enclosure, which eliminates users’ concern about installation.
1) Model name: OM6C** (** length in meter)
2) Ruggedized multichannel fiber-optic cable with robust 6-fiber connector
3) Single mode, ITU-T G.657.A2 low bending loss, low water-peak fiber
4) Abrasion-resistance cable jacket
5) Tensile strength: 700N or less
6) Return loss: 45 dB or greater (λ=1.3μm)
7) Insertion loss: 0.5dB or greater (λ=1.3μm)
8) 7 color connector rings included

Celebrating its 80th Anniversary, CARTONI Introduces 4 New Fluid Heads for Lightweight Cameras.
In addition to the popular FOCUS HD, the new range combines perfect counterbalance, durability and lightweight for camera packages up to 22kg (48.50lbs).
ROME—August 5, 2015— CARTONI, the gold standard in camera support for 80 years, is introducing a new range of FOCUS Fluid Heads specifically designed for today’s smaller, lighter high-performance cameras. The four new dynamic heads, FOCUS 8, FOCUS 12, FOCUS 18 and FOCUS 22, accommodate an array of camera, lens and accessory packages from 0 – 22kg (0 - 48.50lbs). Each includes CARTONI’s, patented counterbalance system for superb performance and each comes with the company’s unsurpassed 5-year warranty.
CARTONI will be introducing the new FOCUS Fluid Heads at IBC 2015, Hall 11, Stand 11.E30.
IBC 2015, Stand 5.A26

Cees Links, CEO of GreenPeak, is the man who led the team that invented and popularized WiFi. He is also called “the father of WiFi”. Interesting tidbit: in the late ‘90s Cees sold the first WiFi solutions to Steve Jobs who understood the visionary aspects and was the first to recognize the phenomenal market potential of WiFi… Today, Cees and GreenPeak are working in Smart Home innovations by providing low-power and low-cost RF communication technology for the IoT.

CEITON Updates at IBC 2015 in Amsterdam
Latest customer wins for Version 7 of CEITON's workflow and scheduling platform - to be officially launched, live and in 3D, at the International Broadcast Convention - IBC.
Brand-new Mobile Time Keeping
The new CEITON 7 module for mobile time-tracking allows employees to check their shifts and tasks on their mobile/tablet or their PC/Mac at any time - in addition to entering their hours. Integration with corporate planning, management and accounting is now easier than ever.
New CEITON Skin in Sneak Preview
CEITON's graphical web interface is currently being overhauled and will also get a new interchangeable skin - in lighter and fresher colors and shapes. Here we present the preview of the upcoming version 7.5 as an interactive before-and-after comparison of the main GUI elements and widgets.

Cinedeck takes great pride in the user friendly interface and versatility of their video recording solutions. However, none of the workflow enhancing features, like multi-destination recording to SSD, SAN or NAS, master & proxy recording for each channel or 4K recording at 50/60p, hold a candle to the ability to insert video and/or audio into closed flat files and assemble-record live programs to a single closed flat file.
Cinedeck File-Based Insert Edit and Live-to-File recording, really are revolutionary breakthroughs for production and post.
Just like on tape, Insert-Edit makes it possible to directly insert and replace AVC-Intra, DNxHD or ProRes video and audio essence in MOV, MXF Op1A or MXF OpAtom files. When the insert is completed, the file is done, ready for delivery! This means, no time-consuming re-rendering, re-exporting and re-QCing to make last minute program changes.
And finally, real "Live-to-File" recording means shows that were typically recorded "live-to-tape", can be recorded directly to a final deliverable flat file - no rendering, exporting or consolidating. Stop, start and re-start as often as needed and when the end is reached, the show is done, ready to be delivered.
If you have a moment, please drop by J07, at the rear-right (back wall) of Hall 7, to see insert-edit in action, and let your readers, viewers and colleagues know, it works with non-linear editors too. Yes... You can directly insert into a file from Avid Media Composer using the Digital Cut tool and FCP's "Edit-to-Tape" allows you direct access to files... It really is, Just Like Tape!
Of course, sporting virtually every common codec and wrapper, with a broad feature set designed to support a variety of daily production and post needs, these decks are also built for daily recording and playback duties in OB environments, studios and broadcast facilities.

Civolution’s Nexguard To Demonstrate Live Uhd Watermarking Solutions With Nagra And Conax
Demonstration at IBC shows Civolution NexGuard device-based watermarking technologies integrated with Kudelski Group’s NAGRA and Conax conditional access systems
Solution adds a layer of protection to secure premium content throughout its entire lifecycle and helps meet new MovieLabs Enhanced Content Protection Requirements
Amsterdam, Netherlands – September 3rd, 2015 – NexGuard, a Civolution Company and the leading provider of forensic watermarking solutions, announced today the demonstration of its extensive work to integrate the NexGuard watermarking technology with Kudelski Group’s  NAGRA and Conax’ conditional access systems at IBC (stands 1.C81 and 2.B41)
The solution is targeted at pay-TV operators - who are spending increasingly high amounts of money to license the rights to premium sports and other events – to help them protect their investment and ensure that their rights are protected and that their revenue is fully maximized. Leveraging their experience as the industry’s leading providers of content security technology, NAGRA and Conax securely integrate and certify the implementation of NexGuard in set-top boxes, and enable their headend systems to control the application of watermarking on a selective basis. The integration will also see fellow group company Kudelski Security add forensic monitoring, investigation and response services to its portfolio of security services for pay-TV operators.
“Subscriber-level watermarking is the next frontier in the prevention of illegal re-distribution of premium content, in particular movies and premium sport, which is quickly becoming a serious global threat for premium pay-TV operators,” said Jean-Philippe Plantevin, Senior VP of Products & Solutions at NexGuard. “The integration of our technology with NAGRA and Conax’s proven conditional access and Kudelski Security’s services creates a full circle of protection that ensures that pay-TV operators can monetize their content investments effectively, especially as the industry moves to embrace key elements of the MovieLabs Enhanced Content Specification for UHD content, such as forensic watermarking.”
“As piracy continues to move outside the traditional DVB domain and go online, the Kudelski Group has been actively working to protect our customers’ interests in many different ways. We are pleased to announce the addition of industry leading NexGuard watermarking to our list of leading edge technology and service solutions for fighting piracy,” said Philippe Stransky, Chief Architect for NAGRA. “Our customers already trust us to provide device certification, lifetime device support, security countermeasures and anti-piracy services. With the addition of NexGuard, we demonstrate NAGRA’s capability to securely integrate and manage forensic watermarking for all types of content.”
“Conax is delighted to reveal the integration of NexGuard into our portfolio of solutions for combatting piracy,” said Tor Helge Christiansen, EVP & Principle Architect for Conax. “By making NexGuard one of the key technologies available as part of Conax Contego, we are ensuring that our customers will see a strong return on investment for their premium content.”
NAGRA and Conax will demonstrate at IBC on booth 1.C81 their NexGuard-enabled watermarking solutions for premium content such as UHD Video on Demand and live sports – integrated with SmarDTV’s latest 4K UHD set-top boxes.

- First presentation of 2.4GHz and 1.9GHz versions in Europe, demonstrating expanded level of flexibility and production coverage -
ALAMEDA, USA –  Clear-Com’s FreeSpeak II roaming wireless solutions will be on display at IBC 2015, demonstrating the flexibility of intelligently mixing system components from either band on the same system.
“There is no one-size-fits all system when it comes to wireless intercom,” said Simon Browne, Clear-Com’s Director of Product Management. “Depending on a number of factors including size of coverage area, workflow and number of users, presence of other wireless devices and country regulation, sometimes it makes more sense to deploy one band over the other and sometimes the best solution for capacity is to use both in the same production. With FreeSpeak II, you have the option to select either band or both that works best for your scenario.”
Since its release, the FreeSpeak II 1.9GHz system has proven to be an exceptional wireless intercom for large-scale broadcasts and live productions. Today, FreeSpeak II is being used by broadcasters and in live stage performances such as Television Galicia, UK’s BBC Northern Ireland, Spain’s Telecinco and Broadway’s Tony award-winning Best Musical, The Lion King.
Given the success of the 1.9GHz system, Clear-Com now introduces the 2.4GHz version to meet market demands from many countries where the 1.9GHz band is prohibited for use.  FreeSpeak II 2.4GHz offers identical capabilities as the 1.9GHz, and can operate as a standalone or an integrated wireless intercom solution with Clear-Com’s Eclipse HX matrix system.
Although the FreeSpeak II 2.4GHz version uses a separate yet similar set of beltpacks and transceiver antennas compared to the 1.9GHz version, the same base station or integrated matrix solution can co-operate with a mix of 1.9GHz and 2.4GHz beltpacks and antennas; thus increasing both the quantity of wireless users and cell roaming area.
“At large scale productions, especially where the 2.4GHz band becomes quickly saturated with personal mobile devices or professional grade devices, having the 1.9GHz band as an active option is advantageous to many production teams who demand clarity, reliable connections and continuous communication,” said Browne.
When using the base station, up to 20 full-duplex wireless beltpacks using either or both 1.9GHz and 2.4GHz bands can be connected. In an integrated Eclipse HX matrix setup, as many as 50 1.9GHz  and 40 2.4GHz (or 25 1.9GHz in North America plus 40 2.4GHz) full-duplex wireless beltpacks can be used at the same time by strategically placing up to 20 or more distributed remote antennas to create an expansive roaming coverage zone. These beltpack users are then able to directly communicate with any other remote or local matrix panel or other wireless or wired beltpack user who is on the Eclipse HX Matrix System network.

Innovative Explorer 8100 Receives Eutelsat Type Approval    
First and only stabilised Auto-Acquire Drive-Away antenna approved for use on industry standard Satellite News Gathering service
Lyngby, Denmark – Cobham SATCOM is pleased to announce prior to the start of IBC 2015 in Amsterdam (10-15 September) that its innovative new EXPLORER 8100 Auto-Acquire Drive-Away antenna has been approved for use on Eutelsat KA-SAT services. This gives broadcasters using the popular Eutelsat NewsSpotter VSAT service for Satellite News Gathering an innovative new choice in hardware for ‘Comms-On-The-Pause’ applications.
Cobham SATCOM’s EXPLORER 8100 VSAT is the only stabilised ‘Comms-On-The-Pause’ VSAT antenna available. It overcomes the challenge of link destabilisation resulting in transmission interruptions when the vehicle experiences sudden movements or rocking on its suspension when people enter and exit. ‘Dynamic Pointing Correction’, which uses technology developed for Cobham SATCOM’s Maritime Antennas, ensures uninterrupted transmission on the Eutelsat KA-SAT network when similar antennas would experience a loss of signal.
NewsSpotter is the most used VSAT service for Satellite News Gathering in Europe. It uses the EUTELSAT KA-SAT satellite, which features 82 spot beams each covering an area of some 300km in diameter. This means that within each individual beam, power can be highly concentrated, with a consequent increase of throughput and a significant reduction in the size and cost of ground equipment. Combined with the new EXPLORER 8100 VSAT from Cobham SATCOM, European broadcasters can enhance the already very high reliability of this essential Satellite News Gathering service.
“We’re delighted to go to IBC this year with our newest VSAT antenna already approved for Eutelsat’s NewsSpotter service,” says Henrik Nørrelykke, VP Land Business, Cobham SATCOM. “EXPLORER 8100 VSAT significantly outperforms other antennas if a stationary vehicle rocks and we are looking forward to showing this stabilisation technology to IBC visitors with live demonstrations on our booth.”

Conax integrates with NexGuard and demonstrates end-to-end Conax Contego™-secured forensic watermarking solution at IBC with detection services from Kudelski Security
Demonstrating end-to-end watermarking solution combining Civolution’s NexGuard, a SmarDTV UHD Gateway and secured through leading Conax Contego™content protection technology
The complete architecture features forensic detection services provided by cyber-security specialist Kudelski Security
IBC Expo, Amsterdam, September 8th, 2015: Conax, part of the Kudelski Group (SIX:KUD:S), and a leader in total service protection for digital TV and entertainment services via broadcast, broadband and connected devices, announced today at IBC Expo a cross-technology cooperation with Civolution’s NexGuard to demonstrate forensic watermarking creating an enhanced architecture for protecting premium content revenues. The solution provides the combined capabilities of a SmarDTV UHD Gateway, integrated with Civolution’s market-leading NexGuard forensic watermarking technology and featuring watermark detection services integrated with the anti-piracy services of specialist Kudelski Security based on a team of 150+ experts with over 20 years of experience in fighting pay-TV piracy. All elements of the complete watermark architecture are fully secured in the device and controlled by robust Conax Contego™content protection, leveraging Conax’ leading technology to provide ultimate protection of premium content for OTT and broadcast content - in addition to premiere tools for tracking, identifying and preventing illicit distribution of content at its origin. The security provider will add support for additional watermarking technologies and devices in the future based on market demands.
Note to editors attending IBC Expo: A press briefing will be held September 11th at Conax’ booth for industry media. Live-content watermarking demonstrations will be available throughout IBC for visitors (Conax booth #1.C81 in Hall 1).
Tapping the combined strength and expertise of NexGuard, Kudelski Security and SmarDTV, each a unique ecosystem partner, the Conax solution is targeting pay-TV operators heavily investing in premium content rights. By endorsing Ultra HD content licensing prerequisites, the solution enables operators to meet the MovieLabs Enhanced Content Protection requirements sanctioning access to high value 4K and Ultra HD content from Hollywood studios. The partnership provides operators with the comprehensive tools for forensic monitoring and tracking the sources of illicit distribution of next generation video content combined with a strong content security solution for preventing content redistribution - a complete architecture for protecting a service provider’s platform revenues, making watermarking an important additional option to an operator’s overall security portfolio.
"We are working closely with our customers to provide the best overall framework for protecting the varied elements of their platform revenues and we are aware that the market has shown interest in forensic watermarking for some time", says Tor Helge Kristiansen, EVP Principal Architect in Conax, "Conax sees increasing demand from pay-TV operators for watermarking solutions for procuring high-value Ultra HD content from the major Hollywood studios. In a holistic security scenario, forensic watermarking is becoming an important component in the overall solution we offer to pay-TV operators."
"Working with the forensic watermarking specialists at NexGuard and anti-piracy experts from the cyber security team at sister company Kudelski Security to create this enhanced security architecture has been a thrilling experience. The combined expertise of these industry-leading companies, and the integration with SmarDTV’s latest 4k UHD set-top-box, enables Conax to further enhance its security solutions portfolio with additional services for fighting premium content piracy with a best-in-class solution that we are proud to offer our customers."
"For premium live and VOD content delivered to operator-controlled devices, forensic watermarking is the only proven means of tracking illicit re-distribution back to its source", says Jean-Philippe Plantevin, Senior Vice President Products & Solutions, NexGuard. "We are pleased to be working with leading technology providers Conax, Kudelski Security and SmarDTV to leverage a complete security ecosystem from A-Z for operators to track and identify illegal re-distribution and, in turn, protect their premium content revenues."
-Christophe Nicolas, Senior Vice President of Kudelski Security added:,"It’s been an exciting endeavour to participate in this first cross-group cooperation together with sister company Conax. Through the integration and new joint offering, Conax customers can now benefit from the forensic and anti-piracy services required to track down the source of watermark-protected content and pursue the necessary actions required to limit further damage to service provider businesses."

Concurrent Launches Open-Source CDN Solution. Promotes Community-Driven Initiatives to Accelerate Innovation
ATLANTA -- Concurrent (NASDAQ: CCUR), a global provider of high-performance Linux® and storage solutions, today announced a new open-source content delivery network (CDN) solution designed for customers who prefer the freedom and flexibility of open software. Concurrent's new CDN solution combines open-source technologies with the company's enterprise support services to deliver streaming video and other content to consumers on connected devices.  Concurrent is leveraging community-driven open-source technologies including Apache Traffic Server™ for caching and streaming, Traffic Control for request routing, Ceph® for storage and its own packaged feature enhancements to create a complete end-to-end CDN solution that is well-suited for commercial applications. 
"Concurrent's open-source CDN solution provides customers with the freedom to innovate by enabling them to access the source code and develop new feature enhancements," said James Brickmeier, Chief Marketing Officer of Concurrent. "We invite customers to join a community of developers that share a common goal, which is to continuously improve the platform and bring new features to market more quickly."   
"Comcast is a strong supporter of using open-source technologies as a way to accelerate innovation and deliver more value to our customers," said Jan van Doorn, Distinguished Engineer at Comcast. "We are excited to see companies like Concurrent embrace open-source and we look forward to working with them as part of the growing community of Traffic Control users and contributors."
Concurrent offers a variety of services in support of the new CDN solution, including pre-configured server and storage appliances, field integration, custom software development and 24x7 call center support services. In addition to its open-source CDN solution, the company continues to sell a commercial version of its Unified Content Delivery Solution for customers requiring advanced functionality and performance.
Concurrent will be introducing its new open-source CDN solution to customers and partners at IBC 2015 in Amsterdam on Sept 11-15 (Hall 2, Stand B31).  Interested parties are invited to schedule meetings with Concurrent using the following link: 

ContentWise launches advanced metadata processing engine Knowledge Factory as stand-alone product
ContentWise™, the personalization, discovery and recommendations solution for digital TV content, today announces the release of the latest version of its metadata management solution, ContentWise Knowledge Factory, and its launch as a standalone product offering. The ContentWise Knowledge Factory is an integrated set of metadata management software and tools that help operators source, enrich, integrate and maintain better content metadata.
In today’s OTT and digital TV landscape, catalog complexity and metadata quality are still proving to be major challenges for operators and content providers. Viewers have the option to watch content across linear TV, catch-up, DVR, TVOD and SVOD, and as a result, operators are struggling to understand metadata coming from several different sources. In order for service providers to deliver a seamless TV experience, content cannot live in these silos and metadata must be cleaned and harmonized in order to provide the most value.
The ContentWise Knowledge Factory blends, reconciles, de-duplicates and enriches data from different sources, eliminating metadata silos to deliver personalized TV experiences. While improving content-based personalization, it also extracts maximum value from metadata licenses with third-party data providers, creating non-obvious links between data. It also includes live feeds of dynamic data such as trending shows and sports events.
“Delivering true personalization and a superior user experience is only possible if the underlying data is rich, deep and understood by the personalization system.  Operators and content providers face enormous challenges today in handling even the simplest of metadata management tasks – and today’s technologies do not have the functionality to support them,” said Pancrazio Auteri, CTO of ContentWise. “To support operators, technologies must automate metadata processing, validate enriched data before it goes live, consolidate workflows and export clean and richer metadata to existing content management systems. Our Knowledge Factory is built precisely to help operators make the most of their metadata, delivering innovative user experiences and smart content discovery.”

Unique features of the new ContentWise Knowledge Factory release include:
·       Data Source Adapter, Data Export Adapter and Scripting - enables data import from external systems and export and sync with external repositories or systems e.g. CMS or MAM. Scripting extends the data processing capabilities of Knowledge Factory through Javascript and Groovy scripting.
·       Item Reconciliation – delivers a non-trivial connection among different versions of the same asset across different catalogs (e.g. EPG, catch-up, VOD, OTT, etc.)
·       Data Enrichment - finds the best metadata match across different internal, external and public sources and merges metadata according to defined policies and set quality standards.
·       Data Normalization and Data Deduplication - defines metadata standardization, cleaning and transformation rules e.g. replace synonyms of comedy such as “Comedies”, “Sit-Com”, “Pantomime” with “Comedy”, and identifies and merges duplicate instances of the same item according to smart match detection logic.
·       Extensible Data Model - creates any data type in addition to out-of-the-box data types to support each service and catalog-specific entity description needs.

·       Editorial Tools for Metadata:
o   Workflow Manager - supports the definition, scheduling and sequencing of automatic and manual metadata processing tasks.
o   Task Lists - provides the editorial team an at-a-glance view of metadata processing issues and pending manual tasks.
o   Data Console - is designed to enable human verification, approval, editing and/or manipulation of automatically processed metadata.
o   Data Source built-in support for major data sources, such as Gracenote/TMS, Rovi, Rotten Tomatoes, Wikipedia, IMDB, Cinoche

“Quite simply, having better quality metadata and the tools to support this provides a number of benefits to operators and viewers in today’s TV landscape,” said Paolo Bozzola, CEO of ContentWise. “Not only does it enable a better UX and better personalization results, but the automation of complex and repetitive tasks also produces business benefits, reducing costs, accelerating time to market, eliminating errors. Ultimately, video service providers need their metadata in one place if they want to deliver seamless and compelling TV experiences – and our Knowledge Factory does just that.”
Knowledge Factory will be available in 2 versions, Knowledge Factory Lite and Knowledge Factory SaaS.  Knowledge Factory Lite is included in the ContentWise Personalization System and includes metadata ingestion and internal reconciliation. Knowledge Factory SaaS is a separate product that includes metadata ingestion, enrichment, normalization, blending and editorial tools for metadata management.
ContentWise will be bringing its Knowledge Factory and Personalization System to this year’s IBC. The company will be exhibiting in Hall 14, on stand 14.K05.

CreateCtrl optimizes campaign planning
Munich – At IBC in Amsterdam, from September 11 - 15, at stand 3.A40, CreateCtrl presents its innovative software solutions for the media industry. This year’s highlight is Campaign, the trailer and promotions planning application for the widespread Media Applications Suite 7 that supports TV channels to significantly increase efficiency in their TV scheduling process.
Discovery Communications Germany and Fox International Channels Germany already decided for the operational economic software. CreateCtrl meets the demands of its customers to streamline the linear TV scheduling work. The reduction of manual repetitive tasks are key drivers for TV channels’ decision makers towards CreateCtrl’s planning applications.
In general a TV channel coordinates several different campaigns in parallel on a weekly basis, such as channel specific marketing and on-air promotion campaigns, program highlights as well as sponsoring campaigns, to mention but a few. Campaign enables CreateCtrl’s customers to centrally and transparently plan their campaigns with focus on single specific target audience groups. Capturing value characteristics like information on age ratings and determination of desired campaign impacts make the optimization even more precise.
Wizards support the automatic planning and considerably reduce manual work. The automatic scheduling is based on the number of the single campaigns as they have previously been defined. The wizards assist in scheduling all days for the duration of the campaign with characteristics set before in the control template. The integrated rule engine applies the criteria defined for the automated campaign planning and includes minimum numbers of broadcasts or minimum GRP values for optimizing the use of the promotion inventory avails in the best way possible.
The final analysis of a single campaign’s impact is performed on single promotion elements such as trailers and provides detailed insights and improvements. Within the status overview of the campaign module the different campaigns are comparable in terms of target-performance and optimized on basis of these insights. In addition to Campaign, CreateCtrl presents its Media Applications for metadata management and program planning in the most recent version 7 at IBC. This includes the flexible content management system, ContentExplorer, as well as the planning applications Programmer and Planner for long-term programming and day scheduling.
“We are steadily enhancing our products to meet our customers’ growing demands” says Dr. Klaus Rolshausen, CEO at CreateCtrl and emphasizes “CreateCtrl is focusing on product innovation, one of our main differentiators.”

We kindly invite you to visit our Digispot Alliance booth at the international exhibition IBC.
Digispot Alliance is the developer of the media content management and automation system Digispot, which has come to the fore on the German and Russian markets.
Take at the flood and see how Visual Radio works!
This year all participants of the IBC Exhibition will have an option to see what Visual Radio is like and even become a part of it. Digispot Visual Radio is a technology providing creation of visuals that accompany audio tracks.
The company's booth number is 8.D74. It is located in the hall dedicated to media asset management systems (MAM).

Digital Multimedia Technologies (DMT) will launch and demo a new TV companion device that transforms a pay TV HD gateway set-top box into a secure UHD/4K gateway solution.
Called Deseo – the device sits in between a set-top box and TV and brings a full ultra HD (UHD) experience to consumers. Deseo is targeted to pay TV operators – especially as the ‘cable wars’ continue to heat up and operators seek to turn their set-top boxes into UHD-capable solutions.  Something that is easier said than done – Deseo provides the solution, allowing pay TV operators to quickly respond to market changes, while extending the life of their current set-top boxes at a minimal cost.  Deseo also adds additional layer of protection for UHD content by coming complete with Verimatrix’s VideoMark™ watermarking solution and supports HDR and VP9.

DTS at IBC 2015 Sept. 11-13. 
The company will be showcasing new broadcast tools for DTS:X, its next-generation object-based, multi-dimensional audio technology for enhanced home entertainment experiences.
You are also invited to visit the “Immersive Audio for Content Everywhere” session on Monday, Sept. 14 at 1 p.m. featuring DTS executive Geir Skaaden.

Stand 14.M25
Easel TV, the multi-screen video company, will be showing the latest version of Suggested TV, their award winning cloud-based software-as-a-service solution for multi-screen content delivery with a televisual user experience. The latest version launching at IBC gives more control to content owners with improved analytics, enhanced reporting, enhanced security and the ability to run promotional campaigns.
Easel TV will also be showing the Curzon Home Cinema app, which has won several awards and was just launched on the Tivo platform this month. The service gives customers access to a range of independent films on the same day they are released into the UK and Ireland cinemas.

EditShare Opens Doors to XStream Shared Storage Production Platform
Unique entry-level EditShare XStream ST packs performance, collaborative features and expandability at breakthrough price points - Stand 7.G37
Basingstoke, UK — EditShare®, a technology leader in intelligent shared storage and media management solutions, is showcasing its recently released XStream ST model at IBC2015 on stand 7.G37. Configured for cost-conscious creative teams who are unwilling to sacrifice performance, collaboration features and fault tolerance, XStream ST is EditShare’s entry-level high-performance shared storage solution with integrated Flow production asset management and Ark backup and archiving. XStream ST is the only solution at this low-cost price point to include advanced NLE project sharing, ingest, transcode, remote editorial, back-up and archive tools in one seamlessly integrated platform. Straightforward administration allows users to be up and running quickly, while the robust expandability of the XStream ST enables facilities to scale their system as business and production needs grow.
“With starting configurations of 24TB and 48TB plus an integrated production asset management and archiving toolset, XStream ST is purpose-built for smaller productions or facilities,” comments Bill Thompson, storage product manager, EditShare. “Many of these productions and facilities not only have smaller budgets and storage needs, but they also have limited technical resources – and this is where XStream ST stands out from the rest of the pack. Because it’s a turnkey system that incorporates all the great features of EditShare shared storage, Flow asset management and Ark backup and archiving, users can really concentrate on the creative and not worry about keeping track of their assets, transcoding or dealing with ad-hoc backup strategies. XStream ST’s easy-to-use tools enable the fast completion of projects. This type of comprehensive offering is unique – it’s unlike anything else on the market.”
The EditShare XStream ST shared storage platform offers the following configuration options and features:
Easily expandable – simply connect additional XStream ST storage to your network and manage all as one integrated system
Highly fault-tolerant platform with built-in RAID 6, redundant power supplies, fans and OS drives
No per-seat storage client licenses – connect as many NLEs and creative clients as a project requires
Flow production media asset management and AirFlow for remote editing and review and approve workflows
Archive projects to disk or LTO for secure back-ups of assets using Ark (disks and tape library sold separately)

EditShare XStream ST Price Promotion
For a limited period, the EditShare XStream ST will be available in Europe from participating reseller partners with incredible finance packages, plus an additional free hardware switch. EditShare XStream ST program pricing starts at £320 / €440 per month*
Contact EditShare sales at or +44 (0) 207 183 2255 for more details and for a list of participating EditShare resellers.
*All figures exclude VAT and are indicative only. Subject to credit acceptance.

Ensemble Designs announces the IBC 2015 debut of its 5835 NXT Router and Action Control Panel.
The new 5835 Router and Action Control Panel is designed for the BrightEye NXT family of routers. It
offers an LCD Thumbnail Preview so that you can see your sources before doing a Take or Mix transition. With ten programmable preset keys, the 5835 can be tailored to recall any configuration in an NXT router. The presets can recall a single parameter or the full configuration of the entire product. Source and Destination buttons give you full crosspoint control. User legends and multi-color tally provide immediate status feedback. The 1RU panel conforms to the sleek panel designs of the Ensemble Designs product family with full travel push buttons and sculpted caps.
“This control panel puts the full power of any NXT Compact Router right at the operator’s fingertips.
And the customizable presets can address any operational requirement. Because it’s networked, it can be used from any connected location” – David Wood, Chief Design Engineer, Ensemble Designs
The 1RU panel is a sleek 38 mm (1.5 inch) deep, so it fits easily into any environment. Use it wherever you need a hard surface control panel and a customized interface to suit your exact needs.

Envivio’s Innovations Help Service Providers Accelerate Roi For Their Video Services
From Live UHD with HDR, all-software broadcast head-end to Cloud DVR and Dynamic Ad Insertion, Envivio will show at IBC how software and cloud solutions are redefining the television landscape
 SAN FRANCISCO - Envivio (NASDAQ: ENVI), a leading provider of software-based video processing and delivery solutions, will demonstrate its latest 100% software-based innovative video products at IBC in Amsterdam, Sept. 11 to 15, in Stand 1.D73.
Envivio’s end-to-end solutions have been designed for the multiscreen world, providing multi-video service providers what they need most: new functionality, improved quality with scalable and flexible monetization tools.
“We are trusted by the most demanding operators in the world, and are now witnessing a growing demand to convert all functions of the head-end towards software and virtualization. The quality and reliability of Envivio software is as good as or better than dedicated traditional hardware, while providing the necessary agility and enhancement required in a competitive market,” said Julien Signès, CEO, Envivio.
Envivio will showcase:
A new, direct-to-home, all-software head-end for satellite providers. Offering MPEG-2, H.264 or HEVC in superior quality with enhanced statistical multiplexing, Envivio Muse and its new all-software Envivio Spark Multiplexer have been selected by a major US satellite operator to move its operations to private cloud with software-based processing to optimize costs
In partnership with Dolby Laboratories, Envivio will demonstrate the Ultimate Ultra HD experience with the first live UHD powered with Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Dolby AC-4. This will be encoded in real time by Envivio Muse Ultra HD software encoder
 new Cloud DVR solution combining all the latest processing techniques, from efficient software-defined storage, the use of the latest compression standards to packaging and even transcoding on the fly, resulting in up to 26X reduction in necessary storage capacity. The software allows operators to offer start over, time shifting and to offer network personal video recording to any screen
Its unique approach to dynamic insertion, offering seamless and targeted ad replacement, combined with viewership analytics
Envivio’s Nuage, the most advanced software-as-a-service (SaaS) video solution - from content acquisition to the consumer - on any screen
Because of Envivio’s continuous dedication to innovation, more than 400 customers around the globe have selected Envivio to power their multi-screen and Pay TV services. This includes eight of the Top 10 global mobile providers, nine of the Top 10 broadband and seven of the Top eight Tier 1 U.S. cable providers.
For more information about Envivio (NASDAQ: ENVI), visit

Tele Columbus Selects Espial to Transform Video Experience
New Video Solution and Services Enable Immersive, Engaging Subscriber Viewing Experience
OTTAWA, Ontario — Transforming the viewing experience worldwide, Espial today announced that Tele Columbus has licensed Espial's G4 STB Client and MSP solutions, as well as selected Espial to integrate their next generation IP video platform. Totaling over 2.8M subscribers with their recent acquisition of Primacom, Tele Columbus AG is one of the largest German cable network operators. Tele Columbus is currently preparing a new video service and interactive TV platform, with a first launch expected towards the end of the year 2015.
As part of their growth strategy, Tele Columbus is implementing an advanced video infrastructure - including innovations such as a Reference Design Kit (RDK) based set-top, advanced back-office systems and CDNs – to drive a new wave of interactive video services including time-shift TV, multiscreen, HbbTV and OTT video services. The Espial G4 STB Client will provide an immersive, world-class viewing experience for Tele Columbus subscribers. It will blend advanced TV functionality, including linear and on-demand content, with OTT video into a single, consistent experience. Espial will also act as the Master Systems Integrator for Tele Columbus' next generation IP video platform.                                                                                                         
Tele Columbus has also chosen the Espial Media Services Platform (MSP), which is a field proven, cloud-based video service delivery system that allows operators to provision, manage and deliver next generation Pay TV services including Live TV, on-demand TV, Time Shift TV, Interactive and multiscreen TV applications. MSP is an open, flexible, multi-network platform that enables IPTV, OTT and hybrid TV services to any connected device, in the home or on the go.
"In collaboration with Espial, we are creating a market-leading IP video service which will surprise and delight our expanding base of subscribers and push Tele Columbus towards the top of the market," said Ronny Verhelst, CEO, Tele Columbus. "The Espial G4 STB Client, Espial Media Service Platform and the Espial Experience professional services team were selected based on their industry leading software and expertise in RDK and user experience.  We are determined to be among the most innovative European network operators."
"Tele Columbus is a visionary force among European network operators, and we are honored to be selected for their next generation platform," said Jaison Dolvane, CEO, Espial. "The Espial G4 and MSP solutions lead the market in delivering a world-class UX and are highly scalable. They will support our partner Tele Columbus' growth strategy and provide them with a flexible, open UX platform which can be customized for regional and demographic based market segments."
More information about Espial solutions and services is available at

ETL Systems launches new RF technologies for broadcasters ahead of IBC 2015
Developments to StingRay RF over Fibre and L-Band Switch Matrix ranges to be showcased alongside the new Piranha LNB power supply unit
Upgraded StingRay RF over Fibre, on display at IBC
Madley, UK. ETL Systems, a global designer and manufacturer of RF distribution equipment for satellite communications, today announced it has further enhanced its successful RF over Fibre range, StingRay.
The new developments – which will be on display at IBC 2015 in Amsterdam – include improved redundancy systems for reliability, IP65-rated, weatherproof outdoor units (ODU) and standalone component modules, ideal for applications that require a small number of links.
A new Flyaway Unit has also been added to the StingRay range, designed for rapid deployment of flyaway fibre links, making it ideal for Satellite News Gathering (SNG), outdoor or sporting broadcasts and other events where antennas are far away from other equipment.
“These are great additions to our StingRay RF over fibre range, which is the most compact unit of its kind, with built in reliability from dual redundant hot-swap power supplies and hot-swap transmit and receive fibre modules,” said Dr Esen Bayar, Technical Director at ETL Systems. “The StingRay inter-facility links have several advantages over traditional copper coax cables, such as lower loss to signal quality, lower risk of lightning strikes and improvements in transition distances.”
ETL’s new Piranha LNB Power Supply Units and new developments to the L-Band Enigma matrix range, which is used to improve live signal uplinks and downlinks within a teleport, are also being launched at the IBC Conference and Exhibition, which takes place at the RAI Amsterdam from Thursday, September 10 to Tuesday, September 15.
The Piranha is compact, expandable and customisable, offering customers the chance to tailor their energy consumption for specific applications.
New technologies designed in to the Enigma Matrix range include variable gain to balance signals and high linearity and low noise variants to deliver optimum performance. A passive model for high power applications has also been made available.
“Whether it is TVRO applications for playout centres or newsgathering and sports events which require rapid changing of occasional use services, ETL has a suitable product offering,” added Dr Bayar.
For further information about ETL Systems, please visit

We've Moved! At this year's IBC, the Evertz booth will be located in Hall 3. Come see us at our new location 3.C20 on September 11-15 at the RAI in Amsterdam.
Our Innovative Solutions
Evertz will be showcasing a wide range of innovative technologies at this year's IBC. The focus will be on it's industry leading Software Defined Video Networking (SDVN) solution. With a number of large global installations, Evertz is the leader in the IP revolution. As part of Evertz' IP strategy, other innovative technologies include: DreamCatcher, IP-based Replay system and advanced workflow tools; OvertureRT VM, IP-based integrated playout; and MVIP-II, the next generation IP-based multi-viewer.

Extreme Reality is the only software based solution that enables ANY device with a webcam; STB, Streaming box, smartphone, tablet or PC  to instantly analyze a person's movement in 3D, bringing motion technology to life.
At IBC we will showcase a new Android motion package to enable device manufacturers and service providers to enhance their customers experience through unique motion controlled games.
I thought you may be interested in stopping by their booth to experience a variety of interactive demos.
If you visit booth #3.A29f/Hall 3, the Extreme Reality executive team can walk you through a motion-enabled demo of your choice. You’ll be able to choose from a selection of adventure, fitness, Wellness, kids and education games for Android Devices.

In addition to receiving an interactive demo, the Extreme team can discuss the following:
• How Extreme Reality’s technology can be easily integrated into Smart TV’s, Streaming boxes, STB, Smartphones and Tablets
• How Consumer electronics manufacturers can customize mini motion games to increase brand awareness and enhance user experiences.
• How their software solution can be easily integrated into existing game portfolios or UI control.
• The available motion packages for Android

G-Technology is announcing four new products in its Evolution Series, which include its modular, interchangeable editing systems; high performance RAID solutions; and interchangeable FW/USB adapters. Designed for the ever-changing creative process, the evolution series is flexible, reliable and cross-functional to meet the needs of all creatives.
HGST will also be showcasing its Active Archive System – a fully integrated, turnkey, S3-compliant, 4.7PB  scale-out object storage system that rivals the scale and TCO of traditional cloud infrastructure. HGST’s Active Archive system targets large production houses and studios that need massive petabyte scale to store and archive the explosive growth of high resolution files such as 4K/6K/8K movies, TV, commercials and production files. Delivering best $/TB, Five 9s of reliability and fast access to data, HGST Active Archive System gives M&E IT departments the freedom to focus on their business, not their infrastructure. Essentially, making archived media discoverable and available whenever it’s needed, streaming virtually any video – from any year – quickly.

General Dynamics Mediaware Demonstrates Advances in Ad Insertion and Localization Solutions at IBC 2015
General Dynamics Mediaware, experts in compressed domain digital television technologies, today announced plans to showcase their HEVC ready, industry-leading ad insertion platform at IBC Show 2015, taking place September 11th -15th at the RAI, Amsterdam.
At IBC 2015, Mediaware will be demonstrating its HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) 4K UltraHD InStream Splice - a unified end-to-end play-out and ad insertion solution capable of frame accurately splicing at all resolutions up to Ultra HD 4K, thereby reducing the operational costs involved in the launch of new and localized HEVC services.
InStream, the next generation ad insertion platform, pushes the envelope of what broadcasters can achieve when rapidly deploying additional localized channels. InStream can be used with any combination of resolutions, across the spectrum of satellite, terrestrial, cable and IP television.
Demonstrations on stand 5.A26 will also include the regional debut of the Mediaware Technology Matrix. Matrix enables operators to unite Mediaware’s real-time stream processing technologies in a modular, scalable chassis to deliver high quality video over ASI and IP.

GreenPeak Technologies, the leading RF communication semiconductor company, will be demonstrating the latest developments in Smart Home applications including home monitoring, energy management, climate control, smart lights, family lifestyle etc.

HighPoint to Showcase Thunderbolt™ and SAS Tower RAID Storage Solutions at IBC 2015 – Hall 8, Stand 8.A68
Milpitas, CA –HighPoint Technologies, Inc. will be attending this year’s IBC Tradeshow at the Amsterdam RAI, Netherlands, from September 11 through the 15th, in Hall 8, stand number 8.A68. We will be showcasing our new line of RocketStor Tower RAID Storage Enclosure solutions for Thunderbolt™ and Mini-SAS/SFF-8088 connectivity.
HighPoint was founded in 1995. For the past 20 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves towards the design, manufacture and deployment of quality RAID HBA’s and RAID Storage Solutions. Our devoted team of experienced hardware and software engineers bring years of Storage RAID technology expertise to SAS, SATA, Thunderbolt™ and USB storage and connectivity applications. We specialize in performance oriented product design and continuously work to improve our products based on direct feedback from our valued customers.
The Industry’s Most Affordable Thunderbolt™ 2 Hardware RAID Class Storage Solutions
The RocketStor 631xA series Tower RAID Enclosure solutions come fully loaded with a complete RAID feature set, superior performance, and the rock-solid reliability of Hardware RAID storage, without an enterprise price tag. Each stylish, brushed aluminum chassis integrate our industry proven hardware RAID architecture, dual 20Gbps Thunderbolt™ 2 ports, and up to eight removable hot-swap bays , which support any 2.5” or 3.5” Enterprise /NAS class SATA / SAS Hard Drive or SSD, and up to 64TB of total Storage Capacity in Hardware RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 and JBOD configurations.
The RocketStor 6414 series 4-Bay Tower RAID Storage Enclosures support up to 32TB of SAS or SATA storage, are powered by our industry proven Hardware and Value RAID technology and feature simple, fast and secure Mini-SAS connectivity. RocketStor 6414x RAID Storage Towers are available for nearly any application and platform; from high-performance video editing workstations, to portable media acquisition and data backup/archiving solutions.
HighPoint manufactures an extensive line of Hybrid Storage Solutions which allow customers to utilize RAID configurations and LTO Tape devices from a single adapter. Our unique Hybrid Storage architecture been validated with a variety of leading LTO Tape Applications such as TOLIS Group’s BRU PR, Archiware P5, and Imagine Product’s PreRoll Post and LTFS. We offer 3 types of Hybrid RAID Solutions: Thunderbolt 2 Hardware RAID, SAS Hardware RAID and SAS Value RAID.

Huawei’s Video Aggregation Platform comes to Europe following successful launch in Middle East and China
 [Brussels] Huawei announced on 8 September that its Video Aggregation service, offering the latest regional and international video content and applications from all over the world, will be launched in Europe before the end of this year.
This follows a successful roll-out of the technology in the Middle East and China, where the telco-partnered OTT (Over-The-Top) service is already being streamed by 8 million TV users, keen to watch their favourite Bollywood, Hollywood, Arabic and Chinese movies and series on any device.
 “To test market reaction in Europe, we are planning to launch the service phase by phase,” explained Dr. Yiming Cao, Vice-President of Carrier Software at Huawei. “In an initial stage, we will focus on OTT Video, the app being available in IoS and Android smartphones, offering excellent experiences to meet European users’ needs.”
The service will include:
Rich content: up to 20 000 hours of high-quality movies and series;
    Best video experience and features: friendly UXD (User Experience Design), instant loading time (less than 2 seconds) and dynamic adaptive streaming of 300K to 4M bits/s;
    Stable and advanced platform support: cloud-computing technologies based on open platforms.
The app will become available in 2016 on Android set-top-boxes, allowing a multi-screen sharing experience with home TVs, although it will be possible to watch Smart Video Cloud offerings everywhere, at home or on the go, on smartphones, tablets or TVs.
Video will not be the only offer to European users. Huawei also plans to introduce games to the market from its partners in 2016. “We are aware that a large number of European users are also keen to play games on TV, since a bigger screen can definitely enable a better experience, especially during action or strategy games,” said Dr. Cao. “The fact is most mobile games on Google Play currently can’t fit onto a TV screen. Thanks to advanced technology, Huawei is introducing a new tool that can convert most mobile games to fit a variety of TV screens with only minor development efforts from game vendors. We are also making it possible to play the game on the TV via a smartphone.”
The video service will reach end users via either Huawei’s distribution channel or those of the telcos partnering with Huawei. A Smart Video Cloud Europe centre has been set up in the UK dedicated to the building of a European digital video eco-system with the cooperation of telcos and Huawei’s local and global partners.
This localised business operation will help European telcos and other Huawei partners develop video services that enable them to compete globally. Huawei brings a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding how to build and operate local video eco-systems and help telcos and partners generate revenue securely and in a transparent manner. Huawei, through global partner agreements, represents the best channel for distributing local digital content globally.
The video application partner alliance is part of Huawei’s inTouch global partner alliance. Huawei aims to aggregate more and more of our partners’ digital services and contents, including digital music and mobile games, on the video platform. Huawei inTouch has so far aggregated over 2 000 partners with over 200 000 high-quality items of digital content. It paid partners revenue worth $25 million in 2014. Content includes digital music, mobile games, videos, API openness, traffic monetisation, and B2B Cloud and M2M activity.
We would be delighted to meet potential partners at our booth (Hall 4, C70) at IBC2015 or via

I-MOVIX and Polecam Deliver A New Way to Use Ultra Slow Motion
Mons, Belgium 24 August,  2015 I-MOVIX and Polecam have collaborated on the development of a new product of the class-leading X10 ultra slow motion range. Already in use by Logo2 Producciones for behind-the-goal action at top Spanish football matches, the system is based on a lightweight configuration of the I-MOVIX X10 system optimised for use with Polecam cranes for portability, speed, and flexibility in situations where the camera needs to be closer to the action.
Featuring an I-MOVIX X10 Spine with the compact Vision Research Phantom Miro 320S high-speed camera, the system operates at frame rates up to 1,500 FPS in 1920x1080 resolution (and up to 3,000 FPS in 1280x720) with instant replay, and offers the major operational advances provided by the X10 technology, while the Miro 320S camera itself can be used for additional non-broadcast shooting.
“As shown by Logo2 Producciones in its advanced productions under the direction of Victor Santamaria, for matches like El Clássico between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, I-MOVIX ultra slow motion combined with the freedom of movement of Polecam cranes delivers an unbeatable sense of intimacy and insight into the action,” said Steffan Hewitt, Director Polecam Ltd
“Using I-MOVIX X10 Spine with Polecam cranes offers production teams a superb complement to our fixed camera and RF solutions,” said Laurent Renard, CEO of I-MOVIX. “It’s another extension of creativity for directors and camera operators, and one more step towards making ultra slow motion a ubiquitous tool in sports coverage.”

Latest Imagen Enterprise Video Platform Offers Enhanced Api, Editing Capabilities And Improved Streaming
Cambridge, UK – Imagen Ltd (formerly Cambridge Imaging Systems) will present the latest version of its award-winning Imagen Enterprise Video Platform on Stand 7.F39 at IBC 2015, which includes key new features including a new API module to extend user engagement, a segmentation tool to enable simple editing of long form content, and even greater protection for users’ valuable assets.
Imagen’s new enhanced API provides managed access to Imagen’s backend, enabling third party developers full access to media, records and services. This means Imagen system owners can now extend the functionality of their media archive by integrating with third party services and even develop their own apps for mobiles and tablets.
Segmentation is a powerful tool that gives curators granular control over the way long form content can be broken down, managed and accessed as a new set of media files – without any need to edit the file before ingest. Administrators now have the ability to edit long form content – a process which generates new child records from the parent, each with its own editable metadata record and access controls. It requires no technical expertise, as simple controls in the ImagenWeb interface allow users to set in and out points on the time line. Each EDL (edit decision list) then automatically generates a series of new video records.
Imagen 3.6 also offers enhanced integration with third party storage vendors. The improved integration with Microsoft Azure’s cloud-based ‘Blob Storage’ facilities provides cost savings and improved delivery speed when streaming from Azure’s cloud storage. In addition, enhanced integration with BlackPearl storage from SpectraLogic represents best in class media management and preservation with low storage costs, high resilience and reliability.
Tom Blake, Managing Director, Imagen Ltd, said, “Imagen Enterprise Video Platform is designed to enable content owners to get the most from their assets in a simple, scalable and secure way. We’re pleased to present the new enhancements in this latest version that provide significant cost and time savings as well as enhanced integration with leading vendors.”

Development never stops – certainly not for the North German developers of FinalDCP: They have now integrated IMF for multiple distribution and broadcasting channels. The file exchange has never been so easy and smooth as with the quality app from ‘Innovative Pixel’. The extended properties can be seen ‘live’ at booth 7.E30 in hall 7, when partnering up with the Berlin-based FinalDCP distributor ‘MWA Nova’ at IBC's annual Conference and Exhibition in Amsterdam from Sept., 11th to 15th 2015.
The benefits of IMF are pretty obvious: You get a single, interchangeable master file format, it does incorporate automated packaging & delivery. It will also minimize storage and simplify post production transcodes. To achieve this the IMF will store one master set of file-based elements – to be assembled for any downstream distribution using multiple Composition Play Lists, similar to what is used in Digital Cinema Packaging (DCP).
‘Innovative Pixel’-CEO and developer Timm-Martin Baier explains: “IMF facilitates the generation of multiple outputs of the same composition – through instructions contained in an ‘output profile list’. This then accommodates the specific needs of distribution channels and is, of course, quite desirable since these compositions are performed across multiple devices and service providers.”
A standard IMF should eventually lower production costs, clearly improve the time-to-market ratio and, of course, generally increase interoperability of existing production processes and needs. These obvious advantages are now all part of FinalDCP’s functions and make this innovative German application an even more versatile tool for filmmakers and production companies alike.
To make FinalDCP more widely accessable, the price will lowered for a short period by 20 per cent during the time of IBC – and is not only on offer to new customers by also to all users of the trials versions – which are available at ‘Innovative Pixel’’s website.

Faster Video Transcoding and Transition to HEVC and 4K
Today, Intel announced Intel® Media Server Studio 2016, a family of software products that includes Intel® Video Pro Analyzer and Intel® Stress Bitstreams and Encoder. Created for media and cloud developers as well as video professionals and broadcasters, these products help them create solutions that deliver faster video downloads and high-quality streaming video. Intel Media Server Studio 2016 enables real-time 4K HEVC video encoding on select Intel® Xeon® E5 processors and delivers a large improvement in streaming density for Xeon E5, E3, and Intel® Core™ i7 platforms, of up to 1.5 times faster and 10 percent better visual quality than the 2015 version. The tools support the BT.2020 color gamut on Ultra HD TVs, providing viewers a TV color palette that more accurately resembles real life. Developers can also build robust video coding solutions and deeply analyze and debug HEVC, VP9, AVC and MPEG-2 video streams. Intel Video Pro Analyzer 2016 and Intel Stress Bitstreams and Encoder 2016 will be available on Sept.14, and Intel Media Server Studio 2016 editions will launch in the coming weeks. See the Intel Media Server Studio products in action at IBC in Amsterdam, September 11-15, in Hall 4, booth #B72.

Interra Systems to Showcase QC, Monitoring and Analysis Solutions at IBC 2015
Baton 6.2 with Enhanced Audio/Video Checks; Workflow QC Capabilities and Data Analysis; Orion Support for Linux Among New Feature Highlights
Cupertino, CA – Interra Systems, a leading global provider of software products and solutions to the digital media industry, will demonstrate the latest version of its products for quality control, real-time monitoring and video analysis at IBC 2015.
The product demonstrations will include Baton, the winner of the 2015 NAB Best of Show Award and the market’s leading automated file-based QC system with new features, such as audio language detection, new video checks including analog noise, option for EBU codes for test plan checks, enhanced conformance checks for Apple ProRes video. The update also includes usability enhancements in smart folders, test plan management etc. Baton Content Corrector and Baton Media Player have also been updated with powerful new features to offer robust and seamless QC.
Baton 6.x is a major revamp with many new features including additional subtitling and closed caption format support, enhanced 4K and HEVC support, better visual checking, multi-language support for QC reports, cloud storage, and multi-severity quality checks, a feature that is unique to Baton. The product offers an expanded Baton integration support with third-party technology partners and extended new smart folder functionality.
The Baton+ product for workflow QC capabilities and data analysis, which has seen many deployments across customer sites since its release earlier this year, will also be showcased. The updates include refined search features, additional graphical visualizations, smart folder based statistics, top-level comparison of Baton systems, improved metadata statistics, and the capability of drilling down graphs to look into the specific details of an error.
Also on display will be Interra Systems’ Orion, the only virtualization-ready live monitoring platform, that collects and examines QoS (Quality of Service) and QoE (Quality of Experience) analytics on HEVC and 4K content. Orion is now available on Linux offering a powerful and economical monitoring solution that does not require any specialized Network Interface Card (NIC) support.  Orion’s Central Manager enables enterprise-wide aggregated live monitoring status of multiple Orion probes with a map based view, and feeds/services comparison across multiple points in the network for quick problem detection and resolution.
Interra Systems will demonstrate the full Vega product suite: Vega HEVC, Vega H264, Vega VP9, the Vega Transport Stream Analyzer and AVSync. The Vega product suite allows users to gauge the compression efficiency of encoders as well as pinpoint any errors they may produce when encoding.
Interra Systems has an aggressive roadmap and superior after-sales support, along with the widest integrations with all major tools in the broadcast workflow. 

Intuitive Aerial, the leading provider of professional and innovative UAV and remote camera systems for high-end cinema and broadcast applications, will come to IBC2015 to showcase its latest generation of products.
In partners’ booths and in the brand new IBC Drone Zone you can experience the full product line-up:
AERIGON, a professional remote piloted aerial camera platform with the power and precision required for UHD camera capture, and a payload capacity that allows it to be used with virtually any modern production camera.
NEWTON, the brand new lightweight gyro-stabilized head, made to stabilize cameras and perform steady shots whilst in motion on a variety of devices, such as wirecam systems, cranes and vehicles.
DOMINION, the recently launched sophisticated multi-function controller that provides wireless high-precision remote control of both AERIGON and NEWTON, as well as the camera and lens.

stand 14.H07
Our flexible software platform gives you everything you need to rapidly launch cost-effective OTT or Hybrid services in one seamless, custom branded user interface (UI).  In addition to a range of IP services, Inview also offer Broadcast Push-VOD, Catch-up TV, Advertising and PVR solutions.
Inview's lightweight solution can be used to upgrade existing deployed set-top boxes with new software and services.  To date, Inview has upgraded over 10 million products with a high quality UI that enhances the user experience, provides revenue generating services, promotes the customer’s brand and creates a unified look and feel across all platforms.

Jünger Audio is holding a press conference at IBC 2015 to highlight new Audio Monitoring and Authoring Tools for Immersive 3D Audio.
As the market leader in loudness control and audio processing for the broadcast industry, Jünger Audio is tackling Immersive 3D Audio head on by creating tools that allow broadcasters and content producers to check the quality of their immersive audio programmes, comply with existing loudness regulations and deliver high quality, natural sound.
Jünger Audio's CEO Peter Poers will introduce the new tools, which operate with all emerging immersive 3D audio encoding formats. Robert Bleidt, General Manager of Fraunhofer USA Digital Media Technologies, will also be present to explain the link between Jünger Audio's technology and the MPEG-H TV Audio System.
The press conference will take place at 16.00 on Saturday September 12th 2015 at Jünger Audio's IBC 2015 booth – 10.A49.
We do hope you can join us for this informative event. Refreshments will be served.

Klotz Communications shows Broadcast Productivity Suite at IBC
Klotz Communications shows its new Broadcast Productivity Suite – which currently includes 17 different software apps – at IBC
Munich, 7th of September 2015: The apps were created to drastically enhance efficiencies and improve workflow of radio operations. The Broadcast Productivity Suite also supports the increasing demand to share content between terrestrial and satellite radio transmissions, internet radio and television programs, and allows to produce audio content and video streams using the same control consoles.
These apps can be combined in any way and run seamlessly on TCP/IP networks, Klotz Communications and Klotz VADIS Fiber optic networks and on Dante®-based Audio-over-IP networks.
Also on display at IBC 2015 is the new mr2 console network specially developed for small and mid-size radio stations. Using the Broadcast Productivity Suite software, 2 consoles are connected within an audio and control network and share sources, outputs and signal processing engines. Both consoles can be operated fully separated in two independent set ups, can be configured as redundant consoles, or as a combination of both. This unique technology allows users to install two studios for the cost of one traditional on-air studio. Multiple mr2 consoles can be combined to cater for larger radio stations. mr2 consoles integrate all common audio interfaces as well as Dante® audio-over-IP cards.
The TouchStone console, which found a lot of interest at many exhibitions during 2015 is shown for the first time with an integrated video control unit, which allows to control and switch video streams in combination with on-air audio production using the same touchscreen device. Real faders and rotary knobs overcome the handling problems of normal touch-screens and make the TouchStone the ideal tool for internet-radio stations, video post-production bays and journalist work stations.
Meet us at IBC to get all the insight on our new concepts, products and service offerings and experience hands on what the buzz is all about.
Please visit us at hall 7 booth F07.

(Stand D47)
Linear Acoustic will be introducing its new AERO.10 DTV Audio Processor at this year's exhibition. Providing the same high quality processing consumers expect for the AERO series, such as being equipped with a processing engine identical to those in the established AERO.100/1000/2000 products, the AERO.10 comes at a significantly lower price point for cost-sensitive applications. The AERO.10 features an audio processor supporting up to ten channels of PCM audio via AES, SDI, or stereo analog I/O, AEROMAX® loudness and dynamics control, UPMAX II® automatic upmixing and downmixing algorithms, along with ITU and EBU compliant loudness metering and logging. In addition to the AERO.10, Linear Acoustic will also be unveiling a range of new audio monitoring and loudness solutions at this year's show that are sure to further cement its reputation as an industry leader.

Linear Acoustic to Announce also Next Addition to The Telos Alliance Family
Saturday, September 12, 2015, 11:00 a.m. - IBC Stand 8.D47
Please join Tim Carroll, Linear Acoustic founder and Telos Alliance CTO, as he announces a new technology partnership for Linear Acoustic.
Refreshments will be served.

Hall 2, Stand C27
Action-packed news, sport, entertainment and corporate footage – Livewire Digital helps broadcasters speed the delivery of live footage over satellite and bonded cellular modems.
Action-packed news, sport, entertainment and corporate footage is top of the agenda on stand C27, Hall 2, where Livewire Digital will be showcasing new versions of its M-Link Live X and M-Link NewsCaster portable HD and SD newsgathering solutions for deployment by a single reporter. Designed to support live video over IP circuits such as 3G/4G, Inmarsat’s BGAN and other portable satellite systems such as Ka-band/VSAT and Thuraya-IP, M-Link Live-X now comes with integrated RazorLink™ technology enabling users to transmit high quality low latency video over bonded links such as multiple cellular modems. RazorLink™ technology benefits both live and file based workflows, offering exceptional resilience and outperforming some competitive products by a factor of three or more, offering low latency high quality video and ensuring file delivery is as fast and reliable as possible.
Also making its debut on the Livewire stand is the ‘commercial release’ of NetCaster® designed to allow groups of untrained personnel to contribute to a broadcast or streamed shows from an iPhone or iPad. Key developments since it was previewed include event management and workflow functionality for full integration and contribution of both file based media (video files, audio file, photographs) as well as live footage over low bandwidth links using RazorLink™ technology.
Live event and crew management staff are invited to view Livewire’s new CrewLink intercom system for crews working on outside events, in a broadcast truck or studio, which comes complete with 2 push-to-talk hard wired handsets and a wireless iPhone app.


LiveU Launches “Solo”, Delivering its Best-in-Class Streaming Solution to the Online Media Market

LiveU, one of the leaders of the IP revolution in the media space, is bringing its broadcasting expertise to the online media market, by launching its new ‘Plug and Play’ Solo live streaming bonding solution at market price.

Designed to fit seamlessly with web streaming workflows, LiveU Solo connects automatically to Wowza Streaming Cloud™, a cloud streaming service offered by Wowza Media Systems™, as well as other popular CDNs, OVPs and YouTube Live. Solo can be managed and controlled remotely via a web interface or smartphone.

LiveU Solo offers the best-in-class cloud streaming solution based on LiveU’s field-proven bonding technology, 10 industry patents, and integral LRT™ (LiveU Reliable Transport™) protocol. Optimized for video performance, Solo delivers the rock-solid video streams LiveU is known for by using LRT’s integral adaptive bit rate and forward error correction technology.

On the transmission side, and as part of the overall streaming solution, this small, easy-to-use encoder is available in a single channel streaming configuration or with premium full bonding capabilities. The solution will be offered via LiveU’s new online store*.

 “LiveU Solo is a cost-effective and seamless way to send contribution video over the internet to Wowza Streaming Cloud,” said David Stubenvoll, CEO and co-founder of Wowza Media Systems. “We are happy to collaborate with LiveU to help bring an integrated ‘glass to glass’ live streaming solution that delivers the highest possible quality and reliability to anyone, anywhere.”

Samuel Wasserman, LiveU’s CEO, said, “In discussions with our customers, we saw a growing need for a professional-grade live video product for the online media market. LiveU Solo is set to create a new standard in the web streaming space. Our goal is to offer a simple integrated solution to sports and other vertical markets, which is much more powerful. Now, everyone can start streaming at an affordable price.”

Wasserman continued, “Working in close collaboration with Wowza, LiveU Solo is aimed at any live online media production looking to improve their viewers’ experience.”

LiveU owns the patent for cellular bonding used today for remote news gathering in the US and in other countries. All LiveU products are based on this fourth-generation patented technology.

*The store will first be available to US customers only.

LumaCon is a new test instrument for cinematographic optics from Luma Tech.
Utilizing a proprietary target-sensor and software, LumaCon uses the "peak contrast" principle to pinpoint optimum back focus and focus distance scale settings of lenses. The image of a knife-edge reference object is used to generate performance curves. The software then does the interpretation, automatically locating the point of peak image quality.
Applications include general maintenance and repair of motion picture optics, as well as indepth analysis and comparison of optical resolution and assembly quality. It is the most powerful instrument for optical quality assessment ever offered at such an affordable price-point.
One of the design goals was to develop a system which is invaluable to trained optical engineers as well as maintenance personnel. The software-controlled solution removes vagueness from the job of judging back-focus and other routine tasks, but does not totally remove human judgement from more advanced testing.
Also on display at IBC is the Luma Tech’s next step in Illumina S35 investment protection. We show production models of the new Anamorphic adapters that can be used in combination with all existing Illumina S35 lenses that are already in the market.
This fast (T1.9) anamorphic adapter has got a squeeze factor of 1.3x. This squeeze factor is specifically designed to make a 2.39:1 image fit a 16:9 sensor.
With this extension of our lens-range Luma Tech is only one of view manufactorers that offers a Super 16, Super 35 and anamorphic solution.
More info at

Massive to Showcase Power of New Server-Side User Interface Platform
Massive Interactive, Inc. (OTCQB: HUGE) a premium multi-platform user interface and server-side integration environment expert has announced that its newest multiscreen entertainment platform, Massive AXIS, will be showcased at IBC Content Everywhere in Amsterdam 11 - 15 September 2015.
Massive AXIS is a scalable multiscreen application management and user interface configuration platform that delivers feature rich video applications to the world’s growing smart TV, game console, mobile, tablet, desktop and responsive web audiences. Its tools curate and configure video application content and presentation across the widest available range of devices, enabling customers to continually optimise their multiscreen video offering once launched.
Featuring premium off-the-shelf applications as standard, Massive AXIS also has the flexibility to easily accommodate bespoke applications, and its modular feature set complements and integrates seamlessly with existing partner technologies.
Designed to integrate with all online video platforms and provide by the minute centralised control of multiscreen user interfaces, it makes light work of even the most complex subscription and transactional video entertainment environments.
"Bringing Massive AXIS to market at IBC represents the culmination of six years intensive R&D dedicated to solving the most pressing UI challenges faced by operator customers around the world,” said Massive Interactive CEO, Ron Downey. “As a server-side UI management and orchestration environment, Massive AXIS offers unprecedented integration and interoperability possibilities between the UI/App layer and the OVPs - as well as with a range of other pre-integrated third party vendors. In the current binary world of server/client and OVP/App Builder, Massive AXIS bridges the gap to enable the creation and management of apps where they should be created and managed – on the server side. As a result, Massive AXIS ensures greater ROI by increasing speed to market and guaranteeing vast app scalability for our clients' VOD and OTT offerings as they roll out new services to demanding audiences at an accelerated pace - and in an increasingly competitive environment.”
Max Ramsay CTO, Massive Interactive said, “With the OTT industry expected to grow to $20 billion in the coming years, broadcasters and operators need solutions that enable immediate and ongoing flexibility. The ability to change customer facing content and UI by the minute without having to approach a vendor for expensive and often slow change requests is critical. Our platform offers a deep technical integration into business systems and gives our clients the tools to manipulate application structures and presentation at any time. This ability to instantly respond to analytics, segment audiences and make sure the right consumer offers are available is sure to rapidly create differentiated products and drive revenue in what is an increasingly competitive and crowded marketplace.”
Massive already supports a wide range of existing customers including Deutsche Telekom, Channel 5, Bell Media and Sony Pictures Television.
Dominic De Lorenzo, Director of Product Strategy, Massive Interactive Inc. will present Massive AXIS from 14:00 - 14:20 on Friday 11 September 2015 at the Content Everywhere Hub during IBC2015. Massive AXIS will also be showcased at the Massive stand in Hall 14, on Stand K17.
More information:

Mediaware Presents Matrix For The First Time In Europe
CANBERRA, Australia – General Dynamics Mediaware, experts in compressed domain digital television technologies, will showcase its Matrix integrated technology package for the first time at IBC 2015.
Designed for broadcasters using compressed video for satellite, terrestrial, cable and IP television, Matrix allows operators to flexibly configure Mediaware stream processing technologies, including its InStream Delay and InFuze logo insertion software, in the form of modules operating within a consolidated technology platform.
Current Matrix modules include time delay, real-time logo insertion and audio loudness control. All modules can operate on single program transport stream (SPTS) and statistically multiplexed services in multi-program transport stream (MPTS) for ASI and IP.
In addition, Matrix’s unique transport stream processing mode modifies transport stream packets without the need to re-multiplex, negating the need for highly complex stream reconstruction, simplifying implementation and considerable cost savings.
“This type of graphics, branding, and playout technology package is relatively new for the industry,” commented Mr Garrick Simeon, Managing Director of General Dynamics Mediaware.
“While common in the hardware space, integrating software in this manner is a new trend. Matrix recognises that broadcast systems are constantly evolving and our software needs to be flexible to accommodate customers changing requirements. Matrix has been designed to adapt to the needs of operators by offering a consolidated platform for our stream processing technologies in the form of pluggable modules. It can be easily adapted and modules used can be scaled up or down to meet demand, much like the familiar hardware based modular chassis of old.”
Visitors to the stand (5.A26), will be able to see full demonstrations of Matrix along with its HEVC ready, industry leading ad insertion platform, InStream.

MetraWeather is landing in Hall 14, Booth 14.C06 at IBC 2015 in RAI Amsterdam, to help media executives discover how to build reputable weather brands and audience connection through newsroom curation of weather content.
The driver behind MetraWeather’s presentations at IBC 2015 is Weatherscape XT, a specialist multimedia weather graphics platform, currently used by leading TV and news brands (including the BBC) in Europe, SE Asia and Australia.
MetraWeather is backed by the scientific and meteorological expertise of parent company MetService, a National Weather Service certified to provide public safety and aviation weather guidance.
MetraWeather believes the keys to customers building a credible weather brand in Weatherscape XT include:
- a science-based positioning using the best possible data sources and meteorological modelling
- building audience understanding of weather dynamics through compelling graphical representations
- placing editorial control in the heart of the newsroom so they can respond to events and tailor content for their audiences
- publishing highly-engaging content to the platforms their audiences prefer – TV, online, mobile and social platforms
- presenting weather in engaging contexts that are perceived to be meaningful and valuable
Scott Barber, Business Development Manager, Media Products – EMEA says, “The see-saw pattern of atmospheric fluctuations and increases in extreme weather events worldwide means audiences deserve an accurate, clear-eyed, scientific view of what’s happening in their world, day-in and day-out.”
“They want credible, highly-accurate weather guidance delivered on their preferred platform,” says Barber. “This is especially true in a big El Nino event like 2015.”
MetraWeather research shows that audiences view their weather forecasts on multiple occasions throughout the day and evening. Weather guidance is an important consideration in their apparel choices, entertainment decisions, travel plans and family rendezvous. However, research also shows that a single poor forecast experience can drive consumers onto alternative weather news and forecasts.
“Whether commuting, attending sports events and festivals, shopping, planning a family BBQ or seeking a holiday in the sun, weather is a constant factor in the screens that audiences repeatedly view.
“Weather generates enormous opportunities for smart, savvy media companies and agencies to extend their reach and campaigns into their audience’s hands and attract new advertisers and sponsors. What other consumer conduit generates repeat visits from diverse audiences every hour of every day?” says Barber.
At IBC 2015 MetraWeather will be presenting the Weatherscape XT roadmap along with the first release of its next generation product—Weatherscape XT Black Edition—and assisting newsrooms discover how the new features in the next and upcoming releases of Weatherscape XT, allow media companies to:
build the reputation of their weather brands with highly accurate, science-based graphics quickly curate and update real-time weather news and publish to multimedia platformsleverage the user interface in the newsroom for greater collaboration, editorial flexibility, ease-of- use and tailored content geared to audience preferences create customised content faster and with lower capital investment than comparative news content grow audience engagement and monetise multimedia opportunities by creating avenues for advertisers and sponsors to design compelling campaigns across multiple platforms.
MetraWeather’s science partner and parent company, Meteorological Service of New Zealand Ltd (MetService) is a broadcaster in their own name and produce up to 20 weather shows daily. They have created one of New Zealand’s highest ranking websites, launched more than five weather apps for mobile devices, and delivered multimedia campaigns and social engagements that are generating significant revenue streams and audience loyalty.
This experience gained at the conjunction of science, media, and technology means MetraWeather has the knowledge to assist media companies seeking to monetise their weather content. Many of MetraWeather’s media clients also have significant public safety obligations. The science-based support of MetService is vital to understanding what is required to produce accurate, responsible communications and alerts for audiences about the impacts of extreme weather events.
To discover how Weatherscape XT can help build your weather brand and give your newsroom greater control, please schedule an appointment to meet the MetraWeather Weatherscape XT team at IBC 2015.

(Stand D30)
Miller Camera Fluid Heads (Europe) LTD., a leader in the production of innovating camera support solutions, will be debuting its Cineline 2090 Tripod System to the European market. The complete tripod system includes a new HD Mitchell Base 1-Stage Alloy Tripod and HD Alloy Ground Spreader to complement the robust Cineline 70 Fluid Head. This new system provides cinematographers with the stability, plus smooth and consistent pan and tilts that are a must, while offering additional portability all at an aggressive price point. In addition, Miller will be unveiling the Compass 23 Fluid Head, an affordable entry model into the 100mm ball leveling range to the global market. The new Compass 23 is designed for use with medium size large sensor cameras, to provide users with the portability, rigidity and professional features they seek in a lightweight system.

At IBC Mobile Viewpoint will showcase the New WMT Agile R-265. The R-265 is able to do HEVC encoding and provides an average bandwidth saving of 25-30%.
The Agile R-265 is available in the well known ruggedized casing and will deliver next to H.265 also H.264 High profile. The Agile R-265 will become available in October this year providing SDI and HDMI input, 8 modems, LAN and USB for extra peripherals. The system is small enough to fit between camera body and battery pack, or can be carried in a small backpack. Its aluminum design makes it extremely sturdy and will survive drops of more than 2 meters without problems. All this while still offering up to 8 4G modems, HD-SDI/CVBS/HDMI input, a LAN connection, satellite/KA-sat/BGAN support and 32GB of removable storage for recording video locally, ready for editing.

Next-generation transcoding servers at IBC 2015
At this year's IBC trade show, Motama will introduce its next-generation transcoding servers for live content. The CodecCaster product line supports MPEG-2, AVC/H.264 or HEVC/H.265 formats with direct export of DVB compliant UDP multicast streams and Internet/OTT protocols. The software-based solution offers a rich set of features and full flexibility together with unmatched density of up to 18 HD streams per 1 RU.
In addition, the latest version of CodecCaster allows for automatically generating time-based or EPG-based media archives from incoming live streams, which can be used for time-shifted TV or Video-on-Demand applications.
RelayCaster is Motama's solution for contributing and distributing live feeds by relying on cost-effective public Internet links. The RelayCaster product line now offers AES encryption and decryption for securing the transmission to remote data centers. RelayCaster is also the first Motama product to offer the completely new, responsive web interface.

NOA Introduces FrameLector Pico for Entry-Level Video Archiving Ingest
Vienna, Austria —  NOA has scheduled an IBC launch (booth 8.D91) for FrameLector Pico, an entry-level ingest system for high quality video archiving.
Packaging the features and quality of NOA’s high-end FrameLector software with VTRi hardware for the connection and control of video replayers, and PicoService, a lightweight administration engine handling local tasks and workflows, FrameLector Pico is supplied on a suitably-configured PC for out-of-the-box operational readiness.
Substantially reducing the cost of entry into premium quality video archiving, FrameLector Pico offers a single channel or two parallel channels of ingest in a compact installation, and can be extended with NOA’s full JobDB workflow software for intensive 24/7 operation.
“FrameLector Pico gets video archivists running immediately with a solution that doesn’t require a lot of network, IT or SQL knowledge to set up, but doesn’t compromise on quality,” said Christophe Kummer, NOA’s CEO. “The underlying technology – from the full FrameLector product – means that users can set up and use this cost-effective package at very short notice, confident that they will get outstanding results.”
The advanced FrameLector technology included in FrameLector Pico allow operators to establish very efficient workflows, thanks to features such as built in ISR reporting and RF logging with scene detection. The high degree of automated QC monitoring reduces the requirement for visual checking and intervention during digitization.
FrameLector Pico is ready for immediate shipment from September 2015.

IBC sees Norwia Showcase a Host of New IP and SDI Production Solutions
Norwia AS, the leading supplier of next generation optical distribution products, today announces it will launch a plethora of new products at IBC 2015. Visitors to the Norwia stand (Hall 10, Stand A12) will see innovative new optical video transport and production solutions enabling IP and SDI production.
“We really do have innovative new solutions to meet almost all production challenges, from controlling long distance optical fiber ring networks to exciting pocket sized optical equipment that fully replace much larger pieces of equipment,” said Tracey Ford, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Norwia. “We’re increasingly seeing productions needing to adopt hybrid IP and SDI architectures and visitors to our IBC booth will see that we are the number 1 provider of solutions that make this hybrid approach cost-effective, easy to set-up and manage for flawless video delivery.”
A stand highlight will include a full demonstration of hybrid remote production via IP and SDI over a fiber ring network including Norwia’s enhanced RCON ring management software.
Other new solutions launched at IBC include:
· Optical Change-over switch, OX-20-2XX: Full optical band, very low optical attenuation, Optical sense version for auto fail over and control via web and GPI contact closure.
· Short Haul optical system: Lower cost rack based system for short haul optical applications, keeping all the feature of the miniHUB flexible system.
· 10Gb Optical transponder: Integrate 10Gb optical signals with CWDM-based mixed signal types via 1 fiber.
· 1Gb Electrical Ethernet module: Lower cost module for converting Electrical 1Gb signals for point-to-point or CWDM-based fiber systems.
· 12G-SDI/4K module: Transport of single link SDI to optical fiber or integration with CWDM based optical systems.
· JPEG2000 encoder and decoder: Codec for SDI to JPEG2000 and JPEG2000 to SDI for optical based transport.
· MADI audio mux/demux: Introducing the MADIson product, Analogue Audio to MADI optical encoders/decoders. 16 inputs + 16 outputs to MADI single mode fibers (2).
· fusionTM10Gb Broadcast Ethernet switch: IP transport via patented packet/circuit switching core that gives the best of both network worlds with 100% QoS.
·  HubBox compact optical convertors: Pocket size optical convertors built to the same high quality standards as much larger units. Enables productions to use the miniHUB rack system as the core and the HubBox for external transport.
· 4ch CWDM multiplexer: Build small and cost-effective multiplexed systems and transport solutions for 4K dual or Quad link SDI circuits.
· 4 x 1 auto-patcher for preselecting sources transported over fiber networks.
If you would like to see Norwia’s innovative SDI and IP transport solutions make sure you visit the Norwia booth at IBC (Hall 10, Stand A12 – Amsterdam, 11-15 September 2015).

Omnitek Shortlisted in the IABM Design & Innovation Awards
Basingstoke, UK – 17th August 2015 – Omnitek, the leading Test and Measurement equipment manufacturer and IP consultancy, is delighted to announce today that it has been shortlisted for a prestigious IABM Design & Innovation Award, in the ‘Test, Quality Control and Monitoring’ category. The IABM Design & Innovation Awards celebrate new solutions that offer significant benefits or new opportunities to the broadcast and media industry. The winners of the awards will be announced at IBC 2015 on 12th September 2015.
Omnitek’s shortlisted solution is its Ultra 4K Tool Box, which was created to help address the challenges faced in the UHD-1 workflow: connectivity, data division and data integrity. The Ultra is a small, portable test and measurement platform that helps to debug high-speed physical layer issues and pixel ordering complexities whilst supporting the array of different interconnect standards to ensure all bases are covered now and in the future – ultimately enabling faster-to-market 4K product design.
Omnitek’s VP of Business Development, David Ackroyd comments, “To be shortlisted for such a respected industry award is fantastic. It is a great testament to the hard working team at Omnitek, who strive every day to be at the cutting edge of test and measurement, enabling manufacturers to develop their products with quality and efficiency. I look forward to attending the awards at IBC 2015.”

ONAIR MEDYA COMMUNICATION is an exhibitor at IBC2015 International Broadcast Exhibition in Amsterdam and we would like to invite you to visit our stand (Hall 8, Stand:E44) to discuss the latest technology in the field of FM Transmitters and Antenna Systems. You will have a chance to see how we reduced the cost of the transmitters using the latest technology.
Our slogan at IBC2015 “Technology decreases the cost of the transmitters. Don’t insist to buy the old technology, BUY NEW TECHNOLOGY, PAY LESS!”
We will also demonstrate our public warning system via RDS in FM transmitters. If you have a local or national FM Radio station, you should come and see how we warn the people during any disaster or how we use this system for additional revenue sending text messages to LED sliding pannels.

Paywizard shows how subscriber management is the key to unlocking profits
Paywizard will be showing visitors to IBC how they can put the subscriber at the centre of the TV experience and profit from pay-TV
London – Paywizard, the specialist in subscriber management for pay-TV, will be showing operators how subscriber management is the key to reducing churn and unlocking profits at this year’s IBC Show. Having recently announced its funding, the appointment of a new Chairman and a deal with NetRange, visitors to the Paywizard stand (14.G14) will see how the company is putting the subscriber back at the heart of the TV experience and helping service providers to drive profitability.
“2015 has been a pivotal year for Paywizard and we are thrilled to be coming to IBC to show operators around the world why subscriber management is so important,” said Jonathan Guthrie, CEO, Paywizard. “One of the biggest challenges addressed by proactive subscriber management is its ability to reduce churn and by placing the subscriber at the heart of the TV experience, operators can increase subscriber acquisition and retention, and in turn, profit from pay-TV.”
During the show Guthrie will be participating in the IBC Content Everywhere panel session ‘OTT sans Frontiers’, taking place on Saturday 12 September at 15:30. In this session Guthrie will provide insights into some of the challenges operators face when taking OTT services across borders, including cultural, technical, commercial and regulatory issues.
“We understand that pay-TV operators need to overcome a range of challenges when delivering multiscreen TV services – and along with delivering video across screens, creating personalised TV experiences and effectively managing marketing initiatives, reducing churn is a major hurdle to overcome. But reducing churn by just a small percentage can have a huge impact on profitability. With our Agile platform, companies can successfully lower churn rates and achieve profitable growth, ensuring they prosper in an increasingly competitive market,” concluded Guthrie.
Paywizard’s Agile platform enables pay-TV operators and VOD providers to generate revenue opportunities and profitability throughout the entire pay-TV operation. It centralises data and actionable insights to drive marketing initiatives that attract new subscribers, increase customer lifetime value and ARPU while also decreasing churn.
In the run up to IBC Paywizard will be launching a white paper entitled “Subscriber management: The driving force behind pay-TV profitability”, that outlines what pay-TV operators and VOD providers can do to drive profitability throughout their operations.
Paywizard will be showcasing its Agile platform in Hall 14 on stand #14.G14.

Today Paywizard published its latest white paper, outlining how pay-TV operators can generate new revenue opportunities and increase profitability in the evolving and competitive TV market. The paper, entitled: ‘Subscriber Management: The Driving Force Behind Pay-TV Profitability ‘, shows operators how proactive subscriber management is key to increasing acquisitions, ARPU and reducing churn, and ultimately, boosting profitability.

The full Paywizard report is available for download here:

PerceptionTV Ltd. is a high growth media technology company providing leading edge multiscreen IPTV solutions to Telco’s, broadcasters, content owners and ISPs. The firm provides global sales, support and managed services of Perception, a white label on-net and OTT platform that delivers live streaming TV, catch up TV, video on demand and network PVR.  The demo version of Perception TV’s platform is fantastic to look at which they would be more than happy to give you a tour of.

An invitation to the PHABRIX stand Hall 10 B12 for our 11.00-11.30 Saturday 12th September 2015.
At this year’s IBC we will be featuring:
Qx launch – T&M for UHDTV1 and UHDTV2 on a brand new platform
The TAG - a cost effective handheld for multiple interface testing gets EDID
The SxE eye and jitter portable breaks through 5000 units world-wide
V9.3 advancements on our Rx rackmount platform with QC support
If you could spare 30 minutes to visit us in the on our stand Hall 10 B12 your company would be appreciated.
While you are with us why not pick up a special gift! A one of a kind for your support of PHABRIX.
 PHABRIX adds features across the range and introduces its new Qx at IBC 2015 Hall 10 B12
See you at IBC HALL10 B12 11.00 - 11.30

Endemol Beyond USA and Piksel Launch New Over-the-Top Platform: GetBeyond.US
NEW YORK, NY-- Piksel, a global leader in building successful digital video businesses, today announced its role in designing and developing an “Owned & Operated” (O&O) digital video platform for Endemol Beyond USA, the premium content network of Endemol Shine North America.
The new platform, www.GetBeyond.US launches today with an array of content from Endemol Beyond USA, including programing from its recently launched premium lifestyle network, ICON, which is creatively led by Michelle Phan.
It will soon add programing from Endemol Beyond USA’s upcoming gaming and sports network SMASHER and pop culture net LOOKSY. GetBeyond.US will also feature content from Endemol Beyond USA talent including Pitbull, Jessica Sanchez, Drea de Matteo, Andy Milonakis, Brittany Furlan and many more.
Adrian Sexton, Interim President & COO of Endemol Beyond USA commented: “On top of our wide distribution and reach across YouTube, Facebook and other partners, Piksel helps drive our business forward from a unified platform while also syndicating our content. With the roll-out of our premium networks – ICON and upcoming SMASHER and LOOKSY networks – GetBeyond.US streamlines our consumer experience with strong branding, promotion and distribution.”
Kevin Joyce, Chief Strategy Officer at Piksel commented: “Endemol Beyond USA’s decision accelerates their premium content network strategy, consolidates their programing, and allows them to reclaim their revenue streams. This move by Endemol Beyond USA opens the door to deeper branding of content, increased fan engagement through the accumulation and analysis of data, and ultimately, their content will reach more consumers and devices at a faster rate.”
The partnership provides Endemol Beyond USA greater control over its distribution, allowing it to develop a direct relationship with viewers and advertisers, while setting new standards for user experience. Using Piksel’s analytics capabilities, Endemol Beyond USA will be able to continuously monitor and tailor the user experience, dramatically increasing personalization in the way the content is delivered.
Endemol Beyond USA is part of the Endemol Shine Group’s global premium content network Endemol Beyond, which delivers over 1.8 billion monthly YouTube views over its global network.  As a Premium Content Network, Endemol Beyond USA content is currently available across more than 20 platforms, including YouTube, Roku, TiVo, DailyMotion, Amazon Fire TV and Vessel.
Consuming content online has surged in popularity, especially among younger audiences, giving rise to a new world of digital video series and personalities.
By taking advantage of Piksel’s cloud-based video platform and viewer-centric understanding of broadcast and broadband video solutions, Endemol Beyond can deliver more content to more devices anywhere in the world, while retaining control of its content across multiple digital platforms. Endemol Beyond USA will be supported by Piksel’s Live Streaming and Monitoring Center.

Liberty Global and Piksel bring Horizon Go to Tenth Affiliate
Piksel enables UPC Slovakia to offers its content on a range of new devices outside of the home including smartphones, tablets and PCs.
UPC Slovakia forms the tenth Liberty Global affiliate to offer Horizon Go functionality
Piksel extends the OESP (Orion Enterprise Service Platform) that underpins Liberty Global’s Horizon Go app.

Additional advantages of the recently rebranded Horizon Go include:
·      Content streamlined into a single app (combining previous Horizon TV Remote and Horizon TV   apps)
·      Improved navigation and search functions;
·      Personal TV guide with individualised channel order and sorting
·      Ability to watch TV programmes and films on up to three mobile devices simultaneously (depending on country-specific content rights).

Porta-Brace Introduces a First-Of-Its-Kind Product with the New Audio Tactical Vest
The Porta-Brace ATV is a truly unique product! The innovative vest combines both an audio harness and audio bag in to one cohesive military-style tactical vest.  Its lightweight and streamlined design provides the user with unparalleled stability. The vest grips the body, providing great support and weight distribution. This allows the user to move much more rapidly and freely whilst in the field.
The Porta-Brace ATV is custom-fit for particular mixers such as the Sound Devices 633 and 688, the Zaxcom Maxx, and the Zoom F8 (coming soon). The use of these powerful mixers combined with dual wireless systems create lightweight and compact rigs capable of recording multiple tracks on the run. This Audio Tactical Vest is the perfect option for any ENG or fast-paced reality and documentary mixer.
Porta-Brace Now Has More Than 50 Products with Off-Road Wheels.
With its new lineup of wheeled cases, Porta-Brace introduces a wide range of wheeled cases from backpacks, to c-stand cases, to RIG cases for carrying fully-assembled camera rigs.  Proudly using 1000-denier Cordura® material and other high-quality materials, Porta-Brace now offers more wheeled protective case solutions than any other industry manufacturer.
The Porta-Brace off-road wheel systems come complete with durable, solid-steel axles and solid rubber tires with off-road tire treads.  The wheels have ball bearings for an ultra-smooth rolling feel.  The wheels are able to roll over almost any surface.
About Porta-Brace
Founded in 1972 at the inception of field video recording, Porta-Brace has been carefully crafting carrying equipment for professional film and video crews ever since.  Earlier this year, Porta-Brace moved its main production facility in order to achieve manufacturing efficiencies necessary to keep up with the growing global demand for Porta-Brace products.  Porta-Brace has official resellers in over 60 countries and their cases are used by independent professionals, major networks such as NBC, CBS and the BBC, as well as government and military agencies around the world.  Porta-Brace has two production facilities in Bennington and St. Johnsbury, Vermont.  More information about Porta-Brace can be found at

Join us in Amsterdam at IBC 2015 (Stand 7.D21) where Primestream will release FORK™ v5.5, the latest version of its acclaimed software platform for asset management and automation.
The release includes updates to both FORK Production Suite and Playout, with advancements to MXF, high-density I/O and 4K workflows – as well as various third-party integrations. FORK offers seamless workflows for I/O, logging, proxy editing, control room playout, master control playout, publishing to social media and archiving.
Want to know more about FORK v5.5? Read the press release here:

(Stand A26)
Pronology, a developer of cutting-edge tapeless workflow solutions, is delighted to debut its new Location Intelligence feature at IBC 2015, the latest advancement for its flagship media asset management (MAM) system. Location Intelligence is ideal for editors and producers, as it determines whether content required is available immediately or needs to be transferred. This ensures the most efficient use of bandwidth and storage resources. The new update advances Pronology's complete asset management platform to accommodate a larger base of users and workflows.

Pufferfish Set To Transform The Visual Display Landscape At Ibc
· 360° visual content is a natural 'fit' for PufferSphere as LiveSphere™  content is displayed in Future Zone area
· With 360° content production becoming a more important and prevalent part of the industry, there needs to be a method of effectively viewing and assessing these outputs other than on virtual reality headsets. This is what makes the PufferSphere an interesting tool.
Edinburgh, Scotland: Pufferfish Ltd, creators of the world’s first commercially available interactive spherical display, will use its presence at IBC 2015 to showcase the surge of interest by broadcasters in 360° video broadcasting on its PufferSphere M600 display located in the Future Zone at IBC.
In the Future Zone, Pufferfish has teamed up with three leading-edge visual display content providers to highlight the scope of 360° video broadcasting technology - ATEME, the global leader in advanced video compression solutions for the broadcasting industry, Headcase VR a 360° virtual reality content studio and the renowned Californian director of photography Andrew Shulkind, who has collaborated with Headcase VR to design their 360° camera rig.
Seen as the ‘ultimate viewing platform for the 360° creator’, Andrew Shulkind and Headcase VR have been impressed with the power of the display as a tool to review their 360° content:
“Whether it be for viewing, presenting, instructing, quality control, mastering or previsualizing, the process of creating content in 360˚ requires a comprehensive understanding of the spherical perspective.  In the live action 360˚VR space, we spend our time conceiving, preparing and shooting an inside-out perspective to give the viewer a completely immersive experience no matter where they turn their head.  In the creation process, having an outside-in perspective allows us to collaborate in a very high level way with creatives who may not have a history with 360˚ capture.  It helps us verify our stitch, check our lens overlap, and importantly demonstrate the spherical nature of what we’re doing for agencies, clients, directors and producers in ways not possible with other monitoring options.  And we’ve tried them all, from setting up monitors in a circle to tiling a display on a 65+” monitor, none of these hackneyed monitoring practices give as complete, as clean or as professional a shared viewing experience as the PufferSphere.”
Within the Future Zone, visitors will get the chance to review content from Headcase VR as well as the chance to interact with ATEME’s LiveSphere™, a revolutionary 360° video broadcast solution designed for live entertainment, sporting events and reality TV shows.
This platform fully highlights ways of integrating video compression techniques to make viewer engagement more immersive and interactive, complete with enriched content.
Geoff Kell, MD of Pufferfish comments: "Many industry observers believe that total 360° broadcasting is shaping up as one of the key advancements in an industry that continually re-invents and evolves. This LiveSphere demonstration will use a PufferSphere M600 display to highlight just how we and our three associates overcame the complexities and challenges of advanced video compression technology that gives 360° broadcasting a foothold in tomorrow's world.
“This is such an exciting medium to be working in and when delegates to IBC see our demonstration, I'm confident those involved in the broadcasting industry will see how this takes video content broadcasting to an entirely different level."
As IBC will clearly demonstrate, the professional production industry is increasingly exploring the power of 360° media. Whether this be filming in 360° for on-line platforms or virtual reality displays like Oculus, or showcasing the quality and quantity of footage they generate at live events, there are many senses in which the traditional viewing platforms fall short.
As well as two displays in the Future Zone, Pufferfish has a spherical presence on the Scottish Development International (SDI) stand (9.B30a) where visitors can scroll through a carousel of videos on the sphere.
Founded in 2008, Pufferfish is the world’s leading provider of spherical projection displays. With a focus on quality and simplicity, it offers the widest range of display solutions with spheres ranging from the 60cm diameter display showcased at IBC through to visually stunning 3.5m diameter inflatable displays.
From large-scale live production to intimate events, experiential branding to innovative advertising, world renowned museums to independent visitor attractions and research to education, Pufferfish continually looks for opportunities to introduce more people to a different way of thinking about the use of publicly-displayed content.
A truly global business, Pufferfish are proud to have delivered over 140 successful projects to clients in 25 countries over the past three years.
Geoff Kell sums up: "IBC is designed to attract the very best in electronic media and entertainment and we see this as a fantastic platform for our PufferSphere M600 display. People are very intrigued by this concept and it’s very much a 'talking point' wherever we have it on show. Visitors coming onto the SDI stand or to the Future Zone will be amazed and delighted of its capability as a world class interactive physical spherical display solution that commands attention and interest."

Quantenna Announces World’s First 802.11ac 10G Wave 3 Wi-Fi Product Line
World’s Fastest 10Gbps Family for Wi-Fi Access Points Features True 8x8™ and MIMO for 5GHz and 2.4GHz to Manage High-Density Wireless Networks
FREMONT, Calif. – IBC2015 – Quantenna Communications, the leader in ultra-high performance Wi-Fi, today announced the availability of the industry’s first 10G Wave 3 Wi-Fi product family. The products are built on Quantenna’s True 8x8™ QSR10G Wi-Fi platform with multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) technology for home wireless access points and residential gateways. Quantenna’s up-to-12-streams 10G Wave 3 product family delivers unprecedented Wi-Fi performance, reliability and capacity for high-density environments, and can address both the service provider and retail market segments.
10G Wave 3 is a revolutionary new way for Wi-Fi networks to operate. As Wi-Fi usage continues to explode, 10G Wave 3 provides the flexibility and scalability to meet the growing demand for Wi-Fi capacity.  Quantenna is the first and only company implementing 10G Wave 3 to support speeds up to 10Gbps. This milestone speed benchmark for Wi-Fi is attained by combining the industry’s first True 8x8™ MIMO configuration for 5GHz networks with a 4x4 MIMO configuration on 2.4GHz networks for a combined 12-stream configuration.
Quantenna’s 10G Wave 3 platform delivers the maximum capacity within the minimum spectrum so that more streams can be simultaneously transmitted with improved range and reliability.  This means that 802.11 Wi-Fi access points or gateways using Quantenna’s 10G Wave 3 product family can support more clients, each running more efficiently for such demanding applications as real-time video, OTT video, voice, IoT and other services.   Even single-user MIMO (SU-MIMO), 1x1 and 2x2 client performance is vastly improved, ensuring that the millions of currently shipping mainstream smart phones, tablets and notebook PCs will also benefit from an improved Wi-Fi experience.
According to ABI Research, over 1.5 billion products with 802.11ac will ship worldwide by the end of 2015. “Shipments of devices which support the 802.11ac standard grew significantly in 2014 and 2015," said ABI Research Director Philip Solis. "Rising demand for home access points that can manage and support the dozens of Wi-Fi devices is generating an immense opportunity for leading component suppliers, such as Quantenna, who are early to market with innovative solutions.”
The QSR10G Wave 3 product family also supports a unique adaptive MIMO architecture. This enables 10G Wave 3 access points to maximize overall network performance, delivering the best possible capacity across all client devices. This is important as the mix of legacy and new client devices are changing, as end consumers adopt more devices with 802.11ac.
 “In Wi-Fi access points more antennas are always better, but 10G Wave 3 is not just about 8x8 MU-MIMO and faster speeds. It’s about making better use of network and airtime efficiency to support the growing number of connected devices, services and applications,” said Dr. Sam Heidari, Quantenna CEO. “After pioneering the Wi-Fi industry with 4x4 MIMO, we’ve gained a deep understanding of real-world channel behavior in crowded environments. These insights  have led to the creation of 10G Wave 3 and the world’s first 8x8 MIMO, which are poised to revolutionize the Wi-Fi experience.”
In addition, 10G Wave 3 allows access points to support up to four simultaneous Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO) clients per group. This means more total system capacity and aggregate
throughput can be supported - a trend that continues unabated, as the number of clients increases per household over time. More consumers will experience the fastest, most reliable video streaming experience, faster downloads and uploads, and better performance even at extremely long distances, in challenging high-density Wi-Fi home environments and outdoor applications like Wi-Fi hotspots.
Key Wave 3 Features and Benefits
        Integrated AP chipset for dual-band (5GHz and 2.4GHz), dual concurrent operation and management
        160MHz channel support for 5GHz networks. When combined with 8x8 MIMO configuration, this offers 4x the capacity of 80MHz 4x4 MIMO networks
        Unique adaptive MIMO configuration
        Up to 1024 QAM modulation for 2.4GHz and 5GHz transmissions
        Supports rich set of interfaces to external hosts such as PCIe Gen3/Gen2, RXAUI, RGMII, and others.

Irvine, CA — RED Digital Cinema is returning to IBC in Amsterdam from September 11th – 15th, 2015. Located at Stand 11.C70, RED will be highlighting the performance and versatility of the entire 6K RED DRAGON® sensor family. Displaying SCARLET DRAGON®, RED EPIC® DRAGON, and the recently introduced WEAPON® cameras at the booth, RED will be highlighting how each camera easily integrates into any shooter’s workflow.
Announced during NAB this year, WEAPON is RED’s smallest and most lightweight camera BRAIN® ever. Constructed with feature enhancements that include simultaneous REDCODE® RAW and Apple ProRes recording capabilities, built-in 1D and 3D LUT support, cable-free intuitive peripherals, and integrated mountings—WEAPON is the solution for any production environment.
Also on display will be RED's systemized broadcast solution. Enabled for today’s high-definition studio and broadcast applications, RED’s broadcast capabilities extend to tomorrow’s 4K market by enabling shooters to simultaneously stream live in 4K while recording 6K REDCODE RAW.
Live demonstrations will be conducted throughout the event to showcase RED’s intuitive workflow—including the REDCINE-X post-production process, Adobe Creative Cloud and Final Cut Pro X editing, as well as Avid and the Filmlight Systems BaseLight color grading system. Booth visitors will also be able to learn about RED’s tethering workflow onsite.
RED cameras will be featured in over 11 partner booths throughout IBC, including the first-ever 8K Carbon Fiber Forged WEAPON being shown at Carl Zeiss AG’s booth, Stand 11.F50. Additionally, RED integrators—including foolcontrol, OffHollywood, KipperTie, and—will be providing live demonstrations of their products at Stand 11.A77.

IPA 200 – Audio Over IP Link: broadcast has never been so easy!
Try our IPA 200 – Audio Over IP Link, suitable for the following applications:
• Point to Point Links
• Bidirectional Links
• Point to Multipoint Connections
• Audio Distribution for P.A.
• Audio Over IP Distribution
Fully compatible with Icecast/Shoutcast Server both in TX and RX; Working with Opus Codec; Remote Control through WEB page and IOS/Android app.
Come at our booth 8.B23 @ IBC 2015 to discover the unlimited applications of IPA 200.

R&S storage solutions offer maximum availability
At IBC, Rohde & Schwarz DVS will put special emphasis on the topic of high availability, which is critical in broadcast workflows. Furthermore, customers in the fields of broadcast and post production will enjoy several advantages, including benefiting from the systems’ high data-throughput rate.
Hanover, September 3, 2015 – At booth 7.E25, IBC visitors will experience, among other things, how they can enjoy greater reliability in their broadcast workflows by employing Rohde & Schwarz DVS storage systems. Taking into serious consideration its customers’ demands for solutions where maximum availability is critical, Rohde & Schwarz DVS has further enhanced its storage solutions. Thanks to their redundant data-storage options and ability to eliminate downtimes, they are especially suited to 24/7 broadcast operations.
With the introduction of its new high-availability storage solution, which also offers immense performance, Rohde & Schwarz DVS is aiming its system for ingest and playout deployment in mission-critical broadcast workflows. The new high-availability feature eliminates downtime thus guaranteeing continuous operation coupled with maximum performance. Moreover, the storage systems offer online expansion of capacity and performance with uninterrupted operation.
Sina-Nastassija Gaus, Product Manager Storage Solutions at Rohde & Schwarz DVS: “We have concentrated on consistently enhancing our product portfolio to meet our customers’ demands for reliable and high-quality storage solutions for broadcast und post production. Especially in workflows, where ultra-reliable data storage is essential, our storage solutions offer added value.”
Visit Rohde & Schwarz DVS at IBC: booth 7.E25

SIXTY to Introduce Broadcast Graphics Package Designed for Ross Video’s XPression
BERGEN, Norway Today TV Experience company Sixty announces the delivery of its Broadcast Graphics Package to  Ross Video. Sixty’s Package has been designed for the Ross XPression line of real-time motion graphics systems, clip servers, workflow tools, and purpose-built software applications. The solutions will be showcased by Ross Video at IBC 2015 (Booth 9.C10).
“It’s an honor to be asked by Ross Video to provide them with a graphics package that demonstrates the cutting edge capabilities of their systems,” said Henriette S. Sæther CCO, Sixty. “When the Ross XPression team approached us to ask for modern European Broadcast Graphics design we knew it was a great opportunity to show the deep range of expertise that resides within our television design team.”
Sixty’s mission is to make TV look great and feel right, from linear TV Broadcast design to interactive end user experiences. The television design team’s deep knowledge of on-air graphics and broadcast design enables Sixty to deliver mission critical solutions to global broadcasters and developers like Ross Video’s XPression. The Broadcast Graphics Package to be showcased by Ross Video at IBC 2015 contains a full range of on-air graphics for News, Sports and Weather, demonstrating the new Transition Logic feature, as well as a complete Virtual studio.
“When looking for a partner with the ability to provide us with a clean, modern and edgy design for both on-air graphics and virtual studio set up we knew Sixty was the right company to approach,” said Jim Doyle, Director of Creative Services  at Ross Video. “Sixty, with its unique pool of talent, is a perfect partner for Ross Video in the highly competitive and continuously changing world of Television.”
The Ross Video XPression including Sixty’s Broadcast Graphics package will also be available to other broadcasters as an off-the-shelf broadcast package after IBC 2015.
Further information on SIXTY is available at or by phone at +47 97 60 22 36.
Further information on Ross Video is available at

Visual FX Veteran hails Rotolight NEO’s CineSFX feature as a groundbreaking production tool
IBC 2015: Hall 11, Stand G77: NEO™, the latest product from British LED manufacturer Rotolight (IBC Hall11, G77), is a revolutionary on-camera or location LED lighting fixture designed for the most demanding of professionals. Since its launch at NAB 2015, it has been hailed as the “next industry standard” by Simon Edwards of the Guild of Television Cameramen, honoured as a finalist for the IABM “Gamechanger” award, and won a “5 star highly recommended” plaudit from Pro Moviemaker magazine.
NEO™ includes several industry first features that set it apart from the field, notably amongst which is an arsenal of Cinematographic Special FX, (or ‘CineSFX’™), providing customisable creative visual lighting effects, for use on set or location (Strobe, Lightning, Fire, Cycle, Throb, Police & TV).
Visual FX Veteran Stefan Lange (James Bond ‘Spectre’, Batman, Notting Hill) was keen to put NEO’s CineSFX mode through its paces, and arranged a test shoot on set at the Sony Digital Motion Picture Centre at Pinewood Studios, with their latest 8K F65 camera.
“My background is in visual FX, I started off working on films like brazil and Killing Fields and my career went right through Batman, a couple of Tomb-raiders, Notting hill, Seven bond movies, its quite specialized work” said Lange.
“The CineSFX mode that’s built into the Rotolight NEO is an advantage to any production. It’s fast - it doesn't matter if it's a feature, a drama or a documentary, its always going to come out and fill that little bit of, and add that little effect. There isn’t a job I wouldn’t take it on.”
NEO’s CineSFX mode has enabled previously costly and time consuming production effects such as fire and lightning FX to be easily recreated, with precision and control, in a highly portable, battery powered LED light. Each effect is customizable, allowing control of the speed of the effect, peak levels and colour temperature, whilst “trigger” mode allows complex effects to be action ready at the click of the button.
“In the past if I needed a fire effect, I’ve got to get a hot lamp, and connect a flicker box with its moving levers and dials, trying to work out how to get the best settings, which takes time. On the NEO its fast and easy to use – its simply numeric, I know how I set that lamp and it works for me every time”
“Before NEO, I would need several lights and filters, to modify the quantity of the light, the colour of the light, and certain functions of the light I would need specialist boxes and electronics, but with NEO, it’s all built in within one unit, and it’s still small enough to fit in my pocket!”
NEO’s Bi-Colour LED system with AccuColour™ delivers exceptional colour rendering (CRI:95+), and fast, tunable colour on location thanks to the accurate colour temperature display (CCT). Powered by 6 x AA, AC, DC or D-Tap, NEO™ gives Industry leading performance (1077 Lux at 3 feet) whilst providing a gorgeous soft light source and Rotolight’s signature ‘Ring-Light’ Effect. Dual Controls for both dimming and colour make NEO™ a highly versatile solution for run-and-gun news shooters, filmmakers or still photographers.
“The Rotolight NEO is my new ‘go-to’ choice of lighting - a lamp I take on every production. There’s no other light that does so much in one unit. It’s small enough for tight spaces but powerful enough for a multitude of situations. With the built in CineSFX functions, it can replace otherwise time and budget consuming equipment and bring to the set sophisticated lighting effects which would often have been unaffordable. Cable-free, cool to the touch and light enough to easily hang or hold, the Rotolight NEO really speeds up lighting on-set or on location” said Lange.
Delivering powerful performance in a compact package, NEO™ can be a secret weapon wherever a key light, fill, extra kick or catch-light is needed. NEO™ includes a belt pouch, power supply and 4 piece Filter Pack including Diffusion, Skin Tone and Magenta.
The Rotolight NEO 3 light kit favoured by Stefan Lange, includes 3 NEO lighting fixtures, 22 filters (including diffusion, skin tone, magenta and colour FX), compact lighting stands, hot-shoe adapters, 360º ball head swivels, and power supplies, all of which fits into an injection-molded, impact-resistant waterproof flight case, which includes wheels and retractable handle, ideal for airline travel.
See the Rotolight NEO in action at IBC in Hall 11 Booth G.77 and is available to order now as a single light (£249ex) or 3 light Kit (£1082.50ex) now from

(Stand D89)
RTW will be unveiling its implementation of Continuous Loudness Correction (CLC) Software as both a plugin and standalone software at this year's IBC show. CLC Technology allows users to constantly adapt the level of audio they are working on, against a given program-loudness value, along with a definable loudness range in real-time with minimal obstacles. Also showing at IBC 2015 is RTW's new version 3.0 for its popular Masterclass plug-ins, Mastering Tools and Loudness Tools. With this new update, the software now adheres to SAWA and TASA cinema loudness standards and its window and instruments are modified to be freely scalable. Version 3.0 also comes with RTW's newly developed USB connect software, named TM3 USB Connect, which allows users to feed audio directly out of a DAW application via USB from any channel to a TM3-Primus hardware device. Also on display will be software updates for TouchMonitor TM7 and TM9.

RTW Celebrating 50 Years in the Industry at IBC 2015
Saturday, September 12, 2015, 5:00 p.m. - IBC Stand 8.D89
Please join the RTW team as they toast to this milestone, as well as announce new products and updates.
Champagne will be served.

Compact (or combined) FM Transmitters, Radio Links antennas-studio products made in Italy
We are pleased to welcome you to our stand at Hall 8, 8.A58, to present the current line of FM transmitters and amplifiers of the new GX series.
Together with the GSM remote telemetry system and Ethernet via SNMP protocol, we now introduce an easy-to-use and intuitive web-server interface that allows complete control from anywhere in the world through a PC or a mobile terminal (smartphone) without having to install any additional software.
The new web-server interface is available for the entire GX range, for single transmitters, 1 + 1 and N + 1 systems where it is not tolerable interruption of service.
Wide accessories line is dedicated to radio links, such as Automatic Mpx signal Changeovers and Multiplex Stereo Encoders (MSE16 and MSE19), available with or without built-in RDS generator, for the management of transmission sites served by a main signal and an alternative one from a different source or network. Also available are 1 + 1 Control systems for STL. The Rx version (COV21RX) with its added LNA and filter, also greatly enhance radio receiving in marginal conditions without increasing the power of the transmitter.

Skyline Communications presents the revolutionary 9.0 release of DataMiner at IBC 2015
Izegem, Belgium – Skyline Communications, global leader in end-to-end multi-vendor network management and OSS software solutions for the broadcast, satellite, cable, IPTV and mobile industries, showcases the revolutionary 9.0 release of its flagship DataMiner network management and OSS platform during IBC 2015 (Hall1, booth 1.A23).
Siloed network architectures are history. Instead, converged all-IP network technologies connect everything together. Sharing network resources is the natural evolution, increasingly making use of COTS IT hardware, SDN and virtualization of video functions and confidence monitoring probes. Business velocity and capex reduction are the driving forces behind this, and there is a clear expectation to lower operational expenses. But the fact is that managing those highly flexible networks becomes ever more challenging and sophisticated, so the cost to operate a network tends to go up instead of down. There is a clear need to reduce complexity, and that requires end-to-end visibility and control over the entire infrastructure and the services it carries, i.e. a single end-to-end network and service management system, rather than multiple isolated element management systems.
At IBC 2015, Skyline Communications will demonstrate how the innovative and groundbreaking DataMiner 9.0 release provides the solution for the lagging operational cost reduction. You will be able to see how DataMiner provides end-to-end visibility from the content source, across the network, all the way down to millions of CPE and in-home devices. DataMiner provides unified control, monitoring and workflow automation across all devices, data center infrastructure, cloud OS, virtualized software functions and CPE devices regardless of vendor or model.
“Consumers demand the highest possible QoE, not only on the main screen but also on mobile screens at home, or anywhere on the move,” said Ben Vandenberghe, CEO at Skyline Communications. “Continued innovations at the core of DataMiner enable operators to pull data from millions of CPE devices almost in real time, aggregate that data together with head end and network status, and use that information to perform true pro-active network maintenance.”
"DataMiner has been announced as 2015 CSI awards finalist for 'Best monitoring or network management solution'. And with the new 9.0 release, DataMiner will drastically change the NMS/OSS landscape, bringing a vast array of revolutionary features," said Steven Soenens, Product Marketing Director at Skyline Communications. “This is real innovation at work: DataMiner’s new and bullet-proof resource and session management across satellite, fiber and cloud infrastructures is essential to the operation of any modern network. DataMiner is unique in its kind, enabling the operator to set up end-to-end media workflows across any technology, from any vendor, ensuring the most effective use of any resource in the network at any time.”
Other innovations on display at IBC include: confidence monitoring using hardware- and software-defined monitoring probes, digital head end management for linear and OTT streaming, Master Control Room (MCR) management with single-click studio configuration, satellite earth station management including redundancy and geo-diversity, fiber MPLS and SDH network management, automated trouble ticketing (OSS), and much more.
DataMiner establishes itself again as the clear market leader, as the only platform that truly lowers operational cost, and offers the service velocity that broadcasters, operators and service providers need. No other system on the market manages the entire network from source to CPE, automates any workflow, and integrates network information in real time with OSS and BSS

See Tomorrow’s Smart Home Today As Skyworth Makes European Show Debut
What: Skyworth, The Fourth Largest manufacturer in the world and global provider of set-top boxes, has a number of briefings available to talk about the company’s latest developments and its latest advancements in enabling the digital Smart Home of the future.
WHY: During the briefing, Skyworth, a major player in nearly 100 countries, will outline its innovative ‘edge manufacturing’ approach, a B2B2C distribution model of the future, as well as other market-leading solutions Skyworth is actively delivering to its customers.
With its Smart Home ‘Vision’ demo, Skyworth will show delegates its answer to the “Internet of Everything” and how current digital trends such as UHD-TV, Home Automation and Mobile Integration can be successfully engineered and seamlessly integrated into daily life through Skyworth solutions and technologies.
WHO: Briefings will be held with Darrell Haber, VP Marketing and Strategic Alliances at Skyworth.
Skyworth is the world’s fourth largest manufacturer and provides set-top boxes in nearly 100 countries. It is a lead supplier to Tier 1 DTH and Cable Operators globally, the preferred partner for Government Analog Switch Off and an experience supplier of all major middleware solutions. 
WHEN: Darrell is available at various times between Friday, September 11 and Tuesday, September 15.
WHERE:    Stand 5.A31 in Hall 5 at the Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre.

Sony introduce la funzionalità di streaming live wireless
Giornalisti e professionisti dell’informazione possono ora trasmettere contenuti live in streaming direttamente dalla telecamera, attraverso una solida connessione predisposta per la trasmissione
Sony ha annunciato oggi una nuova funzionalità che consentirà a giornalisti e professionisti dell'informazione di trasmettere contenuti live in streaming direttamente dalla telecamera durante le riprese, accelerando radicalmente i workflow di produzione. Basandosi sulla tecnologia wireless di Sony, molti dei camcorder XDCAM[1] serie PXW ora potranno trasmettere contenuti live in streaming, mentre gli adattatori wireless[2] serie CBK di Sony saranno in grado di sbloccare lo streaming live su qualsiasi telecamera dotata di connessione SDI.
Segnando un importante passo avanti nella produzione ENG, questa tecnologia all'avanguardia consentirà di usufruire di tutta l'agilità, la flessibilità e l'efficienza ormai richieste nel mondo del broadcasting moderno, caratterizzato da un'elevata competitività, offrendo a organizzazioni di ogni dimensione una soluzione per lo streaming live estremamente conveniente. Gli adattatori wireless e i camcorder di Sony consentiranno la trasmissione in streaming da qualsiasi luogo direttamente alle stazioni broadcast o alle unità di produzione mobili attraverso la trasmissione 3G, 4G, LTE o WiFi alla Network RX Station PWS-100RX1.
La soluzione di streaming è totalmente supportata dalla tecnologia QoS (Quality of Service) di Sony, nata per impedire la perdita di pacchetti durante il processo di streaming, che può compromettere la qualità visiva, causare blocchi dell'immagine sullo schermo e provocare disturbi audio. Poiché l'affidabilità del segnale è assolutamente indispensabile per i workflow broadcast, questa tecnologia esclusiva è in grado di regolare in maniera intelligente larghezze di banda e buffering in modo da garantire uno streaming affidabile e di qualità elevata senza costringere gli utenti a regolare le impostazioni manualmente.
Inoltre, attraverso il caricamento automatico continuo, gli utenti potranno caricare i contenuti direttamente nelle soluzioni cloud, come Ci di Sony. Grazie alla completa automazione del processo, i cameraman potranno creare agevolmente copie di backup basate sul cloud di tutte le riprese. Inoltre, sarà possibile utilizzare per la preparazione delle riprese, la suite di strumenti di produzione Catalyst di Sony, inclusi revisione, logging e transcodifica, direttamente dalla telecamera prima del loro invio agli editor.
La tecnologia è stata sviluppata con la consulenza di una serie di cameraman ed emittenti di notiziari, come ITV News, che ha già testato con successo la nuova versione degli adattatori CBK-WA100.
“Grazie alla lunga collaborazione con emittenti e cameraman, abbiamo potuto sviluppare una soluzione in grado di risolvere i problemi che affliggono attualmente i professionisti dell'informazione” ha commentato Lucie Wendremaire, Product Marketing Manager di Sony Europe. “Il nostro contributo mira a rendere la produzione ENG il più efficiente e agile possibile; grazie a questa nuova funzionalità di streaming, giornalisti e professionisti dell'informazione potranno finalmente fare a meno di attrezzature pesanti e ingombranti. La tecnologia permette a un solo professionista di catturare gli eventi nel momento stesso in cui si verificano e realizzare riprese pronte per la trasmissione in soli 1,5 secondi.”
Questa nuOva funzionalità si colloca nel piano strategico di Sony, che punta allo sviluppo di soluzioni complete mirate a trasformare i workflow dei clienti e consentire loro di operare con la maggiore efficienza possibile.
Progettata per offrire semplicità di configurazione, la Network RX Station PWS-100RX1 è facilmente installabile nelle stazioni broadcast o nelle unità di produzione mobili per la ricezione delle trasmissioni in streaming live; il prezzo di listino è di € 7700. Il prezzo di listino per gli adattatori wireless CBK-WA100 e CBK-WA101 di Sony è di € 1300. La funzionalità di streaming live integrata sarà ora inclusa nei più recenti camcorder XDCAM di Sony, ad esempio nei modelli PXW-X180, PXW-X200 e PXW-X500.

(Stand B59)
Video Devices, presented by Sound Devices LLC, will be featuring its latest Video Devices PIX-E Series of camera-mounted recording field monitors at IBC. The PIX-E Series features a full suite of precision monitoring tools and is presently the world's most compact 4K recording monitor. Also on display will be the Sound Devices 688, which features 12-channels of MixAssist™, eight outputs, digital mixing and routing, 192-kHz sampling, audio delay on both inputs and outputs, PowerSafe™ and QuickBoot. The optional SL-6 powering and wireless system for the 688 will also be showcased. SL-6 dramatically streamlines linkage between the 688 and wireless by providing tighter integration for up to three dual-channel slot-in receivers.  When combined with SuperSlot-compatible receivers, the SL-6 offers wireless receiver control and monitoring direct from the 688 mixer, in addition to its power and antenna distribution.
Syrp Ltd –  NZ based company and Kickstarter success story officially launches new product into the camera accessory market at IBC 2015; Genie Mini.
Following on from their wildly successful product launch on which concluded earlier in 2012, Syrp Ltd; founders Ben Ryan and Chris Thomson have officially launched their new camera accessory device, the Genie Mini.
In April 2012 Chris Thomson and Ben Ryan set about launching a film equipment accessory used for motion control time-lapse + film-making on  The Genie is an affordable and straightforward device for combining motion control with image capture, capable of either panning or linear movement, commonly used for time-lapse photography and for real-time video shots.  Now almost 3 years later, Syrp have launched an App controlled miniature device designed to accommodate for a wider range of cameras for entry-level users including GoPros, all the way up to professional DSLRs and Mirror-less cameras.
Ben Ryan says “The launch of the original Genie has had huge success for professionals all around the world and because of It’s simplicity we had a lot of interest from customers who wanted to create these amazing shots but we’re on a budget”.
The Genie Mini is around ¼ of the size of the original version and is controlled using the Syrp Genie App available on iOS and Android and connected wirelessly via Bluetooth. The focus remains on the user and the App is designed with graphical movement displays and dials, which are easy to follow. In addition to the compatibility with entry-level cameras the Genie Mini can also be synced to the original Genie via a cable to create incredible 2-axis control for video and time-lapse a much sought-after feature from current Genie owners.
Mr Thomson says “The launch of the Genie Mini hits the prosumer and enthusiast markets but also has a lot of cross-over for professionals by providing them with not only an ultra portable panning controller but a professional add-on product to the current Genie release to create 2-axis motion control. The development of the Syrp Genie App is a huge stepping stone for us and allows us to implement simple setup and help screens with tutorials so we can really guide users through the time-lapse workflow.”
“We’re really excited about what’s in store for the future with the App and updates will include time-lapse image processing on smartphones the development of a pan tilt bracket to sync two Genie Minis together as well as an online user account platform for sharing presets and time-lapses.”
The Genie Mini is now available for pre-order at and has a MSRP of $249USD and will be available for Demo at IBC 2015 (#11.A71).

Tata Elxsi to showcase latest innovations in Broadcast, IoT and

Big Data Analytics at IBC 2015, Amsterdam

Tata Elxsi leads the IBC 2015 Conference session on IoT

Tata Elxsi, a global design and technology services leader in the Broadcast industry, today announced its participation in IBC 2015 and a preview of its latest innovations in Broadcast, IoT, and big-data analytics.

Tata Elxsi works with leading operators and broadcasters across the world, helping them strategize next generation quad-play services - right from architecture and development to testing, integration and deployment support. This includes next generation IMS/ DOCSIS implementations, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and new services around IoT, such as Smart Home and Healthcare, among others.

The IBC conference session, “New disruptors: The Internet of Things Revolution” on 9th September will feature Mr. M. Thangarajan, SVP - Broadcast Business, Tata Elxsi as the key speaker.

Highlighting the theme Mr. M Thangarajan said, “As operators are challenged for new revenue streams and increase in ARPU, the emergence of new intersections across vertical market segments creates interesting possibilities for new business and business models. IBC is a great platform to share key trends, innovation opportunities and experiences from Tata Elxsi”.

Tata Elxsi’s IBC showcase at Hall-3, A-48, RAI, Amsterdam will include:
·         Analytics: Big data analytics solutions for operators and broadcasters that go beyond insights, targeting real business problems such as opex reduction and customer experience improvement.
Prime suite for RDK: Integrated and ready-to-deploy framework for operators – This will also be featured at the Euro RDK conference where Tata Elxsi is the Official Sponsor.
·         OTT: Tata Elxsi’s OTT services helps customers launch multi-platform OTT services, supported by tools for content analytics, content discovery, ad integration and 24x7 monitoring support.
·         IoT: Tata Elxsi’s IoT platform for IoT and services help operators enter and address new vertical markets - driving new revenue streams and business models. This includes healthcare, smart homes and telematics.
·         FalconEyeTest Automation and QoE Monitoring: FalconEye provides industry-leading test automation and integrated QoE monitoring, allowing operators & broadcasters to improve test efficiencies and reduce development costs and time-to-market.
Tata Elxsi is a leading global design and technology services company and part of the $100B Tata group. Tata Elxsi helps customers to develop & deploy innovative services and applications that drive new revenue streams, deliver greater operational efficiency, and improve customer experience and service quality through quality assurance and test automation.
Tata Elxsi brings unparalleled product/ service development and deployment support experience with leading MSOs and Broadcasters across North America, Europe, LATAM, Africa and APAC, backed by over 25 years of engineering experience and a global delivery presence.

Technicolor and Elemental Technologies demonstrate world’s first live HDR broadcast delivery system
Los Angeles (California) – Technicolor (Euronext Paris: TCH; OTCQX: TCLRY) a worldwide technology leader in the media and entertainment sector, and Elemental Technologies, the leading supplier of software-defined video solutions for multiscreen content delivery, announced today they will demonstrate the world’s first broadcast delivery system of 4K UltraHD high dynamic range (HDR) video at IBC 2015 in Hall 13, Booth M5/M7.
The live demonstration, which is optimized for broadcasters and pay-tv networks, shows how distributors can upscale high frame rate, standard dynamic range (SDR) events, such as sports, into impactful HDR. In addition, Technicolor and Elemental will highlight compatibility between Technicolor’s single layer backward compatible HDR delivery system and the 4K/HEVC-ready Elemental Live video encoder to illustrate a cost-effective solution for encoding and delivery.
Intelligent Tone Management Software allows for uncompressed video conversion
Technicolor’s demonstration includes a new server-based version of its Intelligent Tone Management software that scales SDR source material into the vivid colors, rich contrast and heightened realism of HDR video.  This software, based on years of research by leading Hollywood colorists, allows a sports or live events operator to continue using their current SDR cameras, workflow, and infrastructure at a venue, but now enables them to upscale the entire broadcast to HDR.  To prove the power and flexibility of the Intelligent Tone Management solution, Technicolor is using uncompressed 4K video at 60 frames per second, to showcase how this new technology makes converting content to HDR seamless for operators.
 “The combination of HDR up conversion, 4K Ultra HD and high frame rate, and distribution of that signal through an entire compressed delivery chain is a world’s first and now Technicolor is showing that it can be done in real-time,” said Mark Turner, Vice President Partnership Relations and Business Development, Technicolor. “Traditionally, sports has always been the highest value content for pay-tv companies and broadcasters, and the one that has presented most challenges for next-generation video from a cost -benefit perspective – until now.”
Elemental and Technicolor partner for live encoding
Technicolor’s HDR delivery system allows for a single stream combining both HDR and SDR video, enabling distributors to simultaneously support SDR and the rapidly emerging audience of HDR screens. This backward compatible feature is essential to meet the bandwidth requirements for pay-tv operators and OTT distributors looking to migrate with confidence to an HDR world.  Technicolor is using its new 4K HDR set top box to decode and play live HDR video while simultaneously playing the same signal on a current generation 4K SDR decoder to demonstrate the directly backward compatible stream.
Technicolor’s backward compatibility feature, while built for MPEG-HEVC initially, is independent of video codec and EOTF and shows the company’s commitment to provide consumers with the amazing benefits of HDR -- with more content, on more devices on an accelerated timeframe.
 “HDR is important and the industry wants it sooner rather than later given its obvious visual appeal and potential to stimulate UHD device and service uptake,” said Mike Callahan, Senior Director of Solutions Marketing at Elemental Technologies. “Software-defined video solutions from Elemental give content programmers a key advantage: flexible, scalable HDR infrastructures that support live and VOD services and easily keep pace with rapid change. It’s a powerful complement to the Technicolor HDR workflow which provides features, such as backward compatibility, for simplifying workflows and reducing storage and delivery costs.”

Telemetrics will be featuring some new products such as the APTS, TG4M, RCCPO-1-LGS, RoboEye, and the new EP6M.

Introducing Telstra Broadcast Services
 AMSTERDAM – Telstra today announced the rebrand of recently acquired business, Globecast Australia, to Telstra Broadcast Services, unveiling the new brand at the International Broadcasting Conference (IBC) in Amsterdam.
The move cements Telstra’s commitment to providing deeper capabilities in media services for customers in the broadcasting industry. Telstra Broadcast Services offers its global customer base media delivery over satellite platforms, including direct to home satellite transmission and IPTV managed services; IP streaming and encoding; satellite monitoring and disaster recovery. It has also developed live point-of-view miniature camera technology which is used extensively at sporting events through its Globecam business.
Martijn Blanken, Group Managing Director, Telstra Global Enterprise and Services, said, “Telstra Broadcast Services, formerly known as Globecast Australia, has built an enviable reputation ensuring its customers can deliver the quality content their users expect, quickly and effectively. When coupled with our extensive investment in Ooyala, our partnership with Akamai and our growing portfolio of specialised media products,  our decision to rebrand and clearly define our media services division is a strong indication of the strategic importance of this industry to Telstra.”
Simon Farnsworth, now the Head of Telstra Broadcast Services, said, “The business name may have changed, but we remain focused on the exceptional delivery of content for our customers all over the world. As we continue to integrate with the wider Telstra team and take advantage of the many synergies across the business, we can offer our customers a broader range of bundled services, representing better value for their media investments.”
One of the first deals reached under the Telstra Broadcast Services name, has seen Network Ten renew a multi-year contract for its global content delivery via fibre.
Jason Tuendemann, Chief Technology Officer at Network Ten said, “Network Ten has entrusted the Globecast Australia team with delivery of its live, digital television for more than a decade across satellite and fibre.
 “In recent years, OTT via Globestream and the Globecam miniature cameras have added new dimensions to the service provision and indeed to Ten’s interaction with audiences across news, sport and entertainment.  Telstra is also a long-standing, trusted partner of Ten and we now look forward to working with the Telstra Broadcast Services team.”
This year will also see Telstra Broadcast Services increase its Globecam live, digital devices commitment for Network Ten’s broadcast of the KFC Big Bash League, with more games than ever before.
Telstra will be exhibiting and presenting at IBC until 15 September, you can visit the Telstra Broadcast Services team, and see a demo of the Globecam technology in action, at stand F37 in Hall 14.

Tell the Most Powerful Weather Story Across All Platforms - The Weather Company to Showcase Max Reality
Augmented Reality Offered to Broadcasters with Latest Addition to Max Ecosystem; Solution can be Experienced at IBC Booth 7.A15
ANDOVER, MA --  The Weather Company, through its professional division Weather Services International (WSI), will be showcasing Max Reality, the newest addition to the Max Ecosystem, at IBC2015. Max Reality is a dynamic augmented reality (AR) product that changes the way television stations show weather and traffic.
Max Reality creates unprecedented 3D images of storms and traffic events, visualizing weather and traffic data in a whole new way, helping broadcasters attract and hold viewers longer while providing an experience that cannot be matched on mobile devices. Max Reality’s 3D imagery is fully compatible with WSI’s interactive storytelling tool, Max Studio, enabling a station’s on-air talent to stay on camera and take viewers inside weather and traffic events. This allows for more engaging non-linear storytelling, especially during mornings that is proven to extend the time spent viewing by your audience. 
“The Max Ecosystem addresses the challenges of broadcasters in the digital age, providing a full integrated suite of tools to create the most compelling weather content,” said Bill Dow, general manager, media products and services, WSI. “Max Reality is the first product that provides a full augmented reality experience for stations without having to add staff or learn new systems. When viewers see the incredible images and storytelling that this technology allows, viewers will stay longer, particularly during the critical morning hours when they watch for weather and traffic updates.”
Along with Max Reality, WSI will be featuring other elements of the Max Ecosystem at IBC2015. This includes:
Max Sky - delivers detailed, hyper-local forecast visualizations that include precipitation and lightning animations via an enhanced version of WSI’s industry-leading forecast model RPM.
Max Traffic XD – a fully integrated traffic system featuring beautiful, engaging 3D buildings, roads and flows using realistic vehicle models and virtual cameras. This provides a highly realistic and unique traffic presentation.

TICO Alliance Moves Forward With SMPTE For Transporting UHD-4K Over IP And SDI, Adds New Members And Shows Live 4K Demos At IBC 2015.
The rapidly growing membership reflects the importance of TICO® lightweight compression to ease the move to 4K and IP within Broadcast Production facilities.
Amsterdam -- The TICO Alliance has announced that their standardization work is moving rapidly forward and that new companies are joining the group. IBC2015 will see more TICO implementations.
“The efforts done by the Alliance are increasing in importance and will help Broadcasters to fully benefit from a seamless, integrated and high-quality Ultra-HD Live production ecosystem from SDI to IP” observed Jean-Baptiste Lorent, manager of the Alliance. “The mission of the Alliance is to enhance live IP systems by increasing efficiency and reducing cost for both HD and 4K/UHD video thanks to the TICO lightweight compression technology. TICO enables 4K/UHD to be transported over the current 3G-SDI and the 10GbE IP-based infrastructures.”
Standardizing TICO accross the industry and guaranteeing interoperability
The recently created TICO Alliance is working on an open and collaborative way with industry organizations, including SMPTE, VSF, and JT-NM (Joint Task Force on Networked Media) and want to guarantee an interoperable adoption. intoPIX TICO compression and its mapping over 3G-SDI and over SMPTE2022 5/6/7 are in the process of becoming a registered disclosure document (RDD) through SMPTE.
The leading broadcast industry organizations want to create an easy path to move UHD over the existing SDI infrastructure and the IP Networks. TICO lightweight compression delivers unrivalled quality with an extremely low latency of few pixel lines running on low cost FPGA chips and being also fast in CPU for 4K or even 8K.
More companies joining the Alliance
The newest members of the TICO Alliance include Deltacast, EVS, Media Global Links and Tektronix.
Christian Dutilleux, CEO of Deltacast said: “Our customers can smoothly evolve from standard to standard, without changing their application. TICO is part of those new standards and is very appealing, especially because its ecosystem is defined for mix SDI and IP environments.”
Benoit Fevrier, CTO, EVS said: “With the steady transition to IP and the need to move 4K/UHD and even higher resolutions and frame rates in the future, precise compression is essential to next-generation video production and distribution. TICO is an important step in this evolution and we’re committed to developing the standard and to the larger IP-based live ecosystem.”
John Dale III, Director, Media Global Links said: " It looks like TICO Lightweight Compression could enable some compelling new solutions for managing UHD links within and outside the studio while providing a great balance between performance and cost."
Charlie Dunn, general manager, Video Product Line, Tektronix said: “By joining the TICO Alliance, we are continuing to demonstrate our leadership in enabling the transition to 4K/UHD and IP. TICO compression technology effectively balances quality, bit rate and latency to keep data rates for 4K content below 10G.”
Live 4K production with TICO at IBC2015
Several demos, products and workflows using TICO will be shown at IBC2015. Both UHD4K transport over 3G-SDI and SMPTE2022 IP will be presented. intoPIX is also releasing new TICO performance on FPGA and CPU. More info about the Alliance member’s demos can be obtained on intoPIX booth (Hall 10, 10D31d).

Stand 11.C20
Timeline Television built and launched the first UHD 4K outside broadcast truck in Europe in early August and signed a four-year deal with BT Sport to provide OB services for BT Sports new 4K channels. Kitted out with the latest 4K technology from across the industry, the truck is ground breaking on a number of levels. They will be showcasing aspects of the truck on Fujifilm’s stand in hall 6.

TSL Unveils New TallyMan Virtual Panel
MARLOW, UK – At IBC 2015 on stand 10.B41, leading broadcast equipment manufacturer, TSL Products, will unveil a new Virtual Panel add on option for TallyMan, a control system that coordinates critical infrastructure components in a TV facility, to ensure that creative teams, talent and camera operators are aware of (and can instruct) relevant systems at pertinent times throughout the production.
With the addition of the new TallyMan Virtual panel, users can now access the powerful functionality provided in every TallyMan system out-of-the-box through an intuitive interface that is fully customizable to end users' requirements.
Using a unique configurable, touch screen interface, the Tallyman Virtual Panel can control many different routers, thereby eliminating the need to purchase vendor specific router control panels for each operational area. Instead, users can design their own control interface in a flexible cost effective way, individually tailored to the needs of each operational position, allowing operators to concentrate on their job, rather than battling interoperability.
The TallyMan virtual panel is compatible with all TallyMan installations. New and existing users will gain a new level of interaction with their facility. It is a powerful addition that can implemented in any facility with minimal interference to operations.
"Workflows within television stations and outside broadcast facilities have changed enormously over the years. Operators now have to contend with high levels of multi-tasking and are responsible for the safe delivery of hundreds of television broadcast signals, becoming less concerned with the underlying technology of the facility and more focused on content delivery. Anything that can make this task more efficient is welcomed. The Tallyman Virtual Panel completes any Tallyman installation by providing a consistent, easy to use, control interface for operational workflows with potential savings of thousands of dollars," explains Pieter Schillebeeckx - Product Director, TSL Products.

Almost every new device in a facility has a control interface, whether Serial, SNMP, TCP/UDP or web browser interface, and the TallyMan Virtual panel gives simple, intuitive access to all, including:
·         Signal flow management - Control of Video and Audio routers, including internal routers of audio consoles and Vision Switchers.
·         Grouped Signal flow management - facilitating 4K, SD-follow-HD and audio-follow-video functionality across or within routing devices.
·         Procedure automation - Simplify multi step procedures across multiple devices into a single button press or without any human interaction with live feedback on the virtual panel.
·         Virtual patching - remove the time consuming patching in dynamic installs such as Outside Broadcast vehicles, TallyMan contains a fully fledged GPI router with pre-sets.
·         Custom IP and Serial interfaces - to allow interaction with in-house systems and devices without additional development.

Tvu Networks® Brings Ip Based Video Solutions To Ibc 2015
Global technology leader in live, mobile newsgathering to demonstrate complete line of IP video transmission and distribution solutions
MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – TVU Networks®, the global technology leader in live IP video solutions, announces today that at IBC 2015 it will be presenting its full portfolio of video-over-IP solutions.
Designed to give broadcasters innovative, flexible and reliable tools to acquire live video content from anywhere and distribute it to anywhere, TVU will demonstrate how its video acquisition products and solutions, provide resiliency and unmatched performance through simple, worry-free operation from virtually any location around the world.
Launched at NAB earlier this year TVU Networks will show its TVU One for the first time in Europe. TVU One is a fifth generation, live, mobile IP newsgathering HD video transmitter based on the same transmission resiliency, performance and sub-second latency of a full-size TVUPack backpack transmitter, but in a substantially smaller, lightweight and ultra-compact form factor. Like all TVU transmitters, TVU One uses proprietary Inverse StatMux Plus technology to transmit dependable HD video over cellular 3G/4G LTE.
In challenging cellular bandwidth environments while providing the ability to transmit live video on the go, TVU offers the TVUPack TM8200 with optional integrated MIMO Microwave. Also making its European debut, the Multiple-In Multiple-Out antenna technology (MIMO) allows for portable and convenient set up of a localized mesh network for added transmission resiliency. With the ability to aggregate both cellular and microwave connections, TVUPack with MIMO Microwave Mesh combines proven, award-winning IP based 3G/4G LTE cellular broadcast with specially designed IP radio transmission technology that is self-forming and self-healing, meaning that it’s extremely easy to set up, and capable of responding to changing conditions.
TVU also offers the award-winning TVUPack TM8200 with Vislink Hybrid Microwave Technology through its partnership with Vislink.
TVU’s IP based video transmitter solutions are also available in the form of a fixed rack mount called TVU MLink, designed for fixed deployment in vehicles or in a studio.
TVU’s family of IP based video transmitter solutions also includes TVU Anywhere, which enables broadcasters to instantly capture and transmit footage from anywhere on their small mobile device or laptop. The TVU Anywhere app uses smartphone or laptop cellular or WiFi connection to record live video and transmit to a TVU receiver or transceiver.
Visitors to IBC 2015 will be able to view the full range of TVU Networks’ products on stand 2.B28.

UPnP Forum Takes IoT to the Next Level at IBC 2015
New web-based tool that automates the process of adding new IoT devices to the network, in minutes, to be demonstrated for the first time ever at IBC 2015
Amsterdam – 1 September 2015: This year’s IBC Exhibitor Show will witness global home networking standards group, UPnP Forum, unveil its new holistic set of live data models by means of a new web-based tool that automates the process of quickly adding new devices to a network, regardless of location. This innovative data modeling tool will significantly reduce fragmentation in the marketplace, a key obstacle for the Internet of Things (IoT), while providing a seamless standardization process that can be used by any organization or company incorporating device discovery and control capability into any of their devices.
This tool comes as the Forum continues to drive its UPnP+ Initiative forward, creating the building blocks for IoT implementations in a complete, integrated solution that will enable the next major phase of cross-platform device and network functionality. UPnP+ for the IoT is comprised of Cloud capability, integration for content and services, and bridging to non-IP networks to enable a broad range of applications including IoT, health and fitness, energy management and home automation.
UPnP Forum President, Scott Lofgren, remarked: “The IoT is a real game-changer and has the potential to transform and improve our lives, bringing with it the combination of connected devices and intelligent data. However, as exciting as the overall IoT opportunity is, harmonizing the growing marketplace is paramount. Owing to the previous absence of standardization and with convenience and cost in mind, many IoT projects were built vertically with little or no consideration for interoperability with products from other vendors, leading to fragmentation of the market. The lack of compatibility hobbled network flexibility and functionality, ultimately limiting consumer choice in the rapidly emerging market.”
The UPnP+ standard is vendor-neutral and already provides the foundation to complement a variety of management gateways and device control scenarios. It incorporates well-vetted mechanisms for security, discovery, and service advertisement. UPnP+ core technology provides a base for IoT, creating bridges to both wide-area networks and non-IP devices.
“As more and more connected devices join the IoT ecosystem and in order to take it to the next level, co-evolution and collaboration across different sectors and standards is required. IoT is not limited by lack of innovation and imagination, its full potential is hindered by the need for greater interoperability of common standards. Inter-device standardization is a vital requirement. With the free and publically available UPnP IoT Control & Management specifications and new data modeling tool, total interconnectivity and limitless functionality can be achieved, enabling the IoT to reach its promise,” added Lofgren.
UPnP Forum is working with organizations that are contributing to the live data model demonstration. They will also be joined at IBC by the Open Interconnect Consortium with a demonstration of the OIC connectivity framework, and by DLNA, showing their VidiPath demo for premium audio/video content.
The UPnP Forum booth will be in Hall 14, Booth G.15 at the RAI Amsterdam. If you plan to attend IBC and would like to speak with UPnP Forum, then please contact Sian Borrill at or call +44 (0)1636 812 512. For further information about UPnP Forum please visit, follow on Twitter @UPnP_Forum or join the Forum’s Facebook community.

PERSEUS® demonstrates unprecedented performance and commercial applications with Tier-1 partners and customers
London, September 1st, 2015 – V-Nova Ltd., a leading provider of video compression solutions, announced today that IBC will see a number of new demonstrations of its PERSEUS® video compression technology.  V-Nova will team with its growing consortium of leading industry partners to show how PERSEUS can be deployed to reduce video bandwidth requirements and obtain irresistible ‘beyond bandwidth’ advantages.
“We are very excited to show IBC guests how far we have come since our public launch in April 2015," commented Guido Meardi, V-Nova CEO & Co-founder.  "In addition to the bitrate savings we have demonstrated in commercial contribution applications, visitors will see how PERSEUS delivers significant improvements in picture quality, processing speed using standard hardware, signal robustness, as well as simultaneous reductions in footprint, power usage and library redundancy. Graceful, block-free degradation at ultra-low bitrates is another unique benefit.  PERSEUS solves commercial challenges that are not addressable using legacy approaches.  These include UHD delivery over existing HD infrastructure and HD over 3G mobile networks.  PERSEUS also enables high-quality mobile video in bandwidth constrained emerging markets, such as Africa and India.”
Partner demonstrations will enable IBC visitors to see PERSEUS in action in real world, commercial applications throughout the media delivery chain. As well as supporting its renowned partners, V-Nova will announce new significant Tier-1 partnerships in the run-up to, and during, IBC. PERSEUS-powered demonstrations on the show floor will include:
·      The only full-frame real-time glass-to-glass delivery of UHD/4K p60 content
·      The world’s first integration of PERSEUS in a linear compression headend for DTH, IPTV and OTT service delivery
·      A deployed VOD asset generation solution using PERSEUS-enabled transcoders
·      Market-ready ultra-low latency Contribution solutions
·      An innovative Remote Production solution leveraging unique PERSEUS benefits
·      PERSEUS-enabled set-top-box chipsets
·      Multiple middleware and media players showing support for PERSEUS encoded streams
·      PERSEUS delivery within multiple transport mechanisms, from satellite to video CDN solutions and optimisation for the public internet
IBC show-goers will be able to find out more about PERSEUS the technology and its numerous commercial benefits, with V-Nova spokespeople taking part in three sessions at IBC:

Sunday 13th 16:45 – 18:00
Keynote Session in the IBC Forum with Eric Achtmann, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, V-NOVA:
“Breaking the Codec: Are current video compression standards enough?”

Sunday 13th 09:30 – 09:50
Guido Meardi, CEO and Co-Founder, V-Nova. Presentation in the Content Everywhere Hub (14.J10):
“PERSEUS: The Future of Compression”

Sunday 13th 10:00-10:20
Joint session with VisualOn in the Content Everywhere Hub (14.J10)
“Advanced Compression Technologies in Scalable Media Frameworks”
“Since its award-winning NAB 2015 debut, PERSEUS has transitioned from being a “novelty” to a commercial “reality” at IBC.  Successful trials and deployments with Tier-1 players confirm that PERSEUS is here to stay and will be driving long-term value for its partners and customers.  We are just at the beginning of the PERSEUS story,” concluded Eric Achtmann, V-Nova Executive Chairman & Co-Founder.

VideoFlow and NTT Electronics collaborate to enable the continuity of a reliable low delay live broadcast over any IP network
See a LIVE Product Demonstration at IBC 2015 Booth 3.A29
Rosh Ha’ayin, Israel and Yokohama Japan -- 25 August 2015 – VideoFlow and NTT Electronics (NEL) have announced today that the NTT HVE9200 encoder and VideoFlow’s Digital Video Protection (DVP) have successfully completed interoperability testing.  VideoFlow’s DVP high availability feature set, including the Controlled Adaptive Rate (CAR), is now available to NEL customers which enables them secure uninterrupted high-quality low-delay live video contribution over any IP network, even the public Internet.

DR Posts Up-to-the-minute Online Clips of Danish Election with Vimond Highlights
Audience Interaction Driven by Rapid Clip Creation
BERGEN, Norway    Danish national public broadcasting corporation DR used Vimond Highlights during the recent general election to create interactive online clips of the campaign.
Vimond Highlights is in daily use by DR to augment the broadcaster’s entertainment and news offering, and helps create audience interaction with entertainment shows like X Factor. The time-pressured intensive coverage of major elections showcased the contribution Vimond Highlights makes to rapid workflow in online clip publishing.
“It is at times of continuous unfolding events that it becomes particularly important to get clips out to the audience within minutes of the action,” said Glenn Pedersen, CTO at Vimond. “The speed and operational simplicity of Vimond Highlights means users can create clips and distribute them to their websites in a fraction of the time it used to take.”
Vimond Highlights is a new approach to live-to-VOD conversion, combining a dedicated focus on rapid short-form clip production and distribution to social media with broadcast quality recording and editing tools. Vimond Highlights simplifies production by reducing the number of tools needed to cut and publish online from typically 4 or 5 to just one.
“Online content can be used both for VOD, to be consumed whenever the viewer wishes, or it can be a way of creating a stronger connection to the live coverage,” said Miguel Silva, EVP Marketing and Sales at Vimond. “DR shows the value of using rapid clip posting to involve its audience in events as they are happening.”
Available as a SaaS or installed on-site, Vimond Highlights offers native support for MPEG-Dash, HLS, Smooth Streaming and RTMP formats, accepts multi-bitrate source streams, and can ingest streams encrypted with any of the AES-128 based DRM technologies.
Vimond Highlights allows TV editors to access a live TV broadcast and create clips in a responsive web interface connected to the Vimond Highlights server, with frame-accurate scrubbing and editing, and editor-friendly keyboard shortcut controls. Users can create DVR windows for up to three hours’ stream recording per window, for subsequent clip editing. Multiple DVR windows can be set up, and can record and create assets automatically through the API, using structured metadata or information from an EPG.
Vimond Highlights is in use by broadcasters for high-profile clip publishing for major sports and news coverage. Broadcast users include TV 2 (Winter and Summer Olympics), TV 4 (Winter Olympics), NRK (World Cup), DR (X Factor), and Reuters TV (Reuters TV News).

VisualOn is a multimedia software company that enables the delivery of media to connected devices. We work with major device manufacturers and content providers including Netflix, ESPN, Hulu, Google, and most recently TalkTalk and Red Bull.
We’ll be on the show floor in Hall 14, Booth #14.G13, and would love to provide you a demo of our technologies and discuss how we’re addressing the challenges of mobile fragmentation, and helping companies maximize their returns with ad insertion and data analytics solutions. 
Do you have a 15 minute window to swing by our booth?

At IBC2015 we will demonstrate an advanced video and graphics playout workflow for live productions. We will also feature live production story scripting, newsroom automation, IP and 4K workflows, social TV, sports enhancements, and much more.
Demostrations will include:
Live video and graphics playout and production with Viz Engine
Cloud-based graphics production with Viz Engine and the Graphics Hub
4K media asset management (MAM) with Viz One
The complete control room with Viz Opus and Viz Mosart
Image-based tracking and sports analysis with Viz Arena and Viz Libero
Virtual graphics in the studio and in the field with Viz Virtual Studio
Total screen control in the studio with Viz Multiplay
A one-box solution for weather production with Viz Weather
A new promotions and channel branding workflow with Viz Multichannel and Viz One
A one-box solution for Social TV management and on-air publishing
Do more with 3D maps and satellite imagery with Viz World

Vocas present at IBC 2015
During the IBC show, from September 11 until 15, 2015, at the RAI in Amsterdam Vocas will show its newest products and prototypes. This year special attention goes out to the new Canon C300 MKII accessories, a complete NATO system, a 6,6” x 6,6” matte box, newly designed Universal Shoulder Base Plates (USBP), the wooden handgrip now included with a magnify function based on Lanc protocol. Vocas will be located at the usual spot, hall 11 stand E34, with an exciting stand!
Starting with the Vocas accessories for the new Canon C300 MKII camera we can present to you a newly developed cheese plate and a clever viewfinder extender. A new top handgrip is now also available, which can be attached on the new cheese plate. During the process of developing accessories for the Sony PXW-FS7, Vocas used the NATO system for the viewfinder bracket. Having the NATO system in sight again Vocas produced a complete range of NATO accessories to expand their assortment. Nice to mention is the double sided NATO bracket, a NATO bracket with a rosette and even a NATO cable clip!
Honoring a request from Vocas’ Asian distributors and as a manufacturer of matte boxes with their own patents, Vocas introduces a 6,6” x 6,6” matte box. The very lightweight 6,6” x 6,6” matte box can be used for wide-angle lenses  starting at 12 mm. The new matte box contains the Vocas patented eyebrows, which makes the Vocas matte boxes very comfortable in use.
Almost unthinkable, but Vocas succeeded to better their own Universal Shoulder Base Plates (USBP in short)! The camera can easily be removed by quick release using the dovetail principle! In this way the camera using the dovetail plate can be exchanged in seconds between the different base plates (15 mm and 19 mm), gimbals, tripods or even studio carts!
Other improvements on the next generation Vocas USBP plates are: The range of the height adjustability is enlarged, the stability when using a VCT-14 is improved, the rigidity of the plate has been increased, the shoulder pad is removable and adjustable without tools, the rear clamping block has been integrated, the camera can be removed by quick release and above all the design has been refreshed!
Vocas most popular handgrips, the wooden, and in this case the one with start/stop function has been updated. The wooden start/stop handgrip now works with the Lanc protocol. In addition to that, an extra function has been added, namely a magnify button. So cameras using Lanc can be operated by the new Vocas wooden handgrip!
Vocas requests the same attention for accessories which were introduced throughout 2015. To refresh your memory, here is a lineup of the introductions during 2015; MFC-2S follow focus system, a complete range of Sony PXW-FS7 accessories, a range of viewfinder brackets, beautiful walnut handgrips, Limited Edition matte box MB-435 wood, MB-435 tailor-made matte boxes, adapter plates for the Panasonic Varicam HS/35 cameras, adapter plate for the new JVC cameras like GY-LS300 and a new follow focus, the MFC-1B. A long list of a high quality ‘made in Holland’ Vocas accessories which are all available now!
Vocas Systems develops and manufactures high-quality camera accessories including rail supports, shoulder pads, matte boxes and focus controllers. Vocas products are sold worldwide via selected partners. Vocas has over 25 years of experience in the global marketplace and their products are well-tested and renowned for their high quality.

VSN brings its revolutionary “From End-to-End to Anywhere” concept
During 2015, the leading innovative broadcast and media management company has launched worldwide its revolutionary “From End-to-End to Anywhere” concept, that joins together traditional content management with new screens, cloud and Internet, providing its clients with a solution that allows maximum diffusion of its audiovisual assets. Its media management system, VSNEXPLORER, and its streaming and VoD platform, VSNWEB TV, will receive special attention at IBC 2015 (stand 7.D25).

Stand 14.M12
Wazee Digital, formerly T3Media, provides title management, delivery and monetization services for media and entertainment companies and will be showcasing their newly re-branded suite of products. In September they all be doing video content management for the US Open, and have several other similar clients in the sports sector to announce at the show.
CEO Harris Morris will be available for press briefings the show.
Wazee Digital will also be holding a drinks reception on the beach on Friday night from 5pm. Please let us know if you would like to come and we’ll add you to the guest list:

In an IBC first, IBC TV will feature three ‘live’ daily weather shows from its studio, providing attendees the latest updates on Amsterdam’s weather for the duration of the IBC exhibition.
The weather content and forecasts will be curated in Weatherscape XT, the multimedia weather graphics platform from specialist weather insights company MetraWeather, who are exhibiting at IBC 2015 in Booth 14.C06.
Weatherscape XT is the current weather graphics platform of choice for leading TV and news brands, including the BBC, TG4, CNN Philippines, TVB Hong Kong and Channels Seven, Nine and Ten in Australia.
The IBC TV weather shows are presented by Chester Lampkin, an American Broadcast & Media Meteorologist.
Chester is currently a broadcast meteorologist with MetraWeather’s parent company MetService, a National Weather Service certified to provide public safety and aviation weather guidance. He is travelling to Amsterdam especially to present the weather shows and expand upon the production process from the perspective of the newsroom.
Chester is a native Missourian, born and raised in north St Louis City. He has BA History and BSc Meteorology from Saint Louis University and a decade of experience in TV and social media.
IBC TV is a round the clock, live linear web channel, accessible via any IP connected smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC. In addition, IBC TV is shown—with sub-titles—on digital screens around the RAI during IBC 2015, including on a massive outdoor digital display and large indoor screens in some of the highest traffic areas.

Wisycom will be introducing its MAT288 Programmable RF Combiner and MFL Fiberbox BX1-4U outdoor RF-Over-Fiber solution products to European clients for the first time. The MAT288 offers evolving wireless microphone configurations for users in the broadcast, film and live production markets. With the MAT288, engineers are able to install all RF equipment in one central location, including receivers, power sources, audio tie lines, line amps and mixers. The antenna is the only equipment that must be placed remotely in the area, studio or zone. Also being debuted is the MFL Fiberbox, which brings the power and functionality of Wisycom's MFL Wideband Optical Link into a new, heavy-duty casing to withstand the rigors of on-location production. It is able to send four RF paths multiplexed over a single strand of single mode fiber and offers control via Ethernet.

Come and visit WorldDMB at IBC 2015
Visit WorldDMB at IBC 2015 in Hall 9, stand D30 to see the latest receivers on the market, find out about the latest international developments and get advice and support on how WorldDMB can help you plan and implement DAB/DAB+ in your market.
Delegates can attend the IBC exhibition and the free Industry Insight Sessions by registering with the unique WorldDMB code 13741.  This code will still be available after the early bird registration has closed and includes a free 6 day Amsterdam travel pass.  Register your place at IBC 2015.
WorldDMB Industry Insight Session  14 September, 16:00 - 17:30, Theatre 102
You are invited to attend the WorldDMB Industry Insight Session at IBC which this year will focus on broadcast radio's future in the digital age.  Europe is the world leader in broadcast digital radio, with large commercial and public broadcasting via DAB/DAB+. This session looks at current market opportunities and future plans around Europe and the world.
Confirmed speakers:
    Patrick Hannon, President, WorldDMB
    Menno Koningsberger, CEO, 538 Group, Netherlands
    Peter Davies, Director of Content Policy, Ofcom UK
    Jacqueline Bierhorst, Project Director, Digital Radio+ NL
    Laurence Harrison, Technology and Market Development Director, Digital Radio UK
    Elena Puigrefagut, Senior Project Manager, Technology & Innovation, EBU
View the draft programme:

Xstream to launch version 8 of their OTT Platform
Xstream, the premium provider of OTT and TV Everywhere services, today announced that they are launching version 8 of their award winning video management system, Xstream MediaMaker™, at IBC in Amsterdam. The new version is designed to automate complex processes end-to-end, accelerate time to market, simplify supply chain management and optimize merchandising and monetization - offering customers the opportunity to expand, scale and grow their Internet TV offerings with a personalized and relevant viewing experience across any device in multiple countries and regions, all managed from one easy to use platform.
Available both as a cloud service and as on-premise operation, the new version comes with a wealth of new features and out-of-box functionalities and is designed to empower operators to securely monetize their content, offer end-users a personalized and powerful viewing experience of live and on-demand content, to make content operations simpler and fully automated, resulting in reduced cost and churn, quality issues and time delays.
“We are extremely excited to present and launch our latest version of our video management system, Xstream MediaMaker 8 at IBC 2015” said Simon Hoegsbro, CEO at Xstream. Xstream MediaMaker™ 8 combines our 16 years of experience, our proven technology, with a range of breakthrough innovations and enables operators, studios and broadcasters to quickly create and launch next-generation Internet TV service without building a multi-vendor solution or using expensive hardware. As an end-to-end integrated solution, Xstream MediaMaker™ 8 saves customers from high upfront investments in online video infrastructure and helps increase the return on investment, reduce supply chain complexity and drive down total cost of ownership“
Amongst the new features, tools and services included in the extensible version 8 of Xstream MediaMaker™ is:
    An operational dashboard with advanced aggregation and fulfillment tracking enabling fast time-to-market with minimum manual work. Detailed pre ingest overview and description of any issues to resolve, as e.g. missing or wrong format meta data or missing an episode of a series season.
    Workflow manager enables simple configuration of relevant services in minutes. Services include e.g. multi DRM packaging, transmuxing, image and subtitle processing, multiple CDN upload and archiving.
    Next generation monetization functionality – with sophisticated merchandising and voucher technology, that supports multiple countries, currencies, languages and customer groups managed efficiently in one place. With flexible product pricing and lifecycle availability any content or bundle can be offered to the market locally and/or globally. Advanced vouchers and coupons functionality further enables efficient monetization.
    Credit card payments are out-of-box supported with Paymentwall Brick, and a range of additional payment methods can be setup.
    Multi-tenancy capabilities enabling operators to deploy Internet TV services for multiple countries or brands that can be flexibly differentiated locally.
    Improved Live features with pre-integrated core technology from Elemental ensuring easier monetization and delivery of Live TV & live events.
    Advanced Household management with multiple profiles for users as well as parental rating that can be used to restrict access to any content.
    Best-in-breed Device management handling e.g. concurrency control and geolocation restrictions. Extensive statistics and reporting capabilities offers valuable insights to digest and further optimize the business performance.
    Elaborate editorial management of e.g. carousel banners, sections highlighted, content categories, ordering, associated web pages and relevant recommendations.
    Rich and proven front end APIs are available to flexibly deliver truly unique and compelling experiences to all targeted users and devices anytime, anywhere.
    Enriched modular architecture with enhanced API infrastructure for powerful third party integrations or integrations with existing infrastructure.
    Rich end-user experience with e.g. cross platform playback and resume, personal watch list and favorites, household management with parental rating, efficient search and discovery with recommendations.